Sunday, 10 May 2009

Dooh! Finish the long week with a long ride!

-173km, 5 hours 40 minutes (SLOW!)
-3 major traffic infringements (2 tunnel and 1 bridge crossing with not the right vehicle)
-1 front puncture with tubullar 
-1 broken pump 
- 50km ride with a nearly flat front tyre
-3 Mule bars (2 Hanza nuts and 1 Pinnacolada )
-2 bottles Go Electrolite 
- face wind...face wind... and more face wind (I don't know how does it work... but in the UK you can go any direction and you have face wind all the time...)

I was been awake 6:45 this morning. The plan was 170km, but I had not any idea about the destination. I had a quick look on google map after breakfast and I found my target after 3 minutes. Isle of Sheppey, Sheerness.  Quick Garmin setup and I was on the bike around 9 o'clock. The first 1,5 hours was a hell. The wind was strong, I was tired ..... but after 50km everything was ok.  I arrived in Sheernes after 2 hours 40 minutes. I toke couple of pictures quickly and I turned back. On the back way I rode up Sheppey crossing. The cycling is prohibited on it, but I toke the risk. (anyway, both way I crossed one river on the tunnel, where cycling is not allowed, I was a bad guy today...).
The real surprise came 50km from home. I got a front puncture. It wasn't a prob, quick tub change with Tufo tubtape, 10 minutes job. I started to pump up my tyre.... 50 push with the pump, and crack... My brand new uber-super mini pump went broken.... SHIT! OK, I thought: "I have not other choice, I have to ride home with nearly flat tyre. "
The last 50km was a bit tricky  and harder work as usual, but I got home in one piece. I just checked the pressure in the tyre.... it was 3,5 bars... :D 

1: half way, Thames in the background
2-3-4.: view from Sheerness beach
5-6: view from top of the Sheepey crossing
7: Sheppey crossing (it isn't my own picture)

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