Monday, 25 May 2009

"Holy shit" shoes- The Bont story

Two guys came in our shop last Saturday. They looked some really good road shoes. I thought that I show mine one. When I given it for the guys, one of them just told : "Holy shit... WFT?" 
I realized in the next moment, that I have this shoes more then 6 months ago and I didn't post on the blog! 
N.G. (the guy, who is the Bont distributor in the UK) walked in the shop with a pair of Bont shoes nearly 9 months ago. I felt in love with this shoes in the first second... and this love just been stronger when I realized I can order in pink color! I had to wait n
early 3 months, because Pink wasn't in stock and mine one came straight from Australia. 
Bont is a small family based company in Sydney since 1975. (you can read the whole story here )
Order is really easy with size vise. You can find a really smart sizing chart on Bont's page. If you know your size, after you have to choose your color (8 colors available), your pedal type (you can order Speedplay or usual type) and your closing mechanism(shoe leeds, straps or combinated). All type are fully heat moldable, basically when you get it, you can personalised for yourself.  It is not cheap, costs around £240, but if you have deeper pocket, you can choose full custom model (laser scan tech) which one cost around £600. 
I use mine one nearly 4 months ago and I am really happy with it. After I did the heat molding, the first 700km was a hell.... shoes brake my feet everywhere, but after this period they works fine! I use with Speedplay pedals but I ordered the standard cleats fitting type. I could fit the cleats with the Speedplay adapter without any problem.
I used Sidi, Specialized and PI shoes before, but you can't compare these ones with the Bont. Unbelievable stiff and light! I will order one more pair i
n white color and I can't wait when Bont will start to make the off road version! I know, it is not the cheapest option, but if you look something unique design and very high quality products, choose the Bont! 

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