Thursday, 17 June 2010


Ouch, ouch and ouch! I am still in pain! :(

I had my root canal treatment yesterday. Actually the treatment was absolutely painless,but I started to be worried when the doctor gave me 4 pain killers after we finished. First I thought I can bring home in case if I will have some pain... but the doctor told I had to take in the same time. What? Afternoon was ok, I couldn't really chew because my whole left side was sensitive. I was so hungry, the meal replacements couldn't feel up me. I could kill for a piece of carrot or some broccoli end of the day. When I got home, I couldn't wait more and I created my own green smoothie. I found some soy milk, spinach and broccoli in the fridge. I put in the smoothie maker and 3 minutes later. It was really delicius and I pushed down a can of tuna after the greenery.

I went in the bad really early, I fallen in sleep around 8:30. I woken up around 11 o'clock. I had a proper pain, I felt, that my head crashed with a fast train. Ohh, my God. I taken 2 more painkiller but nothing happened. I taken 1 more after 30 minutes. One hour later I was ok again. I slept back and I woken up in the morning and I taken 2 more painkiller straight... interesting breakfast. I had a rest day today, thanks God. I went in the North End road market after breakfast and I bought a lots of veg and fruits... I can make a ton of liquid food... doohhh.
I was painless all day, but I taken around 3-5 painkillers during the day. Hopefully tomorrow will be better and I have a peaceful night. I managed to do couple of press ups and sit ups tonight, it is a good sign.

I am back in training tomorrow, with pain or without pain, I have to training, 9,5 weeks until the World Champ and I have a 6 hours race soon. I have to figure out my Salzkammergut setup soon. I am afraid , that my 27-32 highest gear isn't enough and I have to fit a 11-34 rear cassette. Other question is the second bottle cage on the bike. I have just one place for bottle cage on the Scalpel and I don't really wanna take CamelBack. I never felt comfy ride with backpack. I found couple of picture on the web from 2008 Cape Epic, where the Cannondale Factory team has a second bottle cage on the seatpost. I try to sort out something on next week.

I think I settled some new record and managed to build one of the heaviest road rear wheel on the world for myself. My Open Pro Ceramic rim gave up, the ceramic coating started to fell of. I have to send back under warranty, it means I had to rebuild my training rear wheel. Just in time... one of our customer bought a Cann Capo from us and he decided to fit different rims in. I could keep the Capo's original rims, and they are my new training wheels base in the CAAD5. The rims are bloody heavy, 650 gramms EACH! I built my PowerTap Elite hub (625gr) with some left over DT Swiss AeroSpeed spokes and 14mm brass nipples.... Outcome? Ahhh, 1470gr rear wheel! :) Actually it is 100 gramms heavier then my PAIR(!!) of Fast Forward wheels! :) It is heavy, but bombproof!

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