Sunday, 27 February 2011

Sunday , First night off road run

Sunday... Sunday means different things for everybody. Somebody tries to get some sleep and recovery after Saturday night fever, somebody goes out lunch, shopping and meet with friends and some of us(like me) tries to make the most out of it. I am off every Sunday.That's why Sundays are my "long" training days. I do my longest runs and rides usually on Sunday. I really enjoy to hit the road early, when the streets are empty and get home when other people just starts to weak up. Enjoy my breakfast with some tiredness in my legs and I can feel the "yes, I worked for it" feeling!
I headed out for a long run this morning. I woken up a bit later then usually, I had an active week behind me. I planed to run 20km... I did 19,5. I ran from Earl's Court to Richmond via the Thames towpath. The towpath was very very muddy, when I got over to Richmond, my legs and shoes were covered by thick mud. I ran to the shop and picked up my "purple shadow" bike and rode home. It was just 10km ride, but was very good for my legs. Basically I started the day with a mini duathlon! :)
I spent the rest of the day with cooking and I went out the local Sweat shop to buy a long sleeve running top. I bought a Nike one... and I am going to return it back tomorrow... It is too big! :((( Hey dear Nike, when do you wanna make size extra small tops???? Or smaller smalls???
After the unlucky shopping I finished the day in the gym with some leg and back session.

Saturday was a multi sport day as well. I headed out for an early ride with Max. We just planed to do 4-5 laps in Richmond park, but he didn't feel well and left me alone after the first lap. I hope he feels better now.. I carried on the ride alone for one more lap, when some " fast train" passed me! Some tall (very tall.... I reckon he rides 63cm frame) guy on a Kuota. Bloody hell, he was quick. I did 2 laps with him. We pushed around 33-34km/h average... I did nearly 60km before work. After work I just pulled my running shoes on and I ran home from Richmond. Easy 10km run...

Friday was very exciting! I did my first off road trail run. I got a very good head light to try from Petzl's Hungarian distributor couple of weeks ago. I wanted to try it so badly, but I didn't have time...But I hit the Richmond park's little trails on Friday evening. What can I say? Woooowwww! It was amazing experience! I think I have a new addiction now! I really love to ride in night time, but I explored the night run is amazing fun as well. Everything looks different, some climb are steeper or easier, some sections feel longer or shorter. Everything change!

It was my hardest running week since I started to run. I clocked up more the 60km and I am going to run more next week.
The light is a Petzl Myo RXP.

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Run around Richmond park (on full blast), Whole Foods and double up Saturday...

I started the day with some unplanned running test today. I wanted to run just one lap in moderate tempo in Richmond park, but when I got true the gate everything changed.... I had a " how long is one lap take for me on the Tamsin trail?" question in my head long time ago. I had to have the answer this morning...
I ran up from the shop to the park, which takes good 8 minutes. It was enough warm up after the 20 minutes ride from Earl's Court. When I crossed the gate, I went mental and started to push it. I never ever run this fast for 11,5km. I felt really good myself. It was well over my comfortable running pace, but was excellent feeling! I felt my real own again, when I loose my mind and just push it. I finished the lap with 4:03 min/km average speed. Basically I ran around the park on the gravel path, it called Tamsin trail. The distance is 11,5km and it took me 46 minutes and 43 seconds. Is it good or not good time in usual? I don't know, but definitely this is my new PB! Data here!

Yesterday and Sunday were my usual off days. Yesterday I started the day with some house work (cleaning and shits..) and I headed out to the gym. The gym workout made me hungry and I came home to cook something before my Whole Foods mission. I made some super tasty paleo lunch. Orange poached fish! Here is the recipe ( after I post nearly all of my food on Facebook, I got couple of enquiry about recipes... I think it is time to start to share those...)

-4 medium fillets of any white fish ( I used mackerels... is it white? Mine was a bit brown...)
-1/4 cup dry white wine
-6 black peppercorns
-1 bay leaf
-1 small onion, sliced
-1 medium orange
- dried dill weed

In a large skillet, place the fish in a single layer. Add the wine, peppercorns, bay leaf, onion, and enough water to just cover the fish. Poach over medium heat until tender, then remove the fish from the pan and drain on paper towels. Squeeze the juice from one of the orange over the fish, and dust with dill. I used the other orange for side dish...
It was amazing.

After a little nap, I walked up to Whole Foods Market (whole pay check...)to spend a bag of money again... I bought nearly 2,5kg nuts, 6 bars of dark chocolate, soy yogurt, sheep milk chocolate pudding, Raspberry and Black pepper salad dressing, two boxes Dr. Stuart's herbal tea and a big jar apple sauce.
The chocolates will be interesting, they are Seed & Bean. The selection includes some really interesting one, like dark chocolate with lavender and extra dark chocolate with pumpkin seeds and hemp oil....
The Atkins and Potts Raspberry and Black Peppercorn salad dressing rocks! I tried out last night and I love it! With spinach and goat cheese... yummm!

Sunday was a bit boring for me. I went out some early morning ride, but I got back 1,5 hours later. The weather was terrible, grey and miserable. I couldn't be asked... and Szamba either...

I had an invitation from one of my personal trainer friend. She works in David Lloyds Kingston. She wanted to show around and I could do my workout as well! I rode out to Kingston and back home. It added nearly 40km more for my daily miles. It is still not too much, but I have a priority on the running now in the next couple of months.

Saturday I did my first "run to work and back home" workout. I was so excited in the morning. I packed my stuff in my new Nike back pack and headed out in the rain at 7:30. I know now, it was a bit too early. The distance is 10km and takes comfy 42-44 minutes. Thanks to my new CompresSport gears it wasn't a problem to run back home after 9 hours standing work. It was a great fun! I plan to run longer and longer distances in the morning and just easy 10 km on the way back home. Good opportunity to clock up miles.

I didn't eat any grain in the last 9 days. I carry on this little "challenge". I don't think it has any major benefit after 9 days, but I noticed, that I am less tired during the afternoon... feel more energised?! I still drink my 3 litres of water every day as well....

But some new "cut out" started yesterday. I try to avoid peanuts! Why? I will tell you later.... It is too late now.

Friday, 18 February 2011

Upside down week, more Rapha and more running

I have a hectic week behind me. I skipped two work outs already.... bad bad bad!

This morning I woken up very early (thanks for early bed last night..) and I decided to ride out Richmond and do some hilly trail run in the park. I managed to make dirty my "new" AdidasKanadia TR3s finally. I bought this shoes nearly 3 months ago and I didn't have a chance to try out those. The weather was a bit chilly but ideal for running. The surface was a bit wet with couple of really muddy bits. I tried to make a most ascent, what was possible in an hour. I managed to do 13,3km and 273m climb.
I am pretty happy with my new shoes. They worked really well, only the cushioning was a bit hash on the tarmac bits. It isn't surprise after my pillow sole Saucony Triumph 7s. I lost a bit control only in the really deep and slippery mud. The fitting looks perfect, but I have to clock in more mileage before I can say honest opinion. Anyway for a price what I paid for it, itdefinitelywas a bargain!

I still feel a bit tired from this mad week, but it is much much better then yesterday! I skipped gym workout tonight and deepens how I am feeling, I try to do it tomorrow evening.

Forecast is pretty shit for a weekend, we cancelled our group ride and I cancelled my own private one is well. I will see in the morning, in the worst case I will run in work and home tomorrow and ride on Sunday.

Yesterday was an official second Rapha day for me! :D My order turned up...again. I ordered a new, size small Paul Smith hat and in the same time I put a pair of Paul Smith leather gloves in the basket as well.... Rapha heaven. Dave reckons I am going to be a tart and I will be not able to ride a whole lap in the park, if I carry on this things! :D Hopefully not... but I am already looking the new Rapha cycle specific jeans.... I am going to be bankrupt soon....

Wednesday I still felt myself really tired form missed Monday rest day. I did some gym workout in the morning, but I couldn't be asked to do anything after work. Yesterday was a same.... morning gym session and 40 minutes ride after work... I think I need a very very good sleep!

Highlight of the week happened Wednesday! I won an entry for the 16 miler Wholefoods Kingston Breakfast run! I entered the competition couple of weeks ago and I have an entry now! Jolly good!

Monday was Valentines day. Usually it isn't really effect me, but this one was a bit different. I helped out in the shop where Adel works. I did a local deliveries and cut roses from the new shipment. It was really interesting 13 hours, I did 21 local deliveries, 1 delivery to the city by tube, I cleaned approx 3600 stems roses and walked nearly 28km!
The shop called Only Roses. It sells high quality organic roses straight from Ecuador. Have a look the shop's site!

This Monday work made my whole week upside down. Tuesday morning I skipped gym workout. After work I went for a run. I did 14km. I ran to pick up my birthday present from Francis. He bought me a new Nike Cheyenne Vapor running backpack! What a gentleman! Okay, the bought is not correct, he gave me the money and a rest was my mission. I ran to buy it...just a stylise way... I ran up from Earl's court to Oxford circus Nike town, grabbed the first backpack from the shelf, paid it and ran back to Earl's court!
It looks awesome, the buckle system felt very comfy on the way home, and have a plenty of place inside with lots of smart features. I am going to run to work and back home weekly once. It is 10km each way. It isn't too much, but helps clocking up miles.

Monday, 14 February 2011

Birthday, TCR show and challenge time

11th February was my birthday! Thank you very much for everyone, who said me happy birthday.
I started my bday with a good 14,5km run. I had some nice surprise from my bosses when I got in work. A bottle of Pink Champagne and a box of cup cakes waited me on the workshop bench. Day was quite fun, I got lots of messages and couple of phone calls. I had more surprise at home when I arrived back from work. More cakes! I think I am topped up with sugar for a while now! :)))

My exclusive birthday present for myself just turned up a day later. I ordered couple of nice bits from Rapha. I already had a gift voucher, what I got nearly 5 months ago and my credit card company sponsored the other half my order. I choosed a Rapha- Paul Smith silk scarf and a Rapha- Paul Smith cycling hat. These are lovely piece of kits and quite unique looking. Unfortunately the hat is too big for me, but new one is on order now and Dave take the bigger one.

Saturday morning me and one of our customer Max did some early morning pre group ride. We rode out Windsor and back in 1 hour and 32 minutes... I have to say it was a quick ride! :) Was it, Max? :))) After our private ride I did our shop group ride as well. We did couple of laps in the park with the guys. I was a bit dead when I finally got back in the shop.
(If you interested out Saturday morning group rides, just please flog me an email! Start is from TW9 1UR, usual duration is: 2,5-3 hours, avg speed: 28km/h)

Max just gave me a really good cd for my bday. I still can't stop to listen it! It is a XX cd. Dave reckons this guys from south London. I love it!

Me and Dave went to visit TCR show yesterday. It just was one of the exhibitions, where is lots exhibitors, but nothing really exciting. We had a nice chat with Tim from CompresSport (one of my sponsor). I picked up couple of new gears and Tim just told about new products. More then 15 new CompresSport gears are coming out soon. Dave introduced our shop for Cytosport. It is a well known company in body building and try to reach the market on the endurance market now. The company has a lots of different type protein products, what could be really useful for endurance athletes. We tried the Muscle Milk shakes and bars and I have to say, it is one of the best tasting protein shake what I ever had. We will be stockist soon and I am going to order couple of tubs Muscle Milk myself and I can tell more about it later.
We left the show quite early.

I did my long run the middle of the afternoon. Usually I run early morning, but I had some building work done in my flat and I had to wait until the builder left. I ran 18,5km. I felt really good and I could run easily more, but I didn't want to over do it. After the run and a quick shower I finished my day in the gym with some serious legs and back exercises.

Okay, challenge time!
Two challenges!

This week I try to cut out all of the grain from my diet! I think the only difficulty will be my breakfast. I had porridge every morning.... I have couple of grainless breakfast idea in my head already..

I try to drink at least 3 litres of water every day... It shouldn't be hard?!

Friday, 11 February 2011

New gears and Chinese new year

I finally decided, that I wanna sell my power meter from my bike. I don't wanna ride around numbers in the next couple of months. I just want to enjoy my ride. Power meter causes addiction. If you get one, you are going to be hooked by watts and you can't stop watching your bike computer's screen. When I decided to stop race preparation training, I wasn't interested with the numbers... I thought! But I had to realised after couple of rides, I still watch the number in the left top corner.... I don't wanna do that! :)
I sold it.. it means I had to get a new set of wheels. I had a lots of thoughts around wheels. I didn't want: aero, heavy, tub, fragile and expensive... I wanted something strong, reliable, stiff and comfy at the same time, light enough and not to pricey. I work with Mavic wheels ages and I owned few pair of mountain bike one. I know, these are really good stuff, I never had a single problem with these. But I never had Mavic road wheels... On the road side I was far more interested with weight and aero dynamic. But time changes and I am going to be older and ...... (OK , I am not sure with the second word).
I just been on some Mavic seminar last week and I heard a lots of interesting and clever things about Mavic wheel systems. After the seminar I had my choice! Ksyrium SR!
I haven't ride too much yet, I will write something more about it after couple of hundred kilometers.
I also have some upgrade on my road crankset and a pair of new white Ergon grips turned up and my new seat post on order for my Scalpel.

Nike released a new running shoes (LunarHaze) and a brilliant looking backpack (Cheyenne Vapour ). I went to check out this new stuff in Nike town last Monday. The experience wasn't great, gears looks awesome, the new shoe gives me a hope, that I can upgrade my running kit for full Nike. I couldn't find any Nike shoes in the past, what could deal with my catastrophic foot! I am going to do some gate analysis with the new LunarHaze and we will see....
Back pack is very funky, specially the green version! It is the "have to have one" type gadget!
Nike town has one of Lance Armstrong's Trek on the first floor. I don't know it is really one of Lance's bike or not, but good to believe , you can touch his bike!
I had a really bad experience with customer service. I have to say, this guys are a bunch of idiots! Knowledge about products = 0!!! The answer for my "How much is the back pack weight?" question was " I think it is no more than 30 grams?!?!?" Thanks!

Last Sunday was a last day the Chinese new year celebration. We decided to go to visit the festival in China town. The place was ramped already midday. We just tried some traditional Chinese food, followed by some Chinese dessert (sugar bombs) and we got out from the Soho. It was out of hand, you couldn't move 3 steps in 20 minutes.

After the quite unhealthy, but interesting Chinese lunch I decided to do some "nearly" paleo healthy dinner and dessert. I made some oatmeal coated veal liver with baby carrots, basil and spinach. Dessert was raw cocoa coated banana.

Week is nearly over now. I am just looking forward a weekend, lots of interesting stuff is coming up!

Sunday, 6 February 2011

What's going on?!

I haven't posted anything a while ago. I had a hard time over the last couple of months and I had to make couple of really hard decisions.
In the last two season I tried my best. I tried to live two life in one. I was a professional, who works nearly 50 hours a week, looks after himself and try to build some "carrier"! ( I hate this word, I don't really wanna be a carrier hunter, who steps over on everybody and everything just for himself..) And same time I tried to do my best on the race courses. I trained like a lunatic, and tried to do as much training as possible next to my job. It wasn't easy and I had some really hard moments, but in the same time it was a wonderful experience and good lesson! When I had to realize that no one really wanna support me and help me in next season, I knew that it is over and I have to give up. Not forever, but I have to stop racing for a while. This thought has been in my head for ages, but I did my final decision in rest and peace , alone, far away from my usual everyday life. I went to Fuerteventure on 1st of January and I had a really good training camp over there. A camp, what closed a episode in my life. When I had my eyes opened up and I learned the lesson. First I have to put my life in order (thank Fiona, these are your words!) and after I can carry on, what I love to do! I don't really wanna waste more words to explain my decision, who is close enough for me and has to know the details, they already know!

Well, just make clear everything! I am not over trained and unmotivated! OK?!
I still carry on "training", collect lots of milage and until my free time is limited by school and other important things in the next 2 years, I try to keep up my endurance with a little more running. We all know, running is more efficient to build base then cycling, when you haven't got enough time. I just started running last April and I am more and more addicted to it from strike to strike. In this upcoming season I wanna taste a bit what is ultra running about! Running gives me a same freedom as cycling but it gives me something new, I can punish my body different way and I can experience pain in different forms.

In the same time I try to dig myself deeper and deeper in nutritionist stuff. I started to do PT course and I am planning to do massage, British cycling coach and nutrition specialist courses as well. All day fitness and healthy life! :) All good!

And finally message for worrying people!
Don't worry, I am not going to be lost! I just need to prepare myself and put my life's stem on the right direction and I will be back harder, faster and stronger then I ever been!