Friday, 11 January 2008

New horse in my stable....88

Yesterday my new Kona has arrived. No... It is not one more racing spec lightweight bike... It is the Kona Eighty-Eight. Kona`s 25th anniversary bike. Kona made just 500 pieces. It is fulled with funky stuffs: Brooks leather saddle, back pedal brake, wood looking rim, nice black full mudgards, very wide handlebar with big chunky grips and lockable "fuel" tank for your small gadget.

As Kona says:
"The Kona '88 celebrates Kona's 20 years of building rolling thunder. Sounds manly doesn't it? Actually...we just humbly build great bikes for educated customers all over the world. "Rolling Thunder" just sounded really tough at the time...The '88 needs no explanation... just look at it. We're done writing now."

Thursday, 10 January 2008

Thames "trail"

One of my favorite loops. Nothing special... just a short "warming up" trail before Richmond park riding or easy riding to work. No hills... no technical rooty traffic(!!!!!!)... just a quiet nothing... nature, Thames and relax. It is a piece of Thames footpath. My trip starts next to Putney bridge and ends in Richmond. I like to use this road, if I have a resting day. You can see the calmness on the next pictures.

Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Next season bike...

I started to plan my next year racing bike. I would like to build a little lighter, than it was last year. The King`s weight is 11.4kg now, I am planning to build around 10.6kg. I am keeping the frame and fork. The frame will get a `07 Hei Hei Supreme`s bushing kit, I can save approx 100gr with it. Next step is the lighter wheels, I think it is important to find the right spec. You have to make a compromise between lightness and strongness. It is a big nightmare if you have to give up your race in the 22. hours, because of some technical problem. My choice is the new Mavic CrossMax SL (this set`s weight is same than the SLR`s one) with Conti Explorer Supersonic tyres and Stans fluid. I would like to replace the brake system. The bike has a pair of Avid Juicy Carbon. It is over 900gr. I think this system is little overbuild. I hesitate beetwen the Juicy Ultimate and Hope Mini Pro.
Last couple of steps are the new bottom bracket, new seatpost, new grips and new pedals and cassette. I think I can make a lighter bike without loosing any strongness.

CrossMax SL(2006)+Conti Explorer+Stans Fluid+Sram 990 Cass.:3260gr
CrossMax SL(2008)+Conti Explorer SS+Stans Fluid+XTR Cass.:2835gr

Avid Juicy Carbon with Hope floating disc:847gr
Avid Juicy Ultimate with Hope floating disc:640gr

Other bits:

Easton EC70 seatpost:210gr
Ritchey WCS seatpost:178gr

Truvative Stylo Team BB with bolts:315gr
FRM BB with bolts:182gr

Time Attack Carbon:340gr
Look Quartz Carbon:240gr

Ergon grips GP1(short):140gr
Ergon grips GX1(short):90gr

Total save: approx:947gr