Monday, 14 February 2011

Birthday, TCR show and challenge time

11th February was my birthday! Thank you very much for everyone, who said me happy birthday.
I started my bday with a good 14,5km run. I had some nice surprise from my bosses when I got in work. A bottle of Pink Champagne and a box of cup cakes waited me on the workshop bench. Day was quite fun, I got lots of messages and couple of phone calls. I had more surprise at home when I arrived back from work. More cakes! I think I am topped up with sugar for a while now! :)))

My exclusive birthday present for myself just turned up a day later. I ordered couple of nice bits from Rapha. I already had a gift voucher, what I got nearly 5 months ago and my credit card company sponsored the other half my order. I choosed a Rapha- Paul Smith silk scarf and a Rapha- Paul Smith cycling hat. These are lovely piece of kits and quite unique looking. Unfortunately the hat is too big for me, but new one is on order now and Dave take the bigger one.

Saturday morning me and one of our customer Max did some early morning pre group ride. We rode out Windsor and back in 1 hour and 32 minutes... I have to say it was a quick ride! :) Was it, Max? :))) After our private ride I did our shop group ride as well. We did couple of laps in the park with the guys. I was a bit dead when I finally got back in the shop.
(If you interested out Saturday morning group rides, just please flog me an email! Start is from TW9 1UR, usual duration is: 2,5-3 hours, avg speed: 28km/h)

Max just gave me a really good cd for my bday. I still can't stop to listen it! It is a XX cd. Dave reckons this guys from south London. I love it!

Me and Dave went to visit TCR show yesterday. It just was one of the exhibitions, where is lots exhibitors, but nothing really exciting. We had a nice chat with Tim from CompresSport (one of my sponsor). I picked up couple of new gears and Tim just told about new products. More then 15 new CompresSport gears are coming out soon. Dave introduced our shop for Cytosport. It is a well known company in body building and try to reach the market on the endurance market now. The company has a lots of different type protein products, what could be really useful for endurance athletes. We tried the Muscle Milk shakes and bars and I have to say, it is one of the best tasting protein shake what I ever had. We will be stockist soon and I am going to order couple of tubs Muscle Milk myself and I can tell more about it later.
We left the show quite early.

I did my long run the middle of the afternoon. Usually I run early morning, but I had some building work done in my flat and I had to wait until the builder left. I ran 18,5km. I felt really good and I could run easily more, but I didn't want to over do it. After the run and a quick shower I finished my day in the gym with some serious legs and back exercises.

Okay, challenge time!
Two challenges!

This week I try to cut out all of the grain from my diet! I think the only difficulty will be my breakfast. I had porridge every morning.... I have couple of grainless breakfast idea in my head already..

I try to drink at least 3 litres of water every day... It shouldn't be hard?!

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