Friday, 29 July 2011

Mavic Ksyrium SR, the perfect all rounder

I think it is time to say something about my "new" Mavic wheels.

Monday, 25 July 2011


The plastic surgery was successful and my new lover is lighter, faster and prettier then ever!

Monday, 18 July 2011

School and exams week

Ok, the beginning of the job is done. I am over 4 exams, 3 super intensive school days and a hefty stock check. It means I didn't have an off day since last Monday and I am going to work true this week. 12 days in the row!
I have to take a bit easy my training for a couple of days, I slightly over pushed myself in the last couple of weeks. I had a lots of study and not enough sleep, but I still did my 9-12 hours weeks. Last week was the hardest, I managed to do around 8,5 hours in 5 days. It doesn't sound to much, but if you pair this amount of training ( over 70k run, 100k cycling and couple of heavy gym sessions) with daily average 4 hours sleep, stress and exams, you can have some idea about the impact. Yesterday I felt my hips wanna fell off. I skipped my planed afternoon run and gym session, and I had some "feet up" time instead. I have to learn, when should I draw the line. I made this mistake enough time during the last two seasons, and now time to learn and understand!
Sunday morning 5:15, Richmond park

W. Cromwell road...

Chill out Sunday afternoon, swordfish steak with corn and Belgian beers..

I have couple of exciting news ( one is very exciting, but I can't really speak about it at the moment...) , I passed all my 4 exams during the weekend. I spent 3 days on the Gym Instructor course in Chiswick. My final level 2 exam is in 4 weeks time. Wowww.. time to pull up the socks again! Bring it on, personal trainer life is waiting for me! :)

My next season plan is started to be round and I have more and more information, sponsorship, help... but the time isn't here yet to talk about it!

Ok, I am off to a run now, here is couple of photos from the last few days!

Monday, 11 July 2011

Last two weeks in review

Last two weeks were incredible busy, I didn't have time for everything... I didn't touch my blog as well. I am deeply in my PT study, school days and exams are coming up on this Friday. But I still had some fun during this two weeks. Because I still haven't got too much time, let see the last 14 days in pictures!

I made my first sushi

And I ate all...

I ran to work on last Saturday morning... easy 20k start for a day!

I received my new CompresSport gears! Thanks for CompresSport UK!

I cathed the moment with Hipstamatic

Bought a new PowerTap.... It means , I am back on the track soon!

Got one of the greatest present! Pink cable ends! :) (cheers Martin!)

I enjoyed some very nice coffee from Ecuador

I got my new Ipad 2! New toy... and it made study much easier!

I had an awesome Nicosian salad with real tuna steak from my lunch box

I been in Italy with Willier for 3 days. I rode lots of nice bike, like this Cento Uno XC.

I bought my first Vibram Five Fingers...

I built a DREAM bike! Vanilla Speedvagen

I lost a bit in the City of London... sometime good to feel how cool London is!

I had some watermelon during the 2 day long British summer...

And I rode more in Italy

On this brand new Willier 0.7

And touched Pantani's bike

And rode my new lover... Miss CAAD5 6.9(kg)

Picked up my 2012 racing rig! Oh yeh! (big thanks for Mr. Jago!)

And the numbers:

I attempted 50 anatomy online lessons

I studied around 30 hours

I did a lots of work....

Next all of this, I managed more then 18 hours training....

And I slept 5-6 hours every day (not a lot..)

And I had lots of fun!

Now, I am off to study a bit more... I will be back with more stuff beginning of next week!