Monday, 30 November 2009

What a weekend....

My last weekend was full with challenge. Saturday morning I had 3 hours training session before work. I left the house 4:40 in the morning. Weather was very cold but dry! The planed route was Southfields- Wandsworth - Croydon- Epsom - KIngston- Richmond- Soutfields. Everything went well, until I left Epsom and around half way, middle of nothing in the pitch black I heard some not to good noise from the back.... puncture... crap.... I run over something sharp and cut half my rear tub. Ok, I thought, no panic, I have a spare tub with me. I tried to do quick as possible in the freezing cold, but I had to realize the new tub's valve was too short and remove the valve extender from the punctured tub was nearly impossible without tool. I had to find my MacGyver mine and I sorted the problem and I was on the bike 10 minutes time. I had some scary moment on the way home with the feel, I havn't any money with me, I have to go in work and I havn't any more spare tub with me, but thanks God I got home without any problem and I had plenty of time for a breakfast is well before I went work.
Sunday was better on the technical side, I managed my 4 hours ride without any puncture, but the weather was unbelievable bad. It was 4 hour massive rain and wind storm with 3 times 3 minutes sunny period. But I love challenges and I really enjoyed the ride. Only one thing was a bit annoying... I didn't eat any breakfast and I didn't bring any energy bar with me... 4 hours without any food or drink... I think I lost my routine a bit over a last couple of weeks... When I got home I attacked the fridge and I just ate all day long. I finished the day in the gym and on the evening I felt the satisfying tiredness in my whole body, what I didn't fell ages ago! Good job!

After my tub-puncture series and the last week Mavic course I did my decision! I really love the feel riding with tubs and full carbon rims, but I am sick about punctures. In this bad quality London roads tubs are useless! I rode more then 1000km on Mallorca and I didn't have any problem but here I get puncture every second day.
Plan is the next. I am going to sell my FFWD wheels with the Powertap and keep for meantime my OpenPro Ceramic - PowerTap wheelset ( originally these are my winter training wheels, but I think they are good enough in my Super6 is well. I don't really plane any major road race in the next season.) And when the Metrigear's new powermeter system will be available , I am buying one of these and in the same time I put a pair of Mavic R-SYS SL in my bike.

Training camp is 2 weeks away. I have a quite hard week now, after FTP test and I will take a rest until the camp. I havn't any idea what is my coach planing for a TC, but I have a feel I have to collect lots of mileage on the island! I am looking forward!

Friday, 27 November 2009

Friday "OFF"

After I finished my training session this morning, I didn't do my usual morning routines. I was off today from work. I had a invitation for a Mavic seminar. We got some idea what's new in the 2010 range, and how we can solve problems and service new wheels sets. I have to say Mavic put a lots of work and energy in the R-SYS range. In this moment 3 different types of R-SYS available but the new Ultimate full carbon version is coming soon. ( only 25 are going for production line in the first round) This is the moment when you have to sit down... oh yes, the pair of wheel's weight is 940 grams... but the price is coming around £4500... wuffff! I love this wheels, but I think it isn't my party. Anyway, we got some idea what did happened with the first generation R-SYS wheels, why Mavic did the recall and how solved the problem. The new spokes are much much stronger... we could crack couple of old and new one with plier and felt the different. Unfortunately the guys couldn't give any information from the CrossMax Ultimate wheels, but it is definitely coming... but I am bit unsure after seeing the R-SYS Ultimate's price. We got some education from the new Mavic cleats fitting system is well, I am looking forward now, when we get the own one in the shop. End of the day we left the building with lots of new information and a bag of free (useless) goodies... ( just a usual XXXXXL T-shirt , stickers and free bottle but nice gesture from Mavic). After the course I finished off my day in the gym with some leg and ab session and on the paper form I have to off to the bed 10 minutes time, because my alarm is setted 4 o'clock tomorrow morning...

Anyway, my first training camp is 2 weeks away, I am really looking forward. My performance is day to day better, and my coach is happy, what means I am happy is well! We started to plan the next year race calendar and I have to say , one thing is fix! You can see me on the 24 hour European championship! I know the guys, who will be there, are really hard, but I will do my best! I am coming up with the whole race calendar in couple of days time. In the same time my new manager Dave "BIG-GREEN-Liquigas-Cannondale" Brown started to send out the sponsorship requirement letters for couple of companies and we hope the best. Hopefully the shops still can help next year and support me may be with couple airplane ticket and hotel room rent in the next season.

Ok guys. to much now, I have to sleep , because time is clicking and everybody know!

Night night

Thursday, 19 November 2009

After long time....

Hey all,

I am back after a long time. I had to much to go around after the season finished. The most important change in my life, I moved out my old place and I live much much closer for my "local bike shop" now. I moved in Southfields which one is 6,5km away from my work place. It means less commuting and more rest. I started my winter training end of October. I did a FTP test on the first week, which one was revolting. My FTP went back 250 watts, it isn't surprising after 4 weeks totally rest, but I think the gain was more with this chill out and relax than the loose....
In the same time I joined the local Virgin gym and started to go in weekly 5 times. I really enjoy it, I only play with small weights to my upper body, because I dosn't wanna gain any weight, but I do brutal session for my legs! We really hopeful with my coach and really we are really looking forward the next season... but until the new season start we have to do lots of hard work! But I feel myself prepared and full with motivation! (definitely after my season closing winning) Istvan is really hopeful, that we can push up my FTP around 400 beginning of the season...
We will see! I have two training camps to planed. I will off to Lanzarote 13.-24. December and 15.-28. February to Mallorca. I am really looking forward, but the meantime I have to fight with this "lovely" British weather.....