Friday, 11 June 2010

"Easy" (?!) week..

I had to realized, that rest weeks never be easy. When I get an easy week in my plan, and I want to do some proper relax, never happens.
Because middle of season my coach decided, I need some rest before we start to do the training for a Salzkammergut trophy and the 24 hour WC. I was really glad with this decision and started to plan, what I wanna do, but Murphy again.
My gum started to play up 2 weeks ago (I just thought it is a gum..) and after Bristol a I started to feel some strange in my mouth and a proper tooth ache has arrived Tuesday evening. I couldn't see any hole on my tooth, but next day after a short hesitation (hmm.. who like dentist?) I went to visit the dentist in Richmond. I didn't want to wait, because it never be better, tooth ache every time goes just worth. The diagnoses was quick, hole on the tooth, quite big, hard to see, because it is between the two. I got medicine filling in and I have to go back next Wednesday and I have some root canal work done. All right, I am happy it came out now and not 1 week before some big upcoming event. How things change... It was really painful when you went to visit the dentist 10 years ago and you came out with satisfaction and smile, now you go for a dentist and you are coming out with proper pain.. but not physical... it is the pain , when you get the bill! Everybody sit???? Ohh yes... £880! FUCK SAKE! Ok, I just pay £430, because I get down my crown on Hungary later on.

Otherwise rest week is quite good. We have a lots of fun in the shop with Dave. I went in the gym yesterday morning. I have to say it was amazing feeling to do some exercises after 4 days.
I am desapiaring now, I have to finish my breakfast... I did my first French toast in my life, it looks really yummiiii.. :)

Tatammm, French toast. 3 slice Whole foods rye bread with raisin, 1 egg, 1 egg white, cinnamon, vanilla, soy milk, honey and galia melon...

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