Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Rest week

Oh well! I have a rest week now. I did over 1600km in the last 3 weeks and my body needs a recovery time now. I will fly back in Hungary end of the week and quickly visit my family and couple of friends,  and I have a ECG and sport test beginning of next week. I am looking forward it, I hadn't this test 4 years ago. I just wanna make sure, everything is ok with my engine.

Friday, 6 March 2009

New cockpit for Pinky

Finally! I can say now, my King Zing is nearly done! Just nearly, because couple of small steps are missing (Record headset and Nokon cables). But the last major issue has got sorted. 
I had a lots of play the stem's size before I found the right one. My last stem was a 120mm long FSA K Force. Size was ok, but I didn't like the look on my bike and was a bit heavy. My new choice was the Ritchey WCS white stem in 120mm size. I saved nearly 100 gramms with this change and looks really good on the bike.(Ritchey's weight: 123gr , FSA's weight 218gr)
My other problem was a handlebar. I had a Ritchey WCS Streem with 44cm width. This was a really bad choice. Usually I like Ritchey products but this handlebar's shape was a nightmare. I couldn't fit the ergolevers on the right position, the handlebar's top wasn't comfy and the 44 cm was too wide for my chicken shoulders. After long speculation, my final (and hope the right one) choice was the Ritchey WCS Evolution SL with 42cm width. I really like this handlebar's shape, finally I could fit the ergolevers on the right position and the weight's is really good, 193gr , what is 65gr lighter then the Streem.  
I saved all together 150gr again..... 
I fitted already and finished with white Fizik bartape yesterday afternoon. It looks tasty! :D I am looking forward the first test!

Monday, 2 March 2009

Mallorca-the story

Ehh... finally the story is here (3 weeks later...hmm..). 

Ok, Mallorca. I had a lots of think about this year traning camps. I planed 1 week Tenerife and 1 week Italy. But the plane changed. I had a little chat with couple of hungarian friends beginning of January. These guys booked a hotel in Palma, and asked me, do I wanna to join. I didn't hesitate too much, I booked my flight an hotel one day later. 

Feb. 1. - I left London around midday, just in time, because the big snow arrived on the same afternoon.  I landed on Palma early afternoon. The temperature was 15 degrees. Ohh my God- I thought. After short taxi ride I arrived in my hotel and met with my hungarian friends after long times. 
Feb.2. - Mayhem has been started! The plan was 7 days ride, over 1000km. I nearly did... I rode 6 days and over 900km. I am really happy with this.
We started the rides usually all together and after 1 or 2 hours everybody went for the on ride. 
I did my traning with Csabi Rostler (austrian-hungarian U23-Focus Team) on the first couple of days. I am little bit sorry with Csabi, because he is a XC racer... I am not! I did every day 5,5-7 hours traning... He just followed me... I think , I killed a little bit him, but you know, things what don't kill you, make you stronger!
And something happend! I met with somebody on the third night. We had a long chat, and we discussed a next day ride. Hmm.. Feb. 5. , I never forget this date. The meeting was after breakfest, front of the hotel. Csabi, me and Manuela. The plan was, go to the Ronda hill, and climb up couple of time. We started the ride, but something happend, my Garmin started to biping... what?... aaa... I just realised why! We talked with Csabi about ride to the Mallorca's northern point and I just tried to calculate out the distance with my GPS. After I explained this little story for Manu, she's answer were: LETS GO! DO IT! Heee????? Me and Csabi were really surprised. But we started... First time in my life, I had a ride, 200km, with a girl! I was little bit worried on the first 100km... but after  I lost my all doubts. She hadn't any complain or whimper.  We had a wonderful day!
I did my last two riding day with Manu. She is a great cyclist, and this time was a real cycling holiday and traning camp for me! We have couple of plans all together, but I don't really wanna speak about, before they are not be 100%.
Feb. 8.- these day was my rest day. I just had a short recovery ride, and I little bit explored Palma and the local caffes. I did my pack in (was terrible feel).
Feb. 9. - ehhh, what a shit day. I left the hotel around midday. I checked in really early... but I didn't want to come back. When I felt the island, the temp was 17 degrees, sunshine... I was a last who step on the airplane's board... I given the priority for everybody, I was hopeful, the plain may be overbooked and I have to stay... but it didn't happen... I got back in London couple of hours later, 4 degrees, rain. 
I know, I found and got something on Mallorca, but I left something there!
I wanna say a big thank you for my hungarian friends! YOU ARE GREAT GUYS!!! ALL OF YOU! WAS REALLY PLEASURE TO SEE YOU GUYS! (Balazs, Hedi , Jano, Szilard, Gabi, Csabi (sorry Csab, I didnt wanna kill you))

I think Mallorca is a wonderful cycling place. Quite roads, nice weather, cheap prices! My 9 days holiday costed around £350 with the plain ticket and half board hotel. Easyjet has flight every day to Palma. ( I like easyjet, you can book easly bike ticket on really good price!) 
My hotel was a Hotel Hispania. 3 stars hotel, with half borard. The breakfast and dinner was buffet type, with lots of healthy food. You can find anything what you want! This hotel is 100% bike friendly. You can bring your bike in your own room. If you have any question or need some help , don't hesitate, contact me!
Here is the hotel's link, you can make online booking!