Thursday, 21 May 2009

Scalpel- Episode 3.

Finishing kit:

I think one of the most personal units on everybody's bike, the finishing kit! We are all different, everybody has a favorite saddle, grip or handlebar.
The original setup was:
-FSA K Force handlebar
-FSA K Force seatpost
-Fizik Tundra saddle 
-Cannondale SI stem 
-Sram grips
I didn't keep any from the old bits.

New setup:
I put straight on my old Ergon  Team one. One of the best endurance grip on the market, without any question! If you never tried before, you should! 
I changed the original seat, because the Ritchey seatpost dosn't work with the wide carbon rails. I chosed the new Fizik Antare model, wich one is road specific saddle, but looks good for MTB use. 
it is on the Scalpel is a different story. You havn't too much choice on the market, but I found the most bling-bling one. I ordered one from LeoRacing, it is made by FRM exclusive for LeoRacing. It is carbon-alloy model. 149gr in 115mm long with Ti bolts.  
The handlebar and seatpost are the new Ritchey Superlogic range. The low rise handlebar is 64cm wide and 150gr. The seatpost is 350/27.2 and 157gr, thanks for the 1 bolt head design. I use Ritchey parts ages ago, and I never had any problem with this bits. 

The bike will be done soon. I just wait the fork back from 88+ Belgium, I have to sort out my tires, it isn't too easy fit the Conti Supersonic tyres with Stan's. And I have to order my new pedals. I don't know this moment which on is going on the bike, but I have couple of idea......

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