Monday, 28 June 2010

What a great weekend!

I had a brilliant weekend! It started with Saturday evening. I went for 9km run after work. The weather was really nice, glorious sunshine, 26 degrees, Smashing Pumpkins in the ears and 9km in 41 minutes and 17 second! Fast legs are back, good sign!

I was awake really early and headed out 4,5 hours ride on Sunday morning. I rode out to Box hill and did the zig-zag climb 10 times. The weather was really good, may be it was a bit too hot. I had 1 liter of water before I left and I drunk 2 bottles of drink on the bike. When I got home, I checked my weight and I was 2kg lighter. Good workout, I am happy to feel the power in my legs again.
I had a huge and healthy lunch, beef with broccoli, chicory and sprouts.

I spent the afternoon with resting and I went down to Earls Court to meet with Adel around six. Until I waited for her, I had a massive Frappucino in the next door Starbucks...sugar bomb. I was shocked, when I found out, that one Frappucino contains 54gr of sugar! Pff... OK, sometime, I can have some junk.
Adel had a nice surprise for me, she bought me a Starbucks Red travel mug! I wanted one long time ago!

Today was my rest day. It was a bit active, but I had time to rest is well. We sorted out our shopping in the morning, I had a massive monthly shopping in Whole Foods and Tesco. I wasn't able to carry all my staff at home, I just managed half of it, but this 3 bags weighted 20 kg! I bought a lots of nut butters, grains and basic foods. After the shopping we had a massive lunch in the Whole Foods restaurant, just a usual Mexican one... yammi, toslada rulezz forever! After I still felt peckish and I had a yogurt pot, which one was really disappointing and rip off for £3.29. Anyway, that's life.

We spent the whole afternoon in Holland Park. Sunshine, ginger beer and gluten free pretzel and chocolate coated rice cakes... perfect afternoon snack! :)

I am off to the bed now, I am starting the day with run and I am

Sunday, 27 June 2010

Broadband is back, speedway course in Richmond park?!

After couple of days my broadband in working order again. My flat mate Janice sorted out the new BT line for us.

I saw the signs about road resurfacing last weekend in Richmond park. When I went for a ride in the park on Tuesday morning, I got a shock. Sorry, but this idiots did again... resurfacing work? What? Put gravel on the tarmac? Sorry guys, but do you have a giraffe??? Are you wanted to be Richmond park part of the Olympic course? I think you came from some different planet... People are really upset, this surface is very dangerous to ride and riders can get puncture easily. Ok, I know, Richmond park is not only for cyclist, but this park is the green heart of London, lots of people use for sport and I think you should look after it and not fucking up! May be you should thinking about banning traffic! I think it is unacceptable, that every day is a full traffic jam in the park in the rush hours, because drivers try to do sort cut across the park.
Pictures from our new speedway course (well done government):

Thursday, 24 June 2010

Rest Monday, end of power cut and Cannondale 2011

First of all, I haven't broadband for a couple of days... Our BT line got cancelled somehow and we have to wait 2-3 days until the new line fitted in.

I started this week really hopefully after my terrible last week. Monday was my rest day and my carb load day. I found out, that I didn't take enough carb in the last couple of days and possible that was the problem behind my weak performance. I started the day in the gym, I had 1,5 hours upper body workout. After I rode to Earls Court when I had some breakfast with Adel. I picked up some fresh British strawberry on the market on the way and we had a good old classic porridge with it. After breakfast we went for a walk and we had a nice Mexican lunch in Whole Foods. On the way out we picked up some Wallaby bars for snacking. These are from Australia and hasn't contain gluten or added sugar. We finished the afternoon in Kensington garden with a big cup of Starbucks coffee and couple of M&S cookies (hmm.. they are not the healthy option, full on sugar and wheat, but sometimes you need a cheat). I consumed 2 servings of Vitargo for a better carb load during the day. I went in the bed really early and looked forward the next morning training. I was so nervous and I didn't sleep well....

I was awake v around 5:30. I headed out to train quickly. I had 30gr Vitargo before exercise. The first sign was good. I didn't have any blood sugar problem after 20 minutes. I got in the park and after a half lap I started to do my intervals workout. Everything was fine and I felt myself strong again. I think problem is sorted, I have to take much much more carb then before I did. Hopefully end of my power cut and I can perform well on the next weekend 6 hours Enduro race.

I had appointment with my dentist again. He finished my tooth and put the final filling in. I haven't any more bad teeth , thanks God!

I did a huge order wit SS health food on Monday afternoon and the pack arrived next day. This is service for you... I ordered 11 boxes protein bars, it was on offer. Ok, not all mine, but I keep 4 boxes! :)

Yesterday was a really good day. The British weather turned glorious! Sunshine all day long. When I left in the gym around 6:30 in the morning, it was backing outside already. I had a lots of basic jobs (first services and bike builds) in the morning and I decided to work on the back yard. It was quite good fan, working half naked and sunglasses on. The Cannondale rep popped in the shop on the afternoon and showed for us the 2011 range. We are not aloud to post any picture or info, but I have to say the new carbon cross bike looks amazing! It is already on my Xmas list. Lots of change in the road and mountain line is well..models disappeared and new ones came.

Ok ladies and gentleman , time for breakfast now!

Sunday, 20 June 2010

Moody week with weak performance, 2 boxes painkillers and nice foods...

End of this week, thanks good God! I have an easy gym session tonight and I can rest after. This week was terrible, I just back from rest week and I didn't perform to well. My training were weak. I didn't eat enough carb during the week, I had blood sugar problem every morning after 20 minutes on the bike. I think the dentist and the 2 boxes painkillers, what I ate in 2,5 days didn't help either. But it is over, I have to chill tomorrow and feel up myself for a next week. I haven't time to waste! Hurry up Szabi! Shut up and train! :D

After the lots of negative things I had couple of positive experiences are well. I put back the tub wheels in my Super6 and the ride quality is far much better! It is more comfy and the bling factor is extended. Ride the bike with the FFWD wheels did my couple of nostalgic moments, and I had a lots of thoughts around Lanzarote and Mallorca and this made me a bit more positive.

She is beautiful! Isn't she?

I tried couple nice and healthy food options. The first one is Heather's idea, but I gave a new name for it. It is omelet with Goat cheese and jam. Yes, eggs, cheese and apricots jam. Heather posted this recipe on her blog couple of days ago and since I found it, I couldn't get out from my head. This morning after my training I was in a bad mood and I wanted to eat something different... I decided pop in the shop and buy some Goat cheese and jam. I didn't really want to go out, but I must to do... I had a long hesitation... go in the shop...don't go in the shop... go in the shop... End of the day I did it, and because I mooned a lots about the going out I decided give a new name for this omelet: Heather's fault! It is her fault, because she posted this brilliant recipe and I couldn't say no to d it! :D It was amazing and I have to have one more portion soon.

(the shape isn't the best, but I am really rubbish with omelet making...)

When I been in the shop I found something interesting. Non dairy parmesan cheese. I bought a box and I was really excited to try it. I did some roasted aubergine with tomato and parmesan (I used the new one), chicken and spinach. I have to say the cheese is great. Ok, it isn't taste lake a authentic italian parmigiano but really good choice for who wanna skip dairy products. (I hope my italian friend Vlad dosn't throw me on heretic fire)

Ok, I finished my post and my late lunch is well. I have to go in the gym and after I have a meeting with couple of good friends...something new is coming up soon... :)

Thursday, 17 June 2010


Ouch, ouch and ouch! I am still in pain! :(

I had my root canal treatment yesterday. Actually the treatment was absolutely painless,but I started to be worried when the doctor gave me 4 pain killers after we finished. First I thought I can bring home in case if I will have some pain... but the doctor told I had to take in the same time. What? Afternoon was ok, I couldn't really chew because my whole left side was sensitive. I was so hungry, the meal replacements couldn't feel up me. I could kill for a piece of carrot or some broccoli end of the day. When I got home, I couldn't wait more and I created my own green smoothie. I found some soy milk, spinach and broccoli in the fridge. I put in the smoothie maker and 3 minutes later. It was really delicius and I pushed down a can of tuna after the greenery.

I went in the bad really early, I fallen in sleep around 8:30. I woken up around 11 o'clock. I had a proper pain, I felt, that my head crashed with a fast train. Ohh, my God. I taken 2 more painkiller but nothing happened. I taken 1 more after 30 minutes. One hour later I was ok again. I slept back and I woken up in the morning and I taken 2 more painkiller straight... interesting breakfast. I had a rest day today, thanks God. I went in the North End road market after breakfast and I bought a lots of veg and fruits... I can make a ton of liquid food... doohhh.
I was painless all day, but I taken around 3-5 painkillers during the day. Hopefully tomorrow will be better and I have a peaceful night. I managed to do couple of press ups and sit ups tonight, it is a good sign.

I am back in training tomorrow, with pain or without pain, I have to training, 9,5 weeks until the World Champ and I have a 6 hours race soon. I have to figure out my Salzkammergut setup soon. I am afraid , that my 27-32 highest gear isn't enough and I have to fit a 11-34 rear cassette. Other question is the second bottle cage on the bike. I have just one place for bottle cage on the Scalpel and I don't really wanna take CamelBack. I never felt comfy ride with backpack. I found couple of picture on the web from 2008 Cape Epic, where the Cannondale Factory team has a second bottle cage on the seatpost. I try to sort out something on next week.

I think I settled some new record and managed to build one of the heaviest road rear wheel on the world for myself. My Open Pro Ceramic rim gave up, the ceramic coating started to fell of. I have to send back under warranty, it means I had to rebuild my training rear wheel. Just in time... one of our customer bought a Cann Capo from us and he decided to fit different rims in. I could keep the Capo's original rims, and they are my new training wheels base in the CAAD5. The rims are bloody heavy, 650 gramms EACH! I built my PowerTap Elite hub (625gr) with some left over DT Swiss AeroSpeed spokes and 14mm brass nipples.... Outcome? Ahhh, 1470gr rear wheel! :) Actually it is 100 gramms heavier then my PAIR(!!) of Fast Forward wheels! :) It is heavy, but bombproof!

Monday, 14 June 2010

End of the rest and time to harvest...

My total rest week has ended! (thanks God!) I am really looking forward to get back in training. I had a short ride and a gym session today and I will do 1,5 hours ride and some run tomorrow. I got my weekly plan, which one looks quite easy... but I am more than happy , that I can train again. I have to really look after myself in the next 10 weeks. 24 hour world champ ship is 10 weeks away. In meantime I have a 6 hours race 4th of July, Salzkammergut trophy 17th of July and the Bontrager 12 hours night race in Plymouth a week after Salzkammergut. I am so excited and full with motivation. I try to do my best end cut all small edges!

The last week was sooooo booorinnngggg! I hate rest weeks, but sometimes I need a proper rest. Weekend was ok, I kept myself busy, shopping, cooking, housework and reading. I had a dinner with one of my friend, Vlad. He is a italian chap and he can cook proper italian food under 5 minutes. We had a nice pasta dish with a glass of good red wine and healthy dessert option, apple and dark chocolate. Ohh and we ate nearly 300gr pistacia before dinner. I wasn't to successful chief on the weekend! :( I tried to do some non-baking protein bar... end of the day I had to baked, because it was to sticky. Result? Pfff.... catastrophic, but healthy! :) Today wasn't good either. I tried to bake some pumpkin pie, but I put too much Stevia in and I had a pumpkin syrup...yakkk...
I bought my plain ticket to Germany this afternoon. I found some bargain ticket with AirBerlin. I booked the ticket, but I have to call the customer service, I couldn't book the bike via online. Sucks.

Other great news! :D I had a first harvest in my mini greenhouse this evening. I removed the done sprouts and put small plastic boxes in the fridge. I have healthy biosnack for a whole week! :)

Ok, it is late now, time to go in the bed!

Nite nite

Friday, 11 June 2010

New projects and huge appetite

Weekend is here, hurra! I still have a rest and I am not aloud to do any training, what is not too good. First of all, I am going to be mental, secondly I eat everything. My appetite is huge! I ate unbelievable lots and in the bad time. Usually I just have a protein shake after my evening training. I eat my last big meal around 5 o'clock, but in the last 4 days I didn't have appetite during the day but I started to starving after 7 o'clock. I think my body was quite empty, what isn't surprising after the hard season start. I hope, that I can fuel up and do everything on 110% in the next 10 weeks.

I have couple of new project. First one is my new training/crit/winter bike. I got my "new"CAAD 5 frame yesterday. Thanks for Russ, he kindly sorted out one for me. It is in really early stage, it will get a Honky's old Campy Veloce set, a pair of hand built wheels with Powertap hub and may be an Easton EC70 fork (this Cannondale Six Carbon one is looks shit in the alloy frame) and a Power crank crankset.

Second project is my own mini green house. I bought a bioSnacky germinator and I started to grown my own shoots and sprouts. One more healthy food choice. (what I really need after the last couple of days..) I put 3 different seed mix in and hopefully I can start to harvest 2-3 days time. Ohh my God,it is full Farmville feeling, just in live! :)

Third project is some cooking project for Sunday. I will try to do my first pumpkin pie. I love pumpkins in all format and I read a lots of time about pumpkin pie is how delicious. I found original pumpkin pie filling in WHole Foods Market. I got the recipe from Heather straight from the US. It is the absolutely healthy version and we can call it nearly 100% paleo.
After the pie mission I will try to do my own protein bars. I am sick about how pricey are protein bars and in the same time all full with artificial stuff, GM ingredients and SUGAR(?!). Yep, you need some carb with protein, because it helps protein synthesis , but not 15-10 grams in one go!

Ok, I have to have some quality sleep now, possible it will be interesting with full tummy..
Nite, nite!

Check out Heather's blog for couple of healthy recipes!

"Easy" (?!) week..

I had to realized, that rest weeks never be easy. When I get an easy week in my plan, and I want to do some proper relax, never happens.
Because middle of season my coach decided, I need some rest before we start to do the training for a Salzkammergut trophy and the 24 hour WC. I was really glad with this decision and started to plan, what I wanna do, but Murphy again.
My gum started to play up 2 weeks ago (I just thought it is a gum..) and after Bristol a I started to feel some strange in my mouth and a proper tooth ache has arrived Tuesday evening. I couldn't see any hole on my tooth, but next day after a short hesitation (hmm.. who like dentist?) I went to visit the dentist in Richmond. I didn't want to wait, because it never be better, tooth ache every time goes just worth. The diagnoses was quick, hole on the tooth, quite big, hard to see, because it is between the two. I got medicine filling in and I have to go back next Wednesday and I have some root canal work done. All right, I am happy it came out now and not 1 week before some big upcoming event. How things change... It was really painful when you went to visit the dentist 10 years ago and you came out with satisfaction and smile, now you go for a dentist and you are coming out with proper pain.. but not physical... it is the pain , when you get the bill! Everybody sit???? Ohh yes... £880! FUCK SAKE! Ok, I just pay £430, because I get down my crown on Hungary later on.

Otherwise rest week is quite good. We have a lots of fun in the shop with Dave. I went in the gym yesterday morning. I have to say it was amazing feeling to do some exercises after 4 days.
I am desapiaring now, I have to finish my breakfast... I did my first French toast in my life, it looks really yummiiii.. :)

Tatammm, French toast. 3 slice Whole foods rye bread with raisin, 1 egg, 1 egg white, cinnamon, vanilla, soy milk, honey and galia melon...

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Rest days...

After the prize giving ceremony we drove back in London on Saturday night. I went in a bed around 2:30 and I was awake 6 o'clock already. Usually I can't sleep after long races. I started the day in the kitchen and the last two days I didn't really stop eating. I couldn't count the calories what I spanked in the last two days.
I tried to sleep on the afternoon, but I gave up after 20 minutes. I had a shower and a coffee and after I went to shopping some good food in Whole Foods Market. I stopped nearly all shop on the way and I bought some little meal or drink everywhere. I finished in the bed around 10 o'clock and I slept 10 hours in one go.

The "eat everything" mission countinued on Monday morning and I still couldn't stop to eat today. I went a bit on the junk way on Monday, my flat mate made some milk tart and I was really helpful to eat it. I think I had more chocolate bars and sweets on Sunday - Monday then in the past 3 months.
Today I ate more healthy but still too much. The rest of the day was ok, but the protein bar, protein shake and 300gr steak for dinner may be a bit to much... I will try to cut back a bit on calories in the next couple of days.

Tibi, my friend and driver and part of my support crew, did some video on the English Marathon Championship last year and finally he put in one piece!

Monday, 7 June 2010

Bristol bike-fest - WHAT A FU@@ING RACE????

What can I say? I am over one of my hardest and most challenging race in my life. This was a typical race, when Murphy popped up! And he did 3 times in 12 hours.

But I start from the beginning.

We drove down to Bristol on Friday afternoon, after work. We slept in the usual Holiday Inn.
Early wake up Saturday morning, quick breakfast in Paleo style plus one more portion Vitargo and we drove out to Ashton court. Everything went well, I picked up quickly my start number, quick chat with Ian and prepared myself for a start. My crew team settled up everything in the feed zone. Quick briefing and we started 9 o'clock spot on. The start was Le Mans style.. running up the hill. I started to feel something really bad half way in the run and my both legs were in full cramp when I found my bike. I got cramp in my both quadriceps and tights. I tried to ride, but I had to stop and try to stretch my legs couple of times. When I got back in the feed zone from the first lap I was in maximal pain. I couldn't walk. I started to do some serious stretching and my legs started to be better 10-15 minutes later. I decided to try one more lap. I sat back on the bike and started to spin like a lunatic. My legs started to be better and I tried to push harder and harder. Everything felt to be good again, until I fell off in the fast technical section. It was a little "traffic jam" and I tried to pass the guys... but I did some mistake and I was over the handlebar in a second. The bike flow away is well and landed on the seat. I tried to stand up...but ouch! Cramp in the hamstring! I was shocked for a moment, but I turned to mental and I pulled my leg back hardest I could. It was bloody painful but worked and my cramp despaired.
Blood pressure went up, brain steamed and I started to ride like a mad. I pushed hardest I could. I been around the 32th place end of the third lap. I came up 9th in the sixth laps and I just carried on pushing. My lap times were constantly around 25 minutes.
I catched the 3rd guy around the 16th laps and I left him. Adel shouted me couple of laps later, the the second guy was front of me 4 minutes and he was slowing down. He was Steve Webb. Two laps later I passed him and he started to came with me. I had a plan already in my head and I left him to go. I wanted to do 4 laps bit easier pace, but keep him in 1-2 minutes and after I wanted to ride 4 laps on full blast until the finish. Around my second easy lap my bike started to do some funny knocking noise. I thought my frame went broken somewhere, but I wasn't really interested. Only one thought been in my head... second place. I did my 4 easy laps, Steve 1,5 minutes front of me, adrenaline, afterburner switch on! I rode a really good lap. After the last little "downhill" section something really bad happened. My seat post snapped down. I couldn't believe it! I just stopped and I was in shock, but 2 second later I picked up the post and finished the lap. I tried to find some help, I got a replacement seat post and tools, but we couldn't remove the other half from the frame. I didn't want to waist to much time I went out a lap without seat... It was a really painful but fast lap. I had to push hardest I can, because I couldn't sit down and spin.. End of the lap I had to stop, my legs started to give up. Quick thinking, Adel tried to get any help what we can, I started to shout around for a spare bike, but nobody wanted to help. Everybody just watched me... Sheeps!
3 minutes later I been in the Paligap tent and a brand new Kona was under me with my start number and my own pedals. The bike was far too small for me and the shock- tyre set up weren't the ideal for me, but I can't complain! I went out quickly one more lap and I finished the race after 11 hours and 34 minute. The 4th place still was far behind me and I didn't have chance to catch Steve again, but I could keep my 3rd place. I am really happy and pleased with this result! I have to say I worked for this 3rd place.
I have to say really really big thank you for my crew team. I couldn't do it without you guys!
Really big thanks for Paligap! Angus, Rebecca and other people who prepared the bike for me with in 2 minutes!
And I have to say big thanks for my coach, who looks after my training and he put me in this great shape!

Thursday, 3 June 2010

Carbo load

Less than 2 days and my next 12 hour solo race is here! Usually I start to load up my glycogen storage 2-3 days before the event. I tried to eat a lots of quality carb today. Quite hard job to do it, because you have to increase carb intake but in the same time try to eat less as possible fiber. Fiber isn't good friend before any event... If you feel up yourself with junk, it dosn't help too much, sugary stuff are not the right choice.

I got home really early today, no gym, no evening workout. I went straight in the kitchen and started to prepare my secret weapon race food, Maxim carbo cake. If you check the box, it isn't the best quality food on the world, but works for me. After I finished the Paleo diet book, I decided I will make my own version with healthy and more quality ingredients, but the recipe is still under construction! Quickly I mixed up the bag of powder with water and chucked in the oven.

After I started to prepare my dinner, which one was a proper healthy carbo-bomb. I filled up the blender with 500ml soy milk, 1 banana, 200gr strawberry, 2 spoon raw cocoa powder, 1 scoop whey protein and 80 grams Vitargo. Vitargo made from barley. It is a really low GI indexed carb with high GI load and low fibre. Basically it is the ideal race and workout food.
I had a yummi turmix.

25 minutes later I toked out the carbo cake from the oven.. tatammmm

They look really good...and smell nice... It was a hard work to don't eat any...

I am done now. Everything is packed up, I just had to prepare my food tomorrow morning. Now some deep and good sleep is coming!

Nite nite!

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

New arrival

I ordered the next piece in my collection last weekend and it rocked up this morning. Racing weight by Matt Fiztgerald. I just had a quick look in this evening, it looks really interesting. It gives you a totally different view about sport nutrition then my Paleotic Diet book. I am looking forward to read it. Obviously it isn't happening this week, I am too busy prepare myself for this weekend race! Ohh yeh, Bristol 12 hour is coming up 3 days time!

Thanks God, the weather was really nice today and hopefully it is staying the same now. The forecast says 23C for Saturday.

Ok, it is so early , but I am off to bed now! Everybody know, train hard, but rest harder! :)

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

1. Jun?!?!

Sorry, but what a fuck is wrong with this British weather???? I just stand on our balcony and can't belive it... I still have to go out and make at least 2 hours training. Crit race is no way tonight! Thanks, I don't like to ride ice-rink... I don't really wanna break myself for little pieces 4 days before my race... Aaaa , time to go out! Shut up and train!

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Long weekend and up coming race...

Ohh well. I wasn't in a really blogging mood in the last two weeks.
After my crash I did a mad ride on the following Sunday. I went in Ricmond park early morning and started to do laps... yes, laps. Couple of laps... 20 laps! :) I have to say it was quite good fun. I really enjoyed my temporarily horse, the CAAD9 . I didn't feel too much difference between C9 and S6 in the first 4-5 hours. But over the 6th hour I started to feel a bit too hash the C9. I think it is a brilliant race horse for crit and road racing but not for endurance!
I managed easily the 20 laps, only I had some food problem around the 16th laps, but after I ate out everything from my pockets, everything was fine. I am sure now, that I can do my stupidness in middle of September.
End of the day I did 239km in 8 hours .

The following week was ok, it spouse to be a rest week. But the same every time... never happens. I tried to catch up my personal stuff, but everything just turned in a chaos. But the weekend was wonderful! I had a very very long ride again. I rode the King of the Downs and a bit more! :)
My alarm clock started to scream 3 o'clock on Sunday morning. Everything was prepared already, I just dressed up, had some breakfast and my cleats docked in the pedals 4:28. The city was dark and dead when I left it. First of all, I rode down to Gatwick where the KOTD start center was. On the way I watched the sunrise in premier plane from top of Epson Downs. It was a beautiful experience. 5:20 in the morning, middle of nowhere, watching sunrise. I got in the event center around 6, I picked up my start number and breakfast (?!) and launched out 6:20. Last year we had rainy and cold KOTD, this year we had a sauna type one. The weather was wonderful, really hot and sunny. I didn't push too hard, just tried to keep the same pace all day long. I stopped all feed station, fruit cake, go bars and banana...yummi! I have to say it was a very well organized sportive ride. I only lost once, but it was a bit my own fault. I finished of the 191km ride with 6 hours 44 minutes. I didn't spend too much time in the finish, picked u my goodie bag, filled up my bottles , eat couple of energy bars and I headed home. When I got home , my speedo stopped at 9 hours 44 minutes and nearly 281km. It was a brilliant ride but after I couldn't stop eat in the next 3 days... :)

Last Tuesday was a usual Hillingdon crit day. Nothing extra, good workout, windy weather. Position? Who cares! :)

I had a long Bank Holiday weekend, but I didn't do any long distance ride, because Bristol Bike-fest 12 hours race is coming up on this weekend. We are going down on Friday evening and spending one night in the town before the race. I am looking forward, hopefully everything is going well!