Thursday, 10 December 2009

2 days back...

Hi everybody!

I had a quite busy 1,5 weeks. Lots of things gone around.

My new PowerTap hub and my super6's SI cranks turned up last Thursday. I built my new training rear wheel quickly and I can say "good bye" for the tub punctures now. The setup is PowerTap Elite hub, DT Swiss Revo black spokes and Mavic Open Pro Ceramic rim. The hub isn't the lightest option, but weight wasn't too important, I had to chose the budget option this time of the year.
My new Super6 was nearly done. I waited only my new SI crankset, which one (big thanks for Mr. Ian Carvel from Cannondale Europe) turned up end of last week. I quickly finished the bike and looked forward the first test ride. It happened last Sunday. I had to say I wet myself from the pleasure... I felt from the first second me and my new bike know each other ages ago. I just tried it with my "flexy" training wheels , but I have to say never ever felt this stiffness in my life. Thanks for the BB30 and tapered head tube the bike is unbelievable responsive and stiff! After my 4,5 hours training session I just felt, I don't wanna stop.....I think I found a bike and brand for a life... Cannondale forever!

This week is my rest week before the training camp. In the same time I had to do FTP test yesterday. I rode 312 watts average on the turbo, which one means my FTP is 296 watts, nearly 4.6 watts/kg.... I am more than happy with this result, it is not a bad go middle of december, after 6 weeks training. Basically my strength increased nearly 20% in the last 6 weeks.

I have 2 days more back this year. I am flying out to Lanzarote on Sunday early morning for a 12 days training camp. I will come back 24. evening and celebrating the Christmas with couple of good friends. I will hardly work between Xmass and New Years eve, it means I have time to training, rest and planing my next season.

Ok, I have a go now, I have to start to pack in....

See you soon!

Monday, 30 November 2009

What a weekend....

My last weekend was full with challenge. Saturday morning I had 3 hours training session before work. I left the house 4:40 in the morning. Weather was very cold but dry! The planed route was Southfields- Wandsworth - Croydon- Epsom - KIngston- Richmond- Soutfields. Everything went well, until I left Epsom and around half way, middle of nothing in the pitch black I heard some not to good noise from the back.... puncture... crap.... I run over something sharp and cut half my rear tub. Ok, I thought, no panic, I have a spare tub with me. I tried to do quick as possible in the freezing cold, but I had to realize the new tub's valve was too short and remove the valve extender from the punctured tub was nearly impossible without tool. I had to find my MacGyver mine and I sorted the problem and I was on the bike 10 minutes time. I had some scary moment on the way home with the feel, I havn't any money with me, I have to go in work and I havn't any more spare tub with me, but thanks God I got home without any problem and I had plenty of time for a breakfast is well before I went work.
Sunday was better on the technical side, I managed my 4 hours ride without any puncture, but the weather was unbelievable bad. It was 4 hour massive rain and wind storm with 3 times 3 minutes sunny period. But I love challenges and I really enjoyed the ride. Only one thing was a bit annoying... I didn't eat any breakfast and I didn't bring any energy bar with me... 4 hours without any food or drink... I think I lost my routine a bit over a last couple of weeks... When I got home I attacked the fridge and I just ate all day long. I finished the day in the gym and on the evening I felt the satisfying tiredness in my whole body, what I didn't fell ages ago! Good job!

After my tub-puncture series and the last week Mavic course I did my decision! I really love the feel riding with tubs and full carbon rims, but I am sick about punctures. In this bad quality London roads tubs are useless! I rode more then 1000km on Mallorca and I didn't have any problem but here I get puncture every second day.
Plan is the next. I am going to sell my FFWD wheels with the Powertap and keep for meantime my OpenPro Ceramic - PowerTap wheelset ( originally these are my winter training wheels, but I think they are good enough in my Super6 is well. I don't really plane any major road race in the next season.) And when the Metrigear's new powermeter system will be available , I am buying one of these and in the same time I put a pair of Mavic R-SYS SL in my bike.

Training camp is 2 weeks away. I have a quite hard week now, after FTP test and I will take a rest until the camp. I havn't any idea what is my coach planing for a TC, but I have a feel I have to collect lots of mileage on the island! I am looking forward!

Friday, 27 November 2009

Friday "OFF"

After I finished my training session this morning, I didn't do my usual morning routines. I was off today from work. I had a invitation for a Mavic seminar. We got some idea what's new in the 2010 range, and how we can solve problems and service new wheels sets. I have to say Mavic put a lots of work and energy in the R-SYS range. In this moment 3 different types of R-SYS available but the new Ultimate full carbon version is coming soon. ( only 25 are going for production line in the first round) This is the moment when you have to sit down... oh yes, the pair of wheel's weight is 940 grams... but the price is coming around £4500... wuffff! I love this wheels, but I think it isn't my party. Anyway, we got some idea what did happened with the first generation R-SYS wheels, why Mavic did the recall and how solved the problem. The new spokes are much much stronger... we could crack couple of old and new one with plier and felt the different. Unfortunately the guys couldn't give any information from the CrossMax Ultimate wheels, but it is definitely coming... but I am bit unsure after seeing the R-SYS Ultimate's price. We got some education from the new Mavic cleats fitting system is well, I am looking forward now, when we get the own one in the shop. End of the day we left the building with lots of new information and a bag of free (useless) goodies... ( just a usual XXXXXL T-shirt , stickers and free bottle but nice gesture from Mavic). After the course I finished off my day in the gym with some leg and ab session and on the paper form I have to off to the bed 10 minutes time, because my alarm is setted 4 o'clock tomorrow morning...

Anyway, my first training camp is 2 weeks away, I am really looking forward. My performance is day to day better, and my coach is happy, what means I am happy is well! We started to plan the next year race calendar and I have to say , one thing is fix! You can see me on the 24 hour European championship! I know the guys, who will be there, are really hard, but I will do my best! I am coming up with the whole race calendar in couple of days time. In the same time my new manager Dave "BIG-GREEN-Liquigas-Cannondale" Brown started to send out the sponsorship requirement letters for couple of companies and we hope the best. Hopefully the shops still can help next year and support me may be with couple airplane ticket and hotel room rent in the next season.

Ok guys. to much now, I have to sleep , because time is clicking and everybody know!

Night night

Thursday, 19 November 2009

After long time....

Hey all,

I am back after a long time. I had to much to go around after the season finished. The most important change in my life, I moved out my old place and I live much much closer for my "local bike shop" now. I moved in Southfields which one is 6,5km away from my work place. It means less commuting and more rest. I started my winter training end of October. I did a FTP test on the first week, which one was revolting. My FTP went back 250 watts, it isn't surprising after 4 weeks totally rest, but I think the gain was more with this chill out and relax than the loose....
In the same time I joined the local Virgin gym and started to go in weekly 5 times. I really enjoy it, I only play with small weights to my upper body, because I dosn't wanna gain any weight, but I do brutal session for my legs! We really hopeful with my coach and really we are really looking forward the next season... but until the new season start we have to do lots of hard work! But I feel myself prepared and full with motivation! (definitely after my season closing winning) Istvan is really hopeful, that we can push up my FTP around 400 beginning of the season...
We will see! I have two training camps to planed. I will off to Lanzarote 13.-24. December and 15.-28. February to Mallorca. I am really looking forward, but the meantime I have to fight with this "lovely" British weather.....

Friday, 23 October 2009

Hey boys and girls!

I didn't write anything here a month ago! I had 4 busy rest week! Too much going on now ( I am moving out from my old place this weekend.... ) but, I promise, I will back soon!

Monday, 21 September 2009

Veni Vidi Vici

Hey All!

I am back after long time. I came back in the UK last Tuesday night, but I didn't have a chance to write anything here. Anyway I try to make up everything. 
I spent 11 days in Hungary. I start on the end! :)

The reason why I went home was the 24 hour race in Budapest. It was my old dream. Couple of years ago, when our team won the race I had a think about to do the race in solo category.... on one day! :) My season wasn't great , and I got a bloody cyst and I had 2 weeks off from the bike 6 weeks before the race.... basically the starts didn't show me the best best one! But thanks for my coach, after 3 weeks really hard training I got back my strength. 
And the day has arrived! I spent the last 5 days in Budapest before the race. I made everything ready 2 days before the big day and I just had to concentrate for the rest. I popped up to the race center with couple of friends on Friday afternoon and we marked our tent's place and checked the new section on the course. We sadly noticed , the course was absolute shXXt, deep dust and lots of roots and rocks.
I went in the bed really early , but I couldn't sleep until 11 o'clock.... the race turned round and round in my head.....
Saturday morning... 6 o'clock.... alarm on! 
I woken up and I had a quick breakfast and I started to fill up Gabi's car with my stuff....Thanks God, PT Cruiser has a huge back end! We arrived to the race center 3 hours before the start. My support team arrived couple of minutes later and we prepared everything for a start....

The race started midday. I tried to push a couple of first lap, because too much cyclist were on the course and I didn't wanna catch any "traffic jam". I felt quite comfy my speed in the first two laps and I tried to keep the pace. My support watched my all wish in every lap... but I didn't have too much! :) I started to eat after the second hour, I ate gels in the first six hours. I really enjoyed the course and I felt myself bloody strong. I rode the bike on small chainring(27T) on the whole race.... (Thanks DiniMakk for a good tip! Tip was: " You should ride in the first 12 hours , like you roll across on the car park...). I had to realize the sun started to set and I stopped first time after 6,5 hours. I quickly ate some paste, little cake and drunk couple of glasses Coke. After the late lunch I toke my light and I started the night shift. This time I was 2 laps front of the second place. I started to give laps for the guys after 4 hours.
Around 7 o'clock Tibi has arrived and he helped out my support team. 
The night went really quickly, I enjoyed every second, temperature was really good, only the big dust limited the clear view. My legs just kept spin and I did the same time lap to lap. I had one more longer stop before midnight and I had some luxury dinner! :) In this time my advantage was 4 laps. 
We had some fire work around midnight but I wasn't too interested with it... I was more interested with give more laps for a guys. After 12 hours on the bike, something switched off in me and I just did my laps like a droid... and I really enjoyed this feel. 
After the night all solo rider had to stop for a medical checking, which one is a bull shit! How could you stop after 18 hours ride for nearly 25 minutes brake??? Anyway we had to do , we did it. The doc did some ECG on me and checked my blood sugar..... hahaha. It was a real joke!
After the med check I got the news, the second place was 9 laps behind me! This moment I realized if I havn't any major technical problem I  am going to win this race. I went back and I did couple of more laps, but I started to take more brake. It wasn't a point kill myself without reason, because I just had to keep my advance. 
After the stupid med check I started to feel the tiredness, which one wasn't surprising. I did couple of more laps and I stopped for a longer rest. After 21,5 hours I had more then 9 laps advance which one was unbeatable. I sat down and I had a massive breakfast. 1,5 hours before the finish my family and my friends arrived. We had a chat and I went back the course and I did other 3 laps. 
When  I rolled over on the finish line I just felt something great! I was really really happy! On of my dream came true! And I know this winning is just beginning for something good! Yes I did it! I did my first 24 hour solo race and I won it! VENI VIDI VICI! (by Gabi) Thats it! :)

We quickly loaded up the cars, I had a quick shower and I started my eating marathon, what I finished 8 days after the race! :D
After the prize giving ceremony I had a quick chat with couple of friends and we jumped in the car with Gabi and drove up the Budapest Wine festival... but it is a different story! :)
Anyway I went in the bed 19:30 and I woke up next morning 5 o'clock... and I just ate all day! :)

And here comes the most important bits
I have to say thanks for a lots of great people! I hope I don't forget anybody, if I will do, please remind me! 

First of all I have to say big thanks for CSC Team, my coach Istvan Szollossy, his wife Bea and Tibor Fulop for a lots of help!  

James and Dave... my two great big boss, thanks the patience and a lots of help what I got from the shop!

Gabesz! Thanks for everything (bed, bathroom, taxi ....) :D You are a great friend!

Probike team, Mr. Balazs, Dini, Jozsi! Cheers for every help! You are great guys! 

Thanks for my sponsors and supporters , Cannondale, Zeal Optics, Bicycle shop!

Draga Adelom!
Neked magyarul irok! :) 
Tudom nehez idoszakon mentunk at mindketten, de orulok, hogy ujra minden jo iranyba megy!
Koszonom a bizalmadat es a lelki tamogatasodat, azt, hogy biztal bennem es hogy egesz ejjel velem voltal! ;)

Friday, 28 August 2009

14 days back...

Oh yes, 14 days until my first 24 hour solo race. I am really excited now! I will 
fly back to Hungary 5th September and spend some time with my family and friends until the race. But, what's happened since I got a cold a week ago???
Thanks God, I deal with my cold really quickly, I was over it under 13 hours. Only my garlic-ginger smell was a bit bad.... After this quick recovery I had a bloody good ride on Sunday. I did a 5 hours ride in Richmond park. I started 6 o'clock on the evening and I finished 11. I had to finish the ride bit earlier what was expected, because I calculated wrong my battery's life and my light switched off middle of the trail in the pitch black. The last 5 km was quite interesting...

Sunset in Richmond park

" life gets larger after dark"

After the ride I went back in the shop and I had a sleep on downstairs, because we went for a ride with 2 of our customers to Wales Monday morning. We did two different trails around Affan ( The wall and a White trail). The weather was poring down rain, and trails were really muddy but I 100% sure everybody really enjoyed this ride. This was Gavin and Nick first off-road ride and I have to say, James didn't really select the easiest trails! But both chaps did the best and everybody still in live! :D
I really enjoyed the whole day, nice climbs and technical downhills. I was a bit tired after 5 hours sleep, but it was a good training. End of the day all the guys  got some injury and I managed loose my rear disc brake bolts. James never can finish any ride without falling of the bike.... he managed it now is well! Anyway he blames me... I was too slow front of him and he couldn't see the trail... aha! Hopefully we can organize one more ride before the winter!
Ok, it is the last 7 day's short story! I am off the bed now! 

Friday, 21 August 2009

Little cold after the one day summer...

Ohh well, life isn't boring. We had a lovely weather two days ago, and the temperature now is 14 degrees! I did my training after work on Wednesday. I reckon it was one of the loveliest day on this summer! The temperature started to go down yesterday, and I had to wear baselayer and arm warmers this morning. Good thing in a bad, I could try out my new De Feet arm warmers. They are lovely stuff! I will order couple of more. 
Thanks for this silly UK weather I got some cold. Nothing major, but I have sore throat. I tried to treat myself with natural medicine today, ginger+lemon+orange turmix, garlic, onion, honey and a lots of vitamin C. Hopefully my cold will disappear for tomorrow morning! 

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Over the first week

This is my second week after the break. I feel myself better and stronger day to day. Ok, I couldn't week up on time this morning, I will do my training after work.... :)
I did some awesome night ride last Sunday. I had family program whole day (sight seeing) and we finished in the italian restaurant at 7 o'clock. After dinner I went out Richmond and picked up my bike and went straight in the park. When I started the ride around 9:30, was pitch black already. I did nearly 4 hours, 91km. It was lovely! I didn't ride in dark ages ago! The park was quite busy... couple of drunk people, lots of deers, foxes and a bunch of kamikaze rabbit.... small rabbits, which ones tried to jump under my front wheel... I got back in the shop around 1:30, changed quickly my bike and pushed home. I was in the bed around 3 o'clock. Hopefully I will do some similar ride the next Sunday. I need some more night practice before the 24 hour race.

I am going to visit the new 2010 Mavic range tomorrow night. The shop got a invitation for a product launch. I will take some nice photos and post here. 

Friday, 14 August 2009

Back on the track...

I was disappeared in the last couple of weeks. I had two weeks of from the bike, but my cist is sorted, and I started to train again this Tuesday. I did my FTP test last Sunday after two week rest and I had to realized, my power is totally gone. FTP is 280 watts (it was 314 watts before ), which one is crying shame. But, I am positive and I now my power will come back couple of weeks time, if I look after myself and do my training properly!  I am really looking forward my 24 hour race on Hungary  4 weeks time! I have to organize a lots of things, but I have plenty time....
I am off now and do some upper body work out... I got on me 1,5-2kg plus in the last two weeks..... I don't wanna be FAT! :D

Sunday, 2 August 2009

Who is the Daddy?

The answer is here: CLICK
Great interview with one of the greatest endurance rider! We love you Tinker, keep going! :)

Friday, 31 July 2009

Little rest...

I am back after a while. I had 5 days of from the bike. I had a 12 hours night race in my calender after 1 week the Etap, but I didn't do it. Why? When I came back from France, I wasn't too well. My legs still ached where I had a cramp and I got a proper sunburn... but over all of this was really painful sit on the saddle. I thought it is just a skin damage... but I had to realized on Friday morning (1 day before the race) it is not going to be better... and actually it isn't just skin problem. I had to find out, I have cyst. First I had a big panic, but after a little research and chat couple of friends, who had a same problem, I realized it isn't the end of the world. I just had to change couple of things. Because my cyst was inflamed, it wasn't a point racing on the weekend. I canceled everything in the last second and changed the complete plan for the weekend! 5 hours later me and Adel (exgirlfriend and best support team on the world) had a Eurostar trainticket and hotel reservation to Brussel for a long weekend. After 7 months hard training and a lots of problem around the Etap I felt that I need some rest! We had a lovely time in Brussels, it is a great place, but if you are on diet, you shouldn't go there... I picked up 1,5kg under 3 days.. may be I ate too much belgian chocolate, waffle and drunk too much belgian bier! :)
I sat back on the bike Wednesday evening. I felt my lower end is ok, I changed my saddle for a more padded one. Thursday I just rode in work and back home, but today I did a bit "longer" distance with Liquigas SuperSix(Star) Dave after work. We just had one lap in Richmond park, but was lovely feeling to ride again after 5 days. I take easy this week, I will ride 2 hours tomorrow morning and may be 3-4 hours on Sunday. I am starting again the proper training on next week. I feel myself fueled up now and I have to concentrate the hungarian 24 hour race.

Belgian diet:

Kwak and strawberry beer

Chocolate...chocolate and more chocolate (FAT FAT FAT) :P

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Le Etap-the most painful ride in my life

18/07 Saturday:

I woken up very early, 3:30. I arrived to the airport around 5:30 and my check in was already open. I got shocked when I realized that how long is the line. Gatwick airport was ramped, thousand and thousand people went for holiday. I had to wait one and a half hours until I checked in. I passed the security control surprising fast, quick breakfast and run to the gate. I met with one of our customer on the plain, he came with the British Sky TV's brunch. We had a quick flight 1 hour and 40 minutes. Passport check was terrible on Marseille airport... 1,5 hours kewing again. After I met with my tour organizer, Sports Tours UK. It is a really good company, everything was well organized in the 4 days, I can highly reckon for everybody! 1 hour coach transfer to the Hotel Novotel Avignon, quick check in, little shopping and rest in the bed on the whole afternoon. My room mate arrived after 5 o'clock, really nice guy, he came from London and after the Etap he will stay couple of more days and do some cycle touring.

19/07 Sunday:

We had a coach transfer in the event village, Montelimar after breakfast. We had to assemble our bikes in the bike storage and live it ready for the tomorrow morning start. I built my bike and I had a quick test ride on. And that was the point when my whole Etap has been fucked up. After 50 meter ride my new "friend" turned up. The cramp! Cramp everywhere, what you can imagine! In my boom and ham strings. Honestly I don't know what a fuckin hell is wrong with me, I never had the same before and quite strange that only just happen on events and never happen on weekday training! I rolled back in the bike storage and tried to strach a bit. When I was able  to move, I walked in the event area and picked up my start number, couple of free bits and visited one friend of mine on the Rapha stand. On the way back to the coach I visited on nougat shop and bought couple of world famouse Montelimar Nougat. After I got back in the hotel I tried to give some treat for my legs, massage, streching and cold-hot shower. Around dinner time I felt myself pretty good and I was hopeful that I havn't any more problem with my cramp tomorrow. We went in the bed really early, around 9 o'clock. 

20/07 Monday:

The big day! We woken up 3:30, quick morning seans and go for a breakfast. The transfer left the hotel 4:45 and we got in the bike storage around 5:50. I rode for my start area, my number was 4668. Ohh well.... nearly 4500 people front of me and a same amount behind me. The start was 7 o'clock but when I started to moving the time was 7:20. I rolled out from the village gently, my legs felt ok, but I was scared. Everything looked fine..until the 5 km, when the mayhem started. My own mayhem. the most painful ride in my life. The ride which one was planed quick, strong. I was peaking on this weekend, everything was timed for the Etap. But the plan went broken after 5 km. The cramp started, and it didn't start gently...cramp never start gently! The feeling was incredible! I tried to spin but didn't change anything. I was slow, really slow. I thought that, may be better after couple of miles, but didn't. After 40 km I had to stop for strach my legs, because I wasn't able to move. I sat down the pavement and tried to strach. One french local woman came and asked me, that I wanna doctor. I explained for her the situation and told for her doctor can't help... may be a riffle can help... somebody shot me down PLEASE! She was really sorry and offered me a coffee ... I thought: why not! :) God bless her for the help! The coffee was helpful, after 10 minutes I was on the bike again. I thought, OK, I can't stop ...I have to carry on... And I rode slowly with my cramp. Unfortunately I had to stop one more time for 10 minutes around 90 km. But after this I went mad... NO MORE STOP! And I carried on. I past couple of friends, Rene, Chris and Gavin. I felt myself pretty shit, I was slow but tried to enjoy the day. When I got bottom of Ventoux , I felt that I can do it. I did 150km with locked and cramped legs, this 20km more is nothing! I have to say Ventoux is a brilliant and beautiful climb, but yesterday on the way up I had different things in my head. It was my life's longest and most painful 20km, but I did it. On half way up the pain was incredible, I just cried but I didn't stop. I had on every kilometer 2-3 minutes when I could ride just on leg, other one was absolutely locked up. People just given up around me, temperature was around 36 degrees. The last kilometer felt ages. When I rolled over the finish line I didn't feel anything. I was a bit empty and disapoined. But when I turned over on the first corner and stopped for look around from top of the hill, I started to feel the satisfaction. I was satisfied with everything, with the whole day, with the pain, with the view, because I did it! I don't wanna find excuse, that why I didn't finished in better position! I don't give a shit for what other people thinks , when they see my result on this race, because I know I am a winner! I really won this race my inside! Because I got ower my pain! I finished with 6:53 and I did the Ventoux climb 1:54. 

After this really inward couple of minutes I rolled down to the event village where I met with Nick. I think he did around the time then I did! Well done. We had some chat and in the same time we produced the most unbeliavable combintions of cramps. And we had a laugh on the whole day! 

I really look forward the Saturday 12 hour night race and hopefully I can do without any cramp... :)

Friday, 17 July 2009

Monster drink...

We received the whole pack of Monster energy drink from Madison today. Three of us nearly finished half the box....everybody is flapping around on the shopfloor. Dave may take off soon!!! I am little bit worried with my heartrate... I think is bit too early , because Etap is 2 days away!

Thursday, 16 July 2009

One more day to go...

One more day and I will fly out to France. I am going to ride the Le Etap on next Monday. I packed up nearly my stuff's 80% and my bike is ready to the mission. I did a full strip down and rebuild on it. I think the last time was 4 months ago when it got a proper service. Only I have to change my tubs tomorrow morning and I have to fit the bike in my new red Alan BikeBox! :) I am off the bed now! I need some sleep!  

Monday, 6 July 2009

Short Sunday

After my Saturday interval session I didn't feel the freshness in my legs yesterday morning. It was hard to get out the bed and got prepared. I was on the bike 9 o'clock which one is one hour later start than the usual. I pointed my stem to Box hill directions, because no better mental training on the planet, when you are tired and you do the same climb 10 times! I got to Box hill very quick, around 50 minutes, traffic was quite and weather was bit windy but nice. I did 5 climbs already when one friend of mine (Vlad) came opposite with me. We had a quick chat, he did some Sunday group ride with London Dynamo club and he had a think may be he want to do one climb with me...... and one more... and one more.... :))) End of the day we did 5 all together. After he rode back with me in Richmond, because I had to pick up some stuff in the shop. On the way back he offered me a original italian pasta lunch and a recovery drink... Oh, yes, I just started to be hungry! (Ok, I am all the times hungry..). Quick visit in the shop, 5 minutes chat with James about our new Storck Fenomalist demo bike and we rode Vlad's place to Parsons Green. He cooked some really nice lunch under 15 minutes and by the time him girlfriend joined for us. She came back from cycling is well, she did couple of laps in Richmond park. After the lunch I had a real italian espresso and after a short chat I rode home. 
The plan was 5 hours,I did just 4,5, but I think the 5 climbs with Vlad was a bit stronger what I should do....  :) It was a great but short Sunday with a wonderful lunch! Cheers Vlad! :)

Sunday, 5 July 2009

English Marathon Championship 2009

Ohh well, I had a ramped week, and I just have time to do my report about EMC 2009... after a week.
I have to tell the true , I wasn't sure 5 days before the race that I can do it. I had some trouble with my Lefty fork, we sent back to 88+ Belgium for a tune, and the fork went to be lost by Belgian post office, but finally I got back after 32 days! I finished quickly my bike and did my first ride with it 2 days before the race... 40km in Richmond park. I did the race just for training and friends with the bike. 
I did the logistic under 5 minutes on Saturday morning. Two phone calls and everything were sorted, thanks for my friends Tibi,  Eva and  my exgirlfriend Adel, who did my support! 
This race was Marathon Championship... but I can call more hardcore 100km XC race. I never heard this before, but it was a XC course and we had to do 8 laps on... which one is fit for me! Everybody asked that what do I think... I told, if I will in the first 10 I will be more than happy! 100km is too short for me. 
Sunday morning:
Everything went well, we met on Tibi's place, quick pack in the car, pick up Adel and go! We were already in New Forrest National Park at 8 o'clock. I picked up my start number and prepared myself and the bike. I wanted to ride 1 lap on the course before the start.  The weather was really hot and the humidity was unbelievable high. 
I started my course checking laps, but I never finished... After 2km my new "friend" showed up... I got a massive cramp in my boom again... middle of nothing. I couldn't move.... and was really hard work to get back to the car. 
15 minutes before the start:
Ok, I told, I couldn't race today....but after 1 minute I started to walk for a start line.... 
10 minutes before the start:
Hehehe.... funny situation, somebody realized, that I am hungarian, 2 seconds later I got the "nice" comments from every directions. ( you know what I think guys! All of you can FUCK OFF, everybody who pocked me got bitten! Strong guys ever talk! ) I didn't give a shit, because I knew first I had to deal with my cramp and after the new bike....... I just wanted to ride!
Ohhh yes, but not for me. Everybody pulled off, I started really slowly. This was slower than the typical Szabi start. I didn't want the cramp back I was really careful.
First and second laps:
I came back somewhere the last position after the first lap, and I realized that I rode one of my best bike in my life end of the second lap. The bike was amazing! Everybody felt in my support team, that something wasn't right with me... yes, the cramp!
Third and fourth laps:
I started to be better end of the third lap and I started to race in the fourth lap. I started to take over other riders and nobody pasted me, which one was a good sign!
Fifth lap and sixth laps:
I felt myself really well, I felt the power, but I couldn't push hard enough, because the cramp.... but I rode quite good laps! I started to enjoy every meter on the course, and I really felt the bike! I got my new bottles and gels very laps, thanks for Adel and Eva! The temperature was high, lots of rider started to give up the race. If you didn't look after your drink and food, you died! 
Seventh lap:
Tibi shouted to me, I am on the fifth place! Ohh gosss, thats good, I didn't think! I was really happy!
Last lap:
I past one more guy from the same category, I didn't know he was the 4th or I just given a lap for somebody, but after twenty minutes, when I pass the finish line, I got the information, I finished 4th! I was unbelievable happy! 
End of the day, I got quite lot from the first and second guys, but I know if the race is 3 or 4 laps longer and I hadn't the cramp problem in the morning,  I could finish easily on the second or third place! But in the sport NO BUT! I got the 4th place and end of the story, nobody interested with the excuses. And I shouldn't do any! I am happy and thats the important thing!!! 
It was really good feel, that the first five got a prize and the event guys appreciated our hard work! It was a tuff course, tuff race in the inhuman hot! 
I wanna say really big thanks for my support team Tibi, Eva and Adel! If you guys didn't help me in the last minutes I never did and finished this race!  Also BIG THANKS for my shop and sponsor - Bicycle! 

Thursday, 25 June 2009

Last couple of days....

I had couple of really busy day. I  flown back to Hungary just for a short visit last Sunday morning. I visited one friend of mine and I had a meeting with my coach and a ECG test on Monday. We really enjoyed the Sunday with Gabi. She came to pick up me on the airport and after we went straight on of ours favorite restaurant (Szeraj) when we had a massive dinner. We spent the afternoon in one of the local cafeteria, we had a proper chill out Sunday. I had a appointment 11 o'clock on Monday with my coach in the CSC training center. We had a quick chat and we started my ECG test. Everything went well in the first 20 minutes, but after something happened ....  I got a massive cramp in my bum.. no comment! I never had this type of cramp. We had to stop the test... I had some rest and we tried again one more time, but I given up because the cramp continuously came back. After we just had a laugh on the whole thing. Bum-cramp! Hahaha.... Basically we don't know yet, how much is the advance in the last 3 months, but dosn't matter! We will see on the race.

My Scalpel is done! Finally!!! It is 9.3kg now, but I will shave down more 150-200gr. Unfortunately the continental supersonic tires don't work with Stan's fluid, I will try the Schwalbe Rocket Ron next week. Anyway I used MountainKing 2.4 and SpeedKing 2.3 before. And they were a great tyre. The actual setup is MountainKing 2.2 and SpeedKing 2.1 and I have to say , I am not happy with it! I don't feel it stabile. I didn't have too much ride on the bike, but I have to say it is incredible stiff when locked out and works really smooth on off road. I will test it this Sunday. I will do the English Marathon Championship. I am off Saturday night to Burley with train. With train fuXXXX!!! I bought my train ticket online and I couldn't do the bike tickets. It is a mad process, after you received your tickets, you have to go the nearest train station and book your bike... okay.... but usually everything is fully booked because you can carry maximum 5 bikes/ train. Basically I have to pack my bike in the bike bag and ask God for a good luck. Because the nearest train station from the event village is 13 miles away, I have to ride 13 miles with the bike bag on my back... lovely! 

I have to disappearing now, because I should finish the packing and I have to do some exercise....

See you soon with the Scalpel review!

View from Gabi's balcony - Tatra Street - New Lipot city - Budapest

Crap quality picture.... my new race horse

Monday, 15 June 2009

Long Sunday with 13 Box hill

OK, yesterday was my last training day before my rest week. I had a hard training week and I felt myself nearly dead, but you know, no pain, no gain!
I set up my alarm clock 7:00 and went in the bed early on Saturday evening. I was awake around 6 o'clock already and I tell the truth, I didn't felt the boogee in my legs. This is the sign , I am fXXked! If I am too tired, I can't sleep. I wasn't sure, that I can get out the bed, but after 30 minutes I started to eat my breakfast and I was on the bike 9 o'clock. I had not plan, I just started to ride... my set figure was 180km. The first 20 minutes were a hell, but after everything started to be good! First I rode out to Box hill and I started to do climbs on the Zig-zag. I thought, that I will do around 3-4... I stopped after 13! I did the climb 13 times and I felt myself stronger and better minutes to minutes! On the 10th clim I met with Vlad, who had a group ride with some italian friends. We had a quick chat and he left me. 
After I finished the 13th Zigi, I turned my head straight to Richmond park. I did 3 laps in the park and way on home I just popped in the shop to say hello for the guys and feel up my bottle with water and myself with a can of Coke. Thanks for the 5 minutes break and  a Coke, I rode easy the last 20km to home. I really hate if I have to stop for just 1 minute on my training ride, but yesterday I had to do... :) End of the day I finished with 182km and 6 hours 27 minutes. It is a slow average but I am happy with it. I did nearly 2500m climb which one is great around the flat London. 
I have a quite and chill out rest week with small rides and I am off to Hungary for a new ECG test on  next Sunday-Monday. We will see what's changed and I am stronger or not than 3 months ago.

Friday, 12 June 2009

Two busy days...

Last two days 
were unbelievable busy, but lots of good things happened!
First of all and my Lefty fork came back , after it had 32 days travel around Europe. It is a long story, but thanks for the Post Office finally I got back my fork! I sent again to Belgium 88+ and I hope it will arrive on the right address now! Kristoph from 88+ promised me, I will get back before next weekend, which on is a good thing, because British Marathon Championship 2,5 weeks away and I didn't ride my new bike yet.... 

We build Dave's new bike over the last couple of days and I finished it yesterday! It is a sweet bike! Cannondale Super 6 Liquigas ...hmmmm tasty. I will review it soon! 

Liqui and Pinky

Thanks God, I managed to order the right size spokes for my wheels, and I could build my new Power Tap rear hub in my FFWD wheels. I pimped up little bit the wheels, got white spokes and couple of red and black nipples. I will write down the whole process soon!

My last two missing bits turned up for the Scalpel. I got my white Shimano Yumeya gear cable set and the white Crank Brother Candy 2Ti pedals! Both are really nice. 
I think thats it... I have to jump in the bed now, because I am basically dead.... 

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Reigate sportive

I did the Reigate sportive with on of our customer last Sunday. I have to say, it was a really good ride( it was a bit short.... but was a good fun)!
I woken up 5:30 and I had to realize that some thunderstorm was outside... ok, one more wet sportive. Nick picked up me 7 o'clock. The weather was still crap, but when we arrived to the event center,rain stopped and the sky started to clear out.
We left with the first start, around 8:30. I left the group after the first kilometer and basically I rode the whole event alone. I had a pretty hard training week and I didn't feel myself to fresh, but everything went well and I sorted the first hundred kilometer under 2 hours and 54 minutes. I really enjoyed the nice small roads and the short steep climbs. The road still was wet  and full of with mud. I felt sometimes really close the end with the 20C front tyre, but thanks God nothing bad happened. Around 105km somebody (I hope your hand will dry down...) turned one arrow on the wrong way and I got lost. This small mistake costed me 6 plus km. After I found the right way again, unfortunately I got a rear puncture. I repaired quickly it was 4 minutes job, but this short brake was enough for my leg and they went stiff... After the puncture I needed 10km until my legs felt ok again. I finished with 4 hours and 28 minutes. Nick came 10 minutes behind me, which one is bloody good time! After we had a coffee break and we packed back in the car and went home. 

Time: 4:28:10
Distance: 145,9km 
Ascent: 1780m 

This week is my last and hardest week in this macro cyclus. I am tired already, but I just try to push hard as possible! I hope my new and CORRECT size spokes will turn up tomorrow and I can build my new wheel on Friday morning. 
I got my new electrolite stuff today, I will back with the review soon!
I have to go in the bed now, because I need some serious recovery!

See you soon!  

Friday, 5 June 2009

What a mad week.....

Ehh... this week was bloody mad...and it is still not over! 
On Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday I had a hard training and I couldn't really sleep my usual 7-8 hours.... Basically I was absolutely dead today. And the tiredness isn't enough I have couple of other problems. First of all, my Lefty fork still didn't come back... I really hopeful that post office didn't lost it. (Dear postman, if you read my blog, please note, IF YOU LOOSE MY FORK, I PULL OUT YOUR HEART ON YOUR THROAT!!!) Anyway it isn't really the post office fault, but I will tell the whole story later....
Secondly, I got my new PowerTap SL hub two day ago. I ordered the spokes in the same time... but I did some mistake (stupid Szabi..). I measured everything for a calculation, except the rim's ERD, I just checked the decal on the rim... unfortunately somebody flicked the wrong one on! With this mistake I ordered the wrong size spokes... This morning I stand middle of my workshop... my rear wheel was in pieces... and I couldn't say anything, but I felt the pressure in my head.... it was a massive pressure, approx 300PSI! But all bad story has a happy end! Thanks for Dave, he quickly ordered me the new spokes (hopefully the correct size) and  thanks for Nick, I can do the Sunday sportive ride. He borrowed me a pair of Fullcrum Racing 1 wheels, which one actually looks really good in my bike (that's the only experience what I have with it, but I am soo excited ti ride it on the weekend)!
Dave started to build his new Super6. The bike looks so tasty, I really hope , that I can grab for a test ride if it will be done. You should check out his blog:
Ok guys, I have to go in the bad now, because my body is dead and  I need a good recovery. I just listen a little Younger Brother for a chill....  and fall in sleep....

Power Tap and a wrong size spokes..... NO COMMENT!

Pinky with the Racing 1 wheels.... looks pretty!

Younger Brother- Happy pills

Sunday, 31 May 2009

Sunny Sunday

What a wonderful day!
 I left the house 8 o'clock. I wasn't in the "go far away" mood, but I had a complete plan. First I rode out to Box hill and did the Zig-Zag climb 6 times. After when I finished the climbing I went straight in Richmond park and rode 6 laps. I did 178km and my time was around 6 hours. 
The weather was a bit windy but the sunshine was amazing! I got my new "sun-lines" today! :D
 I hope in the next couple of months all weekend will be the same! 
I got home around 2 o'clock and I had a lovely lunch in the back garden.... welcome summer! 

Bar-brake on top of the Box hill

Feel the speed...


Monday, 25 May 2009

"Holy shit" shoes- The Bont story

Two guys came in our shop last Saturday. They looked some really good road shoes. I thought that I show mine one. When I given it for the guys, one of them just told : "Holy shit... WFT?" 
I realized in the next moment, that I have this shoes more then 6 months ago and I didn't post on the blog! 
N.G. (the guy, who is the Bont distributor in the UK) walked in the shop with a pair of Bont shoes nearly 9 months ago. I felt in love with this shoes in the first second... and this love just been stronger when I realized I can order in pink color! I had to wait n
early 3 months, because Pink wasn't in stock and mine one came straight from Australia. 
Bont is a small family based company in Sydney since 1975. (you can read the whole story here )
Order is really easy with size vise. You can find a really smart sizing chart on Bont's page. If you know your size, after you have to choose your color (8 colors available), your pedal type (you can order Speedplay or usual type) and your closing mechanism(shoe leeds, straps or combinated). All type are fully heat moldable, basically when you get it, you can personalised for yourself.  It is not cheap, costs around £240, but if you have deeper pocket, you can choose full custom model (laser scan tech) which one cost around £600. 
I use mine one nearly 4 months ago and I am really happy with it. After I did the heat molding, the first 700km was a hell.... shoes brake my feet everywhere, but after this period they works fine! I use with Speedplay pedals but I ordered the standard cleats fitting type. I could fit the cleats with the Speedplay adapter without any problem.
I used Sidi, Specialized and PI shoes before, but you can't compare these ones with the Bont. Unbelievable stiff and light! I will order one more pair i
n white color and I can't wait when Bont will start to make the off road version! I know, it is not the cheapest option, but if you look something unique design and very high quality products, choose the Bont! 

Sunday, 24 May 2009

Snapped spoke...

I went for a short 3 hours ride this morning. The route was Croydon-Box hill-Richmond-Croydon. When I started to climb up Box hill on the Zig-Zag road, I just heard some strange "ping" noise and the next second I felt something wrong. After I stopped and realized I got a broken spoke. Ohh well... wheel wasn't too bad, I fixed the broken one to the next spoke and finished my ride without any problem. The cornering was a bit tricky and over 55km/h, when I looked down, I felt I will get epilepsy...
My wheels built with Sapim CX Ray spokes. Personaly I never was a big Sapim fun... and after this I definitely change my spokes for DT Swiss aero light! 
I am off now, one really good friend of mine comes to visit me from Hungary. Have a nice Sunday everybody!

Friday, 22 May 2009

Tufo order

Thanks God and Sonic Cycles, my Tufo order has arrived today. Finally I have proper tubs again. I got 3 S3 Lite and I also ordered 4 tub tapes and 4 bottles sealant fluid. 

Tufo S3 Lite is on of the lightest road tub on the market. 700X21 weight is <210gr.
Also really good stuff the Tufo tub tape. First of all , you don't mess around your expensive carbon rim, secondly you can carry one with you next to your spear tub and if you get some unfixable puncture, you can change easily the tub and safely carry on  your ride.
Tufo is a small company in Czech Republic. If you don't know  this company , give a look for it!

Thursday, 21 May 2009

Scalpel- Episode 3.

Finishing kit:

I think one of the most personal units on everybody's bike, the finishing kit! We are all different, everybody has a favorite saddle, grip or handlebar.
The original setup was:
-FSA K Force handlebar
-FSA K Force seatpost
-Fizik Tundra saddle 
-Cannondale SI stem 
-Sram grips
I didn't keep any from the old bits.

New setup:
I put straight on my old Ergon  Team one. One of the best endurance grip on the market, without any question! If you never tried before, you should! 
I changed the original seat, because the Ritchey seatpost dosn't work with the wide carbon rails. I chosed the new Fizik Antare model, wich one is road specific saddle, but looks good for MTB use. 
it is on the Scalpel is a different story. You havn't too much choice on the market, but I found the most bling-bling one. I ordered one from LeoRacing, it is made by FRM exclusive for LeoRacing. It is carbon-alloy model. 149gr in 115mm long with Ti bolts.  
The handlebar and seatpost are the new Ritchey Superlogic range. The low rise handlebar is 64cm wide and 150gr. The seatpost is 350/27.2 and 157gr, thanks for the 1 bolt head design. I use Ritchey parts ages ago, and I never had any problem with this bits. 

The bike will be done soon. I just wait the fork back from 88+ Belgium, I have to sort out my tires, it isn't too easy fit the Conti Supersonic tyres with Stan's. And I have to order my new pedals. I don't know this moment which on is going on the bike, but I have couple of idea......