Monday, 28 March 2011

Kingston Breakfast run

I am over my first proper running race. I didn't really plan to do any competitive event for this year, but I won the entry for this race 1,5 months ago via Whole Food's Facebook page. I didn't take 100% seriously the preparation, but I tried to do my best with training. I think I did well!
16 miles. That was the distance what waited for me yesterday morning. Me and Adel caught the night bus very early (London's public transport is absolutely terrible on Sunday morning) and we met up with Tarek around 7:10 in Richmond. We had a quick coffee and chat with Tarek before the cab arrived to take us to Kingston. We been on the start place around 8 o'clock. Streets was already full with people, everybody tried to warm up on this terrible typical British morning. Weather was so chilly and grey. Our start was at 8:25. I tried to find my ideal pace, but it wasn't too easy without any race experience. We ran the first 5 miles altogether and after I said good bye to Tarek. I finished my first 8 miles lap around 52 minutes, my pace was under 4:00min/km. I felt great! I wanted to keep back a bit on the second lap's first half and I wanted do do negative splits on the last 4 miles. When I finished the first lap, I already knew, I can do sub 1:50 time. The next question was, can I do under 1:40?! I got the answer a lap later! NO! :) Unfortunately my right quad started to play up and I had some cramp. Nothing major, but when I tried to push harder, my quad started to look up. I still kept my pace under 4 minutes, but I couldn't nail down the last 4 miles. I finished the race with 1 hour and 43 minutes. This time was enough the 34th place in overall and 8th place in my age group! I am more then pleased with it! Tarek finished couple of minutes behind me.
I had 2 gels and a half glass of water during the race, my grain and junk free carb load went very well!
After the race we said hello to CompresSport Tim and caught the bus back to Richmond. We finished the morning in a local Starbucks with a huge cup of coffee and some food.
I have to say, event organising was more then great! Humanrace did the job well! Also big thanks for Whole Foods Market for the free entry and the fabulous goodies bag!
I ran the race in my full CompresSport gears and I wore the new CompresSport full socks for recovery during the day! My legs felt great this morning! I am also really pleased with my new shoes! Wowwww...... These shoes are flying! I only have 2 small blister.

The only negative thing was my Garmin. Something went wrong and I lost my data! :( I haven't got any usable data from the race. Can't be everything perfect... :D

Friday, 25 March 2011

Week of the freebies...and knee scan

Who likes freebies? Everybody, so do i! You just have to keep your eyes open and you can find plenty of free stuff! Usually big companies always have something to flog you.

The week is started with a small bag of Clipper Organic Tea bags. I just joined the club on Clipper's site and I will get free samples in the future. Tatammm, 3 days later a bag of tea bag landed in my post box!
The second surprise was a bottle of vanilla drops. It came from MyProtein. I order all my supplements from MyProtein long time ago. MP has a best price on the market and if you buy in bulk, you can get even better prices! I decided to order unflavored protein this time and MP sent a bottle of vanilla drop with it FOC! Thanks guys!
I am Starbucks card holder! (oh, big words... basically I registered on Starbuck's page) Time to time Starbucks has a really good offers. I got a voucher via email on Monday. It offered me a bag of free coffee beans on Thursday, if I buy a handcrafted drink! Here we go, medium black americano in my tummy, bag of coffee beans in my bag! Thank you very much!

This kind of freebies are good!

I got some other stuff free as well....but I can't call them freebies. They are more like presents. Time to time I get different sort of presents from customers and friends. It is really good feeling, it makes feel, somebody appreciate your work or your friendship.
One of our customers/my friend brought me some awesome gadget! It is a calf stretcher! He bought it for me in US! Tarek regularly go in US and most of the time he brings me different sort of running and cycling magazines, but today this little green gadget came with my magazines. Thanks mate!

I visited Forge Clinic on Thursday afternoon. Thanks for Matt, he find me a slot in his busy schedule and he spent some time to listen my moaning... I still had this odd pain/discomfort around my left knee (not inside the knee!). He had a closer look and scanned my knees. Thanks good everything is okay, just some small injury in the cartilage, I can keep moving. He showed around in my knees with the scanner. It was very very interesting. I love to have one of this scanner thing at home! :) You just marvel how wonderfully designed the human body!
Good news, my knees (joint and all sort of things) has NO sign of any wear! It looks like a 15 years old teenager's knees! Hurra!

I am going to bed soon. Tomorrow is race day! My race kit is prepared already. Wish me a good luck! :D

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

The lucky number is... 1208!

Kingston Breakfast run is coming up 3 days time. I did my last training before the race last night. I just had 50 minutes with 3 times 5 minutes on target race tempo. I felt great, but my left leg still sore a bit. I haven't got any problem after 5-10 minutes, but it hurts a bit after heavy sessions. We will see, how weekend is going and worst case I take couple of weeks of from run after the race.
My race pack has been arrived by post today. Now I have got everything, start number, timing chip... basically I just have to do the warm up and stand on the start line on Sunday morning.

But today surprise wasn't only the start pack.. My new seat post turned up after long wait. I snapped my Ritchey Super Logic on last year during the Bristol Bike fest and I used Dave's Thomson rest of the season. Finally Crank Brothers started to make 27.2mm carbon seat post in 400mm length. Everybody make just 350mm long, which one isn't long enough for my meter legs. I ordered one Cobalt 11 end of last year... And finally it is here now! I have to give a good service and some love for my Scalpel soon.

I am looking forward the weekend, lots of coming up! Sunday is race day and we are going to Bruges early Monday morning for three days. Actually, my whole April looks very very exciting! Hell of North Rapha sportive ride is two weeks time. I just received the confirmation email from Rapha, I have a place! And yesterday we booked a six day trip to Malta end of April! Happy days.

The weather was glorious today! I decided to give a quick spin for my new Mavic Zxellium Ultimate shoes after work. I just rode an hour in the park and headed home, the week's motto is "take it easy"! My though about the shoes are coming soon!

Monday, 21 March 2011

Short weekend, new shoes again, speed converter

My last couple of days in nutshell:
My weekend was very short, only one day! Usually I am off every Monday, but I swooped days with James and I was working today. Day was quite fun with Dave, just the usual "2 kids in the candy shop..."

We managed to fit me in the Cannondale box.... no comment..

My Sunday was very productive. I headed out for a short-long run in my new Nikes around 7:30. I ran just 15km, I had to cut back on training now, because Kingston Breakfast run is just couple of days away. I spent the rest of the morning with personal stuff and food shopping. I planed to try out some new recipes.
After a quick lunch we went up to High Street. We returned back our TV aerial, which one didn't seem to work and I wanted to buy some swimming short. Bruges trip is just a week away, we are staying in a hotel, what has a huge swimming pool and all my old swimming shorts are too big for me... and the hotel's swimming pool hasn't got a nudist section... :) I lost a fair bit of weight again, if I carry on this, I will be disappeared in the future. :D
We managed to return back the aerial,but I couldn't buy a short. It doesn't look good! :(

I started to cook quite late. I made first a roasted cauliflower and parsnip soup with cashew cream. I didn't check the recipe properly... and I made around 4 litres... It taste really nice and I am sure, this 4 litres of soup will go very quick.

4 litres of soup...

I also made some balsamic and garlic roasted brussel sprouts. I love brussel sprouts! Most of the people hate this lovely veg... I can't see the reason why?!
I bought uncleaned sprouts... I never do again! I spent around 40 minutes just taking off the top leafs and clean the sprouts. It is terrible job, trust me!
But the final product was very very tasty!

After the cooking session I finished the day in the gym with a little back workout and 3 km easy treadmill run in my Nike Free-s.

I headed out for a short ride on Saturday morning. I did only 60km, but I got absolutely frozen. Everything was frosted in Richmond park. I started to warm up after 45km.
View from top off Richmond hill

Freeze sunrise from Putney bridge

During the day (when I was working) the weather was gorgeous! I ran home after work. I got bonked half way home and I had to stop to eat some Cliff shot blocks. I was okay after 2 minutes again and thanks for the shot blocks I managed to run my quickest commuter ride. My average pace was 4:17 min/km. After a quick shower and some food I decided to go out and buy a pair of shoes..again. (I hope this Saturday evening shoe shopping isn't going to be an usual event...)
I bought a pair of Air Pegasus a week ago and I bought a pair of Lunar Elite now. Okok, I had a good reason! My Lunar Glides are too small, and the Pegasus isn't quick enough for speed and tempo workout and occasionally short distance racing. I really wanted to get a pair of racing flats, but I know I am not ready for those yet!
I bought the Elites in Sports Direct as well. Good price, no too much trouble.

Bite of London... Piccadilly circus, opposite Sports Direct

Here we go... my shoes obsession is definitely out of hand now...

Friday was my speed workout day! Oh my God! I never did this before. I went in the gym early morning and jumped on the treadmill. The plan was 6 times 1km in zone 6. (4:02-3:55 min/km). The I never keep myself for a plan...we know this.
My workout:
4km warm up
6X 1km tempo with 500m rests:
1-3:52 min/km
2-3:48 min/km
3-3:38 min/km
4-3:38 min/km
5-3:32 min/km
6-3:32 min/km
3,5km cool down.
I ran 16km in 1 hour and 6 minutes and I was exhausted!

Convert my speed from km/h to min/km or back are every time is a trouble for me.
I found a cool and helpful chart on the web, what makes my life easier.
It called treadmill conversions chart:

Just keep looking peeps, some bike related post is coming up soon! :)

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Middle of the week

Middle of the week already. Today was a rest day for me. I decided to take full off from training. The last couple of days were quite busy and Kingston Breakfast run is coming up soon. I have one more hard interval session tomorrow and I cut back on training gradually now... taper time! I never did running race in my life. I did only the London Duathlon Ultra distance last year, but it was a bit different. I tried to guess and decide in my ideal pace for this 16 miles race, but it isn't too easy. I think I just give a go for it... and how I am feeling. Back to my bike races, I never made any target speed before the race, I just rode, how I felt ok and it was working...

Unfortunately my feet still don't shrink and my LG2s are still small... I think I have to get some new shoes..again! :D
Fair enough originally I didn't buy the LG2s for running, they still stay my casual shoes. I try to find some nice Lunar Elite-s or Lunar Spider-s for a good price.

Ahhh new shoes! My pair of bright yellow Mavic Zxellium turned up day before yesterday. Time for a test ride soon...

I ran again in my Free-s yesterday morning, I did 3,5km. I feel myself more and more confident run to run in this slippers, but after this short distance I have huge tiredness in my feet. I know, time and patients.

Our Bruges trip is coming up soon. Basically we are leaving London on Monday 28th morning. I hope I will be able to move! :D
I am looking forward the 3 days trip in Belgium, and the Cromwell Plaza hotel with a lots of stars. I also can't wait to drink some Kwak again and taste some real Belgian chocolate. I think I have to miss the waffle trip this year.... or may be I have just ONE! ( and not 15/day, then last year).

Yep, missing waffle... I am "grain free" more then a month now! And you know what? I don't miss it... Okay, sometimes. I don't say, that I never ever eat grain again. I am not on strictly diet or this is not religion.. if I am going to be feel some craving after grains, I have some. But I feel myself great without it at the moment.

I managed to made some really nice dishes over the last few days.

I made a raspberry and goat cheese salad for dinner last week. I used spinach and red cabbage for base and added some raspberry and goat cheese for it. The finishing touch was the Atkins and Potts Raspberry and Black pepper salad dressing! It was amazing! The black pepper really gave a good kick for a whole salad. Okay , this salad contains some dairy product... basically it isn't full paleo, but .... but what? :) Goat milk products are freaking good for you! Ask Cleopatra....

My second creation was zesty chicken breast with orange caramelised broccoli! Oh yeh! I found this recipe in my Paleo cooking book.
Welcome in my lunch box!

And beginning of this week I made some duck breast with orange salad and sweet potato. I were craving after duck breast ages.... I know it isn't the leanest choice, but once in a while I can have some bad!

And we shouldn't forget about the dessert. I have one "bad" addiction! I can't say NO for a good dark chocolate. I really like chocolates with over 85% cocoa solid.
I managed to pick up couple of bars Seed & Beans chocolate bars in Whole Foods. I had couple of strange flavour in my selection, Extra Dark with Lavender, Extra Dark with Cornish Sea Salt and Extra Dark with Pumpkin Seeds and Hemp Oil. All had 72% cocoa solid, it means all were a bit sweet. I really liked the salted one, lavender and pumpkin seeds one were nice as well. Seed & Beans is a small British company, who makes handmade chocolate bars from organic and fair trade ingredients. Highly recommended to try it!

Monday, 14 March 2011

Running gears - New shoes- Nike Pegasus 27+

I mentioned already a post before, I have a pair of new shoes. I bought a pair of Pegasus to replace my old Sauconys. I wanted to get something for long distances and after a little research I choosed the Pegs.

The first Pegasus- Hello Pegasus 1983

Pegasus's history in nut shell:

Pegasus is Nike's one of most iconic and oldest running shoes. First Pegasus created in 1983 is known to be the shoe for every runner and had experienced various changes and modifications throughout its life. It disappeared for awhile in the 90s but thousands of runners reached out to Nike through emails and phone calls asking for the shoe they love and hoped that Pegasus will be back and it was.

In 1983 Hello Pegasus was created that featured an Air – Sole wedged in the heel a swing of other features not found on any shoe at its price range. By 1987, the shoe got its official name changed to Air Pegasus while the amount of air was increased for better cushioning. The Air Pegasus was updated in 1989 with an upper and was especially soft and fits like a glove.

On its 10 birthday in 1993, Air Pegasus sold 17 million pairs and its inner sleeve was changed into a spandex but with mixed reviews the changed proved to be temporary. Air Pegasus went to a more traditional upper in 1994.
Air Pegasus in 1996 was the first of two editions of the shoe where a visible Air – Sole unit in the heel was visible but most runners were not happy with the changed and the shoe regressed to the consistent, reliable cushioning.

Air Pegasus was reborn after a three – year lull with all the good genes of its forefathers plus some evolutions. The heel wedge was replaced by a full – length Air – Sole while a new version of the tried and true Waffle outside offered exceptional traction. The reintroduction of the Air Pegasus was made exciting with a more universal fit and supportive upper.

For the very first time, the women’s shoe was modified to match the female anatomy in 2004 as the Air Pegasus experience a steady evolution of the millennial version.

Air Pegasus featured a better fitting upper, more flexible forefoot and gender –specific crash pads in 2006 making the Runner’s World International Editor’s Choice for Shoe of the Year. And in 2008, Air Pegasus +25 became the best Air Pegasus, paying respect to the original while providing cushioning that was not even a hint in 1983. Cushioning technology featured a three – pronged system of full – length Nike Air, light and flexible Phylon and soft PU. As a whole this system forms the most complete combination of lightweight, durability and comfortable cushioning than any Air Pegasus in 2008.

The Nike Air Pegasus SE came out that featured the original waffle design, a whole new full length air – sole and a lighter 2007 shoe. Nike Pegasus SE was a hybrid performance shoe with an upper sole inspired by the original Pegasus that came with a special box for collectors.

Air Pegasus 25 was the best edition that came out in 2008 and was Nike’s best seller until 2009. The retro style of the Pegasus SE was designed more for a fashion trainer rather than for a serious running shoe. The Air Pegasus continued its timeless series with Air Pegasus 26 and 27 and the controversial Nike Air Pegasus 28.


My personal experiences:
I own this shoes less then 72 hours ago, but I love them! I tried them out yesterday during my long run and I clocked nearly 28km in. They are awesome, give you a very plush ride. Shoes are well cushioned but quite flexible in the same time. The hells have Nike Zoom unit integrated in.
When I picked up the shoes from the box, they were surprisingly light! I expected something heavier. I scaled them and only 8 grams different between those and my LG2-s. Wooow!

Lunar vs. Pegasus ( Lunar is UK10, Pegasus is UK 10,5)

I feel Pegs are more plush then LG2s but not as responsive, but I can't feel the "floating" effect, what my LG2s give me some time on sharp turns. Thanks for yesterday drizzle I could try them out in wet condition as well and I noticed the Pegs give you better grip in wet condition. With LG2-s I had couple of interesting moments in wet condition.
28km in one go for first time, no irritation, no blisters, no worries... just a pleasure! I think I found my ideal long distance training (racing?) shoes! I feel myself very lucky, that I did the right pick for a first time! What should be a next????
Unfortunately my LG2-s is a bit small for me..I started to look a Lunar Elites now for a shorter distances and speed workout and tempo runs.

Zzzooommm Zoooooooooommmmmmmmmmmm

New shoes (again), immunity boosters and more running

I had to retired my old Sauconys after more then 900km usage. I started to use my Lunar Glide 2s last week. These are great shoes, but originally I bought them for normal casual use and not for running. I had to realised, they are too small for longer distance. And shoe dilemma has started again....
After reading couple of discussion about distance running, checking out articles and reviews I decided to get a pair of Nike Air Pegasus 27. Sports Direct has blinding deal on this shoes. I went and picked up a pair in Lilly White on Saturday evening.

I didn't wait too much with the test run, I headed out for a long run yesterday morning. The plan was up to 24 km. But the execution wasn't this easy.... Sunday morning was one of the "disaster" morning. I left my flat around 7:20 ... and I came back 26 minutes later....
Everything went wrong! :) First of all, I decided to try my new running waist pack , what Dave gave to me. I swear I never ever wanna use it again! I can't fit it right and it started to bouncing and turning around on my waist after 4 steps. This wasn't enough 10 minutes later my iPod's battery went flat and other 3 minutes later my Garmin's battery gave up as well. I decided to go back home and try to start the whole thing later on.
I headed out again an hour later, with fully charged battery and without any bouncing accessories. I finished the morning with 5,5 + 22km.....
I did nearly 28km in my new Pegasus and I have to say I am pretty impressed! They are very very comfy!
I went in the gym last night I did some back workout and also ran 3km on treadmill in my Nike Frees. I did 70,5km run last week.

We went for a little shopping yesterday afternoon. I picked up couple of battle Manuka Honeys and Pumpkin Seed butters in Holland & Barrets. H&B has a pretty good offer on now, buy 1 get one for a penny. I planed to try Manuka honey long times ago. It is from New Zealand, bees make it from Manuka bush and it claimed that have antibacterial properties and boosts immunity system. For starter I bought two jars of 15+ and later I will use the 10 or 12+. What are this pluses? Manuka honey has Unique Manuka Factor (UMF). This scale is between 0 and 30 and give an indication about the antibacterial activity in the honey. Higher the UMF, higher the antibacterial activity in the honey. If you wanna read about more, CLICK HERE.

I also picked up a Green Magma trial pack. I use barley grass powder nearly 6 months ago. I used the Lifestream one in the past, but I decided to give a go for a Green Magma now. It is a bit more price, but lots of people reckons it is the best on the market... It came with a little nice shaker, hurra!

Barley grass juice/powder is on of the most alkaline food, very high in antioxidants and nutritional properties. Basically it is a super food....

Saturday early morning me and Max did some "private" ride again. We left the shop around 6:30 in the morning. We rode my old training loop. Richmond- Wandsworth- Croydon- Epsom Downs- New Malden- Kingston - Richmond. Data with map is here.

Rest of the week wasn't particularly interesting. I did two shorter rides beginning of the week, but still the running dominates in my training. Kingston Breakfast run is less then 2 weeks away. I am really looking forward my first running race.

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

CompresSport, Nike Free and work out on treadmill

Start of my week was PERFECT! (every week start with Tuesday for me, this is my first day at work). I woken up quite early and headed out to do some treadmill hill workout in the gym. I got the idea from Matt Tabor, who is a running, food and nut butter addicted guy from the US. ( check out his blog!)
The workout was the next:

Matt’s Hill Workout of Champions

  • Warm up: 20 minutes at an easy pace.
  • Hill Interval: 2 minutes at a fast pace at 4% incline
  • Rest Interval: Recover for 2 minutes.
  • Hill Interval: 2 minutes at a fast pace at 5% incline
  • Rest Interval: Recover for 2 minutes.
  • Hill Interval: 2 minutes at a fast pace at 6% incline
  • Rest Interval: Recover for 2 minutes.
  • Hill Interval: 2 minutes at a fast pace at 7% incline
  • Rest Interval: Recover for 2 minutes.
  • Hill Interval: 2 minutes at a fast at 6% incline
  • Rest Interval: Recover for 2 minutes.
  • Hill Interval: 2 minutes at a fast pace at 5% incline
  • Rest Interval: Recover for 2 minutes.
  • Hill Interval: 2 minutes at a fast pace at 4% incline
  • Rest Interval: Recover for 2 minutes.
  • Cool down: 20 minutes at an easy pace.
I did 15km at the end. I kept my pace around 4:26 on all hill reps. I really really enjoyed it.

After the great workout my day was good already, but Tim from CompresSport did my day even better! He popped in the shop today and we had a quick chat. I am officially off from racing this year, but he still support/sponsor me this year as well and will give me the latest CompresSport gears! Lots of new stuff (around 16 new gears) are coming out soon! I keep you tuned about it!

I finished my day a short 50 minutes recovery ride after work.
My leg-knee-MCL (or fuck knows what) improves and goes better. I know it can't hail in two days.... but I am not a patient type... :P So, please my dear body, HURRY UP!

I am in a very big shoes dilemma... I just realized last week, time is here for a pair of new running shoes (or two). My Sauccony did the job, I clocked in 900km. I am quite fancy with a pair of Nike from the Lunar family long time ago. Little Dave, my personal gate specialist, reckons I can go away with Nikes without any problem! Amen!
I have a pair of LunarGlide 2 and a pair Nike Free 5.0 . I didn't buy those for running purpose, my LG2s were my "go in the gym" shoes and my Frees are the "gym workout" shoes. I decided to use the LG2 for running now, but in the same time I wanted to get something lighter, quicker and more responsive. After 6 million hours on the web and visiting 2 Nike store and Nike town I was totally confused. I couldn't find the right answers for my questions anywhere. But last Sunday I decided to give one more chance to Nike and I visited the Covent Garden shop, what is the running specialist store! And Eureka! I got the right advice and I got lots of answers. Unfortunately I missed the guy's name, who helped out me, he is a short, young oriental guy. His knowledge was great and he gave me the straight and clear answers for my "stupid" questions. End of the day , after nearly an hour chat I came out from the shop without buying anything. He didn't sell me anything, because I have the right stuff already! Wooowww... He talked about Nike Free for me and advised to try it out! And I did. I was really interested, I had a thought running in Free-s long time ago. I started my Free life with the tinny step last Sunday evening. I ran 2,5km on treadmill in my Free-s and it was very interesting and amazing experience. I love it! And I loved the next morning feeling, when I woken up and felt something different "soreness" in my legs. I try to build up gradually my running in Free-s, step to step. I think I am on the right (long) way to barefoot running now!
Thanks Nike store Covent Garden! Super B shop with super B crew!

But! I still need something lighter and quicker then my LG2! :) I am sure I can find something.....

Sunday, 6 March 2011


I have been injured.. :)
Okay, nothing serious, but I am taking 3-4 days off from running and legs weight sessions. I don't really know, what did happen. I have this "pain" inside of my left knee nearly two weeks ago, I thought it is nothing, but it didn't wanna go. It isn't really painful and I can't feel normal during run or cycling. It starts to be uncomfy, when I twist my leg or do really deep squats. I ask my super physio, Matt. He owns and runs the Forge Clinic in Richmond and I have to say he and little Dave (who is the running specialist) do damn good job. He recommended for me 3-4 days off from run, lots of ice and Nurofen cream. He reckons I tweaked my MCL or the meniscus. It is much much better after two days, but I still fell it a bit. Hopefully it disappearing for next Tuesday and I can carry on my training.

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Why I don't eat peanuts?

I mentioned about my peanuts free diet couple of weeks ago, but I didn't share the reason. I am a quite big nuts and nut butter fun long time ago and I started to eat even more in the last couple of months. I consume more then 1-1,5kg/week... sometimes a bit more. Usually I eat all sort of nuts, almonds, pecans, walnuts, cashew, brazil...
And I ate a lots of peanuts and peanut butter as well! But hang on, actually peanut is NOT nut! Peanut is a legume! Okay, basically it isn't reason, because I usually eat legumes.
But cut the long story short, the main reasons are:

- peanut one of the most genetically modified plant (GM never good..)
- according different tests, peanuts contain huge amount of pesticides (except organic)
-very high in lectin, which can cause heart and vascular disease
-because peanut is legume, it can contain alfatoxin, which is produced by fungus called Aspergillus flavus. This fungus live on grains and legumes. Alfatoxin can cause food poisoning, liver disease and even death. I got very serious food poison from peanuts last December. I spent 3 day in the row in the bad, I wasn't able to move...
-omega 3-6 ratio is absolutely wrong in peanuts! Peanuts and peanuts oil are too high in omega 6 and too low in omega 3 fatty acids. It can cause cardiovascular disease..

Are they enough reason for you to cut out peanuts from your diet?
Try to munch on other nuts, like almond or brazil and try to change your peanuts butter to almond or cashew butter!