Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Long weekend and up coming race...

Ohh well. I wasn't in a really blogging mood in the last two weeks.
After my crash I did a mad ride on the following Sunday. I went in Ricmond park early morning and started to do laps... yes, laps. Couple of laps... 20 laps! :) I have to say it was quite good fun. I really enjoyed my temporarily horse, the CAAD9 . I didn't feel too much difference between C9 and S6 in the first 4-5 hours. But over the 6th hour I started to feel a bit too hash the C9. I think it is a brilliant race horse for crit and road racing but not for endurance!
I managed easily the 20 laps, only I had some food problem around the 16th laps, but after I ate out everything from my pockets, everything was fine. I am sure now, that I can do my stupidness in middle of September.
End of the day I did 239km in 8 hours .

The following week was ok, it spouse to be a rest week. But the same every time... never happens. I tried to catch up my personal stuff, but everything just turned in a chaos. But the weekend was wonderful! I had a very very long ride again. I rode the King of the Downs and a bit more! :)
My alarm clock started to scream 3 o'clock on Sunday morning. Everything was prepared already, I just dressed up, had some breakfast and my cleats docked in the pedals 4:28. The city was dark and dead when I left it. First of all, I rode down to Gatwick where the KOTD start center was. On the way I watched the sunrise in premier plane from top of Epson Downs. It was a beautiful experience. 5:20 in the morning, middle of nowhere, watching sunrise. I got in the event center around 6, I picked up my start number and breakfast (?!) and launched out 6:20. Last year we had rainy and cold KOTD, this year we had a sauna type one. The weather was wonderful, really hot and sunny. I didn't push too hard, just tried to keep the same pace all day long. I stopped all feed station, fruit cake, go bars and banana...yummi! I have to say it was a very well organized sportive ride. I only lost once, but it was a bit my own fault. I finished of the 191km ride with 6 hours 44 minutes. I didn't spend too much time in the finish, picked u my goodie bag, filled up my bottles , eat couple of energy bars and I headed home. When I got home , my speedo stopped at 9 hours 44 minutes and nearly 281km. It was a brilliant ride but after I couldn't stop eat in the next 3 days... :)

Last Tuesday was a usual Hillingdon crit day. Nothing extra, good workout, windy weather. Position? Who cares! :)

I had a long Bank Holiday weekend, but I didn't do any long distance ride, because Bristol Bike-fest 12 hours race is coming up on this weekend. We are going down on Friday evening and spending one night in the town before the race. I am looking forward, hopefully everything is going well!

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