Friday, 17 December 2010

Festive season with lots of training...

Xmas is couple of days ago. We are in the middle of the festive season now. Lots of Xmas shopping, nice festivefoods and couple of drinks. But don't forget about training! First the hard work, after the temptation!
I just received my last week training plan and it looks quite hard, but I have to do it more difficult. Francis just sent me a link about Rapha Festive 500 challenge. It is all about Xmas holiday rides. The point of this, you have to ride at least 500km between 23. and 30. December. I wanna do it so badly! :) And I know , I don't need 7 days for put 500km in my legs. I think I will have active 24.-25. and 26.! Basically it is my last proper training week before I am going away to Fuerteventura. I have a flight 1. of January and I am spending 12 days on the island. Oh yes, first training camp is coming up!

Back to the last couple of weeks.
I have rest week now. I did 3 weeks quite hard block and my coach reckons I am stronger already now then I was in the same time at last year. Hm, that sounds good.
I do cycling 3 times and running at least 2 times a week. Gym comes additional 3-4 times / week. Lots of work, it means, I have to eat a lots! Never better time! :)

Last couple of weeks were really gastronomic. All started with Thanks Giving foods. I ate around this daysin Whole Foods market. It is American company, it means, should has a Thanks Giving foods! I had a lots of turkey and cranberry sandwiches and couple of slices pumpkin pies. Pumpkin pie was a heaven! I tried to do for myself couple of months ago, but I overdosed the stelvia little bit and it wasn't the perfection... This time I chose the less healthy but definitely quality option! Sugary (cane) pumpkin pie with nice pastry...
Thanks giving bundle

On normal weekdays I follow the paleo diet in 95% and try to eat as much raw as possible, but when weekend comes up, I have to cheat! And the best parts is coming now! I found something extraordinary in middle of London! Little bit more then two weeks ago I decided that I wanna eat steak. We cought Piccadilly line and headed to Covent Gardens direction, after Knighsbridge some signal failure taken place (usual bullshit on LOndon tube..) and we decided to get off from the tube at Hyde park corner and go in Winter Wonderland. First we visited the well known Belgian waffle company's stand. Belgaufra makes a best waffle on planet earth. After the sweet treat we craved some less sugary food. And after 3 minutes walk we found a Hungarian food stand with authentic Hungarian foods and authentic Hungarian crew! Oh my God! I wanted to taste everything.... We had 4 different courses for share. During the culinary tour we had a conversation with the owner. Papas and his team came straight from Budapest. He runs couple of Spanish delicatessens and several pubs over there. He is a real gourmet! He knows everything about food, jazz and wines!
Now we frequently visiting Winter Wonderland in our free time! :) I just received the weekend menu andI have to say we will go Saturday and Sunday as well.
Hungarian heaven...

We had snow today in London. Not too much, but I think it is enough for a wicked off road run tomorrow morning,. I am heading out early, drop my stuff in work and after run in Richmond park an easy hour. Hopefully it is time to try out my new off road shoes now...

I am off to the bed now! Have a great night everybody!

Monday, 13 December 2010

140 days ago...

Well, I haven't done anything here exactly 140 days ago! It is a little bit shame, but I wasn't really in the blogging mood! Other side... nobody really shouted me " Szabi... why don't you do your blog????"
Anybody interested????
Okay, I don't give a flying shit! :)
I do again , because I enjoy it again! I will carry on blogging about my everyday life, my mad cycling habit, my food addiction and one of my new obsession , running! So ladies and gentlemen, tick your follow button and keep ready your "like" sign please!

Last 140 days in nutcase:
- 24 hours world championship- nearly second, but I finished 4th. Not bad, but I still have a little nail in my proudness...
- New sponsor- CompresSport! Really big thanks for Tim Williams, who give me a chance and his support!
- London Duathlon- Ultra distance: My first duathlon race in my life, finished 2nd in age group and 17th overall! Well happy! I never did 20 km run for one go in my life..
- Huge building work and changes at work! Check out our new web page!
- Started winter training 7 weeks ago....

Thursday, 9 December 2010

I am back...hopefully

, I know! I didn't write here anything ages... nearly 5 months ago. I wasn't really in blogging mood in the last couple of months... to much was on my plate. Moving, racing, training... Busy busy life, but I will try to find some time for managing this blog as well... I hope that I can share some interesting things from my life and you are out there still will follow me!