Saturday, 14 June 2008

Selle Italia Flite Troy Lee saddle-My new saddle has arrived

Selle Italia makes three different modells with Troy Lee`s designe this year. My choice is the Flite with the burning eyeballs!
I wanted to fit it on my Unit, but unfortunatelly I can`t. Because USE seatpost`s clamp can`t hold the thick titanium rail. Temporarily it is sitting in my cupboard, but I will find a nice place for it!
The saddle is really nicely made, the decals is perfect and covered with some special technology (the paintjob will not come off after the first ride). It`s weight is 199gr.

Thursday, 12 June 2008

I am back.....but really!

I didn’t write anything in the last 2,5 mounths. I promise , I try to post more often!

What`s happened in the last 2,5 mounths?

- I had a 10 day traningcamp in Italy, Pesaro. I rode: 8 days, 1050km and 11870m ascent. It was a big fun with Dini and VasP!
- 19. April, Nightrider 12 night race. It was a bad event for me. I had to give up the race after 4 hours, I had some bugg. I wasn’t well…. 1,5 weeks aspirin treatment came after it.
- 21. May. Beastway! It was my first single speed XC race! I love it! I finished on 4. I missed the second one because it was too close to my 12 hour race in Bristol. But I am looking forward for the coming one 18. June.
- 7. June, Bristol bike fest 12 hour race. Nice! Big names were on the entry list. I came on 6. I am really happy with it!