Monday, 22 December 2008

Winter machine

I sold my Il Pompino after the last winter. I built a brand new winter cruiser. My new friend's name is Honky Tonk and he is from the Kona family. We have had around 2000km from middle of November and I really satisfied with him!

The frame is Kona DB Cro-mo. It isn't a lightest construction but extremly comfy! Full finishing kit is Easton, what was real bargain from US! (I never ever put £200 handlebar in my traning bike, but the stem-handlebar-seatpost-headset was $120 with P&P) Drivetrain is full Campy Veloce Infinity, compact, 10 speed, it works perfect. Breaks are from the Cane Creek factory, deep drop version, these easily fit with the mudguards. The original breakpads was absolute rubish, but I changed for Swiss Stop pads. Wheels are Campy Zonda, I got from my shop! (Thanks James) The bike's weight is 11.2 kg, but who cares???? 

Frame and fork: Kona Honky Tonk 
Headset: Cane Creek S6
Stem: Easton EA70
Handlebar: Easton EC90
Seatpost: Easton EC70
Seat: Fizik Aliante
Drivetrain: Campy Veloce Infinity
Brakes: Cane Creek SCR-3L with Swiss Stop Black pads
Wheels: Campy Zonda with Pinhead skewers
Tyres: Conty Gatorskin

Weight: 11.2kg
Size: 57cm

Thursday, 18 December 2008

Bike porn I. - Tune pink Skyline Skewers

My new candy sticks has arrived today morning! (Thanks for Andy and Poshbike)
These are first and only one pink color set in the UK! Yipppi and mine!!!
They are landing in my King Zing soon!

Skyline skewers are the lightest ever made at just 18 grams a pair! The elegance of these
minimalist retainers is undisputed.
Skyline skewers are also theft proof due to their neat splined "Key ring" style spanner, used to tighten or release the wheels. Also CNC machined 7075 T6 Aluminium and laser etched with Tune logo.

Clamp material: CNC amchined 7075 T6 heat-treated Aluminium, clamp cup and splined end nut
Front and rear axle: CNC machined 7075 T6 heat-treated Aluminium
Mechanism: CNC machined M5 X 0.5 with fine rolled thread
Distributor: Poshbike (but also you can order our shop!)

Monday, 8 December 2008

Sunday ride with Warren

I did some nice muddy ride with Warren on November's last Sunday! Warren is our shop's customer and really good friend of ours. He invited me for a "secret trail" ride couple of mounts ago, and finally has happend!
Just was a usual british Sunday... 3 degrees and rain! We met front of Warren's house at midday. We rode singlespeed bikes, what was a good choice in the mud! We started up Richmond hill and a small loop in Richmond park, Kingston, Hampton Court.... (and I was last, I just followed Warren)... we touched Oxwood and Cobwood and finally arrived the "OBJECT"! Hmm... mystical word... object! :) Object is a II. World War airstrip on the middle of nothing. After short brake we turned back because started getting dark.
It was a really good Sunday ride with a lots of technical and deep muddy trail. The back way was some time really tricky because my Fox's Terralogic didn't wanna work.. :P
Thanks Warren! Hope we can do some similar soon!

The day in numbers:

Distance: 60,5 km (+ 20km for me, commuting Earls Court- Richmond- E.C.)
Duration: 3:25 (+ 40 minutes for me)
Avg. heart rate: 142
Avg. speed: 20.5 km/h

After long time...

I am back! I was disappeared for a long time. I had a really hard couple of months, I am over lot of personal things. I am over...  and I fell that I can focus on the cycling again! 
I started my winter traning begining of November, but unfortunately wasn't too constans, I had a lots of brake but I know it isn't too late! The hard work has started! I am full of with planes and I am really inspired! 
I try to promise , I am posting more often! ( nice bikeporn stuffs are comming soon)

(One thing, because my english isn't really good and unfortunately I "lost" my "english teacher" , please excuse me for my terrible grammar! I am working on....) 

Tuesday, 9 September 2008

I am ill.......

I am ill....I have some cold or what! I got this bug 1,5 weeks ago, and I can`t come out.... Every year is the same....end of season and I have a cold..... I just stuff myself with Aspirin+C and C vitamins and hope I will be better before the weekend, because next Sunday is Southern Sportive 155 road event....

Saturday, 23 August 2008

Bontrager THE TORCHBEARER 12- 2. place

Ohh yes, I know...I know... This race was 4 weeks ago and I was very busy (lazy) and didn`t post anything from it.... but I can promise , I will do it on the next week!

One nice photo:

Thursday, 21 August 2008

Bad week.....really bad one

Last week wasn`t too lucky for me. What happened?

I started my cycling home last Wednesday evening after 6 o`clock. I was riding my singlespeed Unit. The weather was really windy, I could ride easly with 38km/h with the backwind. Everything was fine, but after 2,5km when I got a green light and started to pedal really quick..... then I heard a strange noise came from my front fork. I looked down and realised, that my front wheel started to come under the bike, next second one more creak and I went straight with my head down the tarmac. I flow over my bike. I stood up in the next moment, because I realised the traffic was moving. I was worried that somebody could drive across me. First I checked my teeth - good, all was in place. After I checked my bike....I realised , my fork got broken half. I wondered how, because I didn`t hit anything. Everybody was shocked arround me. Nobody understood what did happen. Me either. One couple gave me first aid kit (Thanks!!!) because my head was bleeding. I got a lots of bruise and my chin got a big deep cut. I phoned James and he came to help me. He took me to the hospital when I got the aid....9 stiches, 3 inside and 6 normal. I think I am really lucky, because this story could have ended much worst.

I dont know what was wrong with my fork. I am not a heavy guy, I ride gently, never been chrased. May be some material fault. I did some research on the net but i didn`t find any similar case.

But the week wasn`t ended! After the incident a was back on the bike Saturday morning. I planned nice road ride in Richmond park. But somebody stabed my bike! When I started to climb up on Richmond hill, around half way I rode over something and my rear tire went flat. This wasn`t a plain puncture. Somebody dropped one knife on the road and I rode over it. The knife cut my tire and tube half. I had a nice 15 minutes walk into the shop......... I stayed home on Sunday..........

Thursday, 10 July 2008

GO GREEN-Green Oil

The shop got a sample bottle of Green Oil six weeks ago. I was really intrested, when I got the small bottle in my hand . The packeging is very smart, the cover is 100% recycled paper ("green on the green"). The description says: NO petrochemicals, NO palm oil, NOT harmful, NOT dangerous for the environment, NOT irritant. Hmm... that`s nice -I thought. I tasted it (because nothing harmul inside?!)... the taste is really close to some taste of vegetable oil. After a bit of getting acquainted with my new lube I put straite on my Unit`s chain. The test has begun.....
What`s happend after 6 weeks and 750km all conditions riding (NONONO... I have ridden much more during the last 6 weeks, 750km is completed with my Unit)?
Honestly? Nothing! There was no need taking care of my chain and chainlube, because Green Oil works brilliant. The lube is one of the best all conditions chain lube what I have ever used. I say it's all conditions, because if you use it in just dry conditions you can find it a little bit sticky (there is no dry conditions in England anyways...). The chain didn`t need to be relubed, didn`t get dirty or dry during the last 6 weeks. I think Green Oil is excellent stuff. I can reccomend for all cyclist whatever you ride on either off or on road or you are just a simple commuter, because you don`t only buy a great chainlube , you can also do something good for your environment.
You can find about more:

Saturday, 14 June 2008

Selle Italia Flite Troy Lee saddle-My new saddle has arrived

Selle Italia makes three different modells with Troy Lee`s designe this year. My choice is the Flite with the burning eyeballs!
I wanted to fit it on my Unit, but unfortunatelly I can`t. Because USE seatpost`s clamp can`t hold the thick titanium rail. Temporarily it is sitting in my cupboard, but I will find a nice place for it!
The saddle is really nicely made, the decals is perfect and covered with some special technology (the paintjob will not come off after the first ride). It`s weight is 199gr.

Thursday, 12 June 2008

I am back.....but really!

I didn’t write anything in the last 2,5 mounths. I promise , I try to post more often!

What`s happened in the last 2,5 mounths?

- I had a 10 day traningcamp in Italy, Pesaro. I rode: 8 days, 1050km and 11870m ascent. It was a big fun with Dini and VasP!
- 19. April, Nightrider 12 night race. It was a bad event for me. I had to give up the race after 4 hours, I had some bugg. I wasn’t well…. 1,5 weeks aspirin treatment came after it.
- 21. May. Beastway! It was my first single speed XC race! I love it! I finished on 4. I missed the second one because it was too close to my 12 hour race in Bristol. But I am looking forward for the coming one 18. June.
- 7. June, Bristol bike fest 12 hour race. Nice! Big names were on the entry list. I came on 6. I am really happy with it!

Monday, 31 March 2008

I am back....

My last post was more then one mounth ago. I have had a lovely traning camp in Italy. Soon comming back with details! (I am very busy..... and my racing bike hasnt been built yet.)

Monday, 25 February 2008

2008 events

I am planing my race calendar.

19/April G2 Revolver- Nightrider-12- Sherwood Pines, Nottingham
07/Jun Bristol Bike Fest-12-Ashton Court, Bristol
09/Aug SITS-24-Catton Park, Staffordshire
20/Sept Nightrider12-12-Newnham, Plymouth
27/Sept Cheddar Bike Fest-10-Cheddar

Friday, 11 January 2008

New horse in my stable....88

Yesterday my new Kona has arrived. No... It is not one more racing spec lightweight bike... It is the Kona Eighty-Eight. Kona`s 25th anniversary bike. Kona made just 500 pieces. It is fulled with funky stuffs: Brooks leather saddle, back pedal brake, wood looking rim, nice black full mudgards, very wide handlebar with big chunky grips and lockable "fuel" tank for your small gadget.

As Kona says:
"The Kona '88 celebrates Kona's 20 years of building rolling thunder. Sounds manly doesn't it? Actually...we just humbly build great bikes for educated customers all over the world. "Rolling Thunder" just sounded really tough at the time...The '88 needs no explanation... just look at it. We're done writing now."

Thursday, 10 January 2008

Thames "trail"

One of my favorite loops. Nothing special... just a short "warming up" trail before Richmond park riding or easy riding to work. No hills... no technical rooty traffic(!!!!!!)... just a quiet nothing... nature, Thames and relax. It is a piece of Thames footpath. My trip starts next to Putney bridge and ends in Richmond. I like to use this road, if I have a resting day. You can see the calmness on the next pictures.