Thursday, 22 December 2011

Rapha Festive 500..... twice?

Only couple of hours to go and Rapha's Festive 500 is starting after midnight.

The rules are really easy, you have to clock up 500km between 23rd and 31st of December. You have to get proper evidences, like GPS files and photos about your rides.
You can also log your miles in Strava as well (I am going to do this way..).

I planned to do the 500k in last year but unfortunately some food poisoning sabotaged my plan. I am going to take a revenge this year! But 500k is not enough anymore! I am going to double up this distance!
I got the admission from my coach and my plan already in my head!

So lets do it and ride 1000k before this year will be finishing.

I prepared my bike today already. Basically I just went over on it, fitted couple of new break pads and a pair of proper winter tyres. I put Vittoria Paves on it. I got the tyres from Spencer (Personal Bike Fit) as a Xmas present! Wonderful stuff! Thanks Spence!

Paves on already

During the week SuppleWorX's Captain Magic is going to keep my body in shape and my legs to spin with his incredible technics. I am going to make the recovery more efficient with Good Hemp protein (I don't wanna loose my muscle... I don't have too much anyway) and I am going to wear CompresSport gears during the rides and over the night as well! So everything is set!

I am going to start the journey with a very short distance recovery ride tomorrow, because I had some training in the last two days. But after easy start I am going to rack up some serious milage in couple of days!

Keep up guys and if you feel brave enough , join for the competition!

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