Thursday, 3 June 2010

Carbo load

Less than 2 days and my next 12 hour solo race is here! Usually I start to load up my glycogen storage 2-3 days before the event. I tried to eat a lots of quality carb today. Quite hard job to do it, because you have to increase carb intake but in the same time try to eat less as possible fiber. Fiber isn't good friend before any event... If you feel up yourself with junk, it dosn't help too much, sugary stuff are not the right choice.

I got home really early today, no gym, no evening workout. I went straight in the kitchen and started to prepare my secret weapon race food, Maxim carbo cake. If you check the box, it isn't the best quality food on the world, but works for me. After I finished the Paleo diet book, I decided I will make my own version with healthy and more quality ingredients, but the recipe is still under construction! Quickly I mixed up the bag of powder with water and chucked in the oven.

After I started to prepare my dinner, which one was a proper healthy carbo-bomb. I filled up the blender with 500ml soy milk, 1 banana, 200gr strawberry, 2 spoon raw cocoa powder, 1 scoop whey protein and 80 grams Vitargo. Vitargo made from barley. It is a really low GI indexed carb with high GI load and low fibre. Basically it is the ideal race and workout food.
I had a yummi turmix.

25 minutes later I toked out the carbo cake from the oven.. tatammmm

They look really good...and smell nice... It was a hard work to don't eat any...

I am done now. Everything is packed up, I just had to prepare my food tomorrow morning. Now some deep and good sleep is coming!

Nite nite!

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