Friday, 30 December 2011

New toys... Garmin Edge 800 and Suunto Memory belt

My old Garmin 705 gave up last week. I managed to fix it partly but the mapping system still doesn't wanna work. I can upload any pre-made route plan, 705 put my 190k Oxford loop on the screen all the time. I was a bit afraid to get bored easily with this lap, I decided to make some update on my training partner. 705 worked 4 years for me, he did the job! RIP!

Thursday, 29 December 2011

Rapha 500... only once! - Part 1

Oh well, big plan, good start and early finish! That is how I can describe my Rapha 500 twice plan. My coach was a bit sceptic from the beginning, because I had lots of training during the last 3 weeks and he was planning to have a rest week for me. Everything went well at the beginning, but around Xmas and Boxing day my sleep and rest were not right and my form started to go a bit pear shape. Nothing serious, but my coach pulled the brake and told me to STOP. I can't take any risk, because my first training camp is coming up in 10 days time. No point to go away with some cold or over training and can't enjoy my "holiday"! But no real reason for moaning, I had enough fun and some great ride in this 5 days.

Monday, 19 December 2011

New sponsorships and long rides

Last two weeks.... Well, they were not quite. For starter, two weekends ago I moved house. It was a bit draft idea to ride nearly 5 hours and finish off my training 1,5 hours before the moving started. Anyway, I am over on it now, I live the doorstep of Richmond park and 5 minutes from work and my cat is overly happy with the bigger space. It was a bit hard to concentrate to recovery and packing out in the same time...

Tuesday, 6 December 2011


Well, you know already, KASK helmets are going to protect my head in the future. I received sponsorship from KASK's UK distributor, Velo Brands. This guys have other great brands on board as well, like RH+ , Chapeau, Juicy Lube and Cyfac. Take a look on Velo Brands's website! The sponsorship includes 2 KASK Vertigo top of the range helmets. 

New sponsorships on board!

I have some very exciting news! I got two new sponsorships during last week!

The first one is KASK by Velo Brands. I received two top of the range KASK Vertigo helmets in Lime/White colour and a tub of Chapeau chamois cream for try. I started to use one of the helmet immediately and I am going to share my thought about it soon.

The other sponsor is GOOD Hemp Nutrition, who is going to supply me with vegan protein during the next season. I am just waiting my delivery at the moment from this guys.

I finished of November's last weekend with a 140k Sunday ride. I rode out to Box hill on a longer way then my usual and I came back via Virginia Water and Windsor. It was a great ride and stunning weather!

Last week I had an easy rest week, with very little ride and lots of sleep, but since this morning I am back on the hard training. I am still off from running, left glut area is still sore.

Keep moving! I am going to come back with more information about my sponsors ASAP!