Thursday, 28 January 2010

FTP test

Just a quick update!

I did my FTP test Tuesday night again. The result is 314 watt, which means 4,9kg/watt! I have to say, I am really happy with it. It is higher than my last year personal best... and where is the beginning of the season? I am off to Mallorca for 2 weeks training camp soon and I will give a bigger impact for my strenght. Hopefully when I will be back , I can do up myself to 5,2-5,4 watt/kg!

Monday, 25 January 2010

My first Graze box!

Oh, well! New year, new gadgets, new ideas! Graze.... May be this word doesn't say too much for you at the moment, but I have to say it is a brilliant idea and will be really popular shortly!
Everybody knows how important is the healthy diet! But unfortunately not too much people care about the own diet and healthy living. If you on the healthy side, you know how hard to find good food without any added sugar, E-s and other chemical stuff! Hard but not impossible! And here comes Graze!
Graze is a small company, who supply healthy food straight to your doorstep. You just have to register on Graze site, chose your preferred food type, delivery details and sit back and wait the postman! One box cost £2.99, which one includes 3-4 different type of healthy choices. I reckon with two box/week you can change lots in your diet and live more healthy! If you feel interested, use my code and you get your first box free and the second one on half price. If you not happy with it, you can cancel it any time!

My first box included some really nice bakewell tart (almond and dried fruits), black peper cashews, pitted green olives in citrus marinade and roasted seed mix.

Your free code is: H8DP6PZB

Sunday, 24 January 2010

Last 6 weeks..

I didn't post anything on here in the last 6 weeks. I didn't have too much free time, training camp, family members visit, Xmas, New Years Eve and lots of lots of training.

I had a training camp on Lanzarote between 13-24 December. It was a lovely time , I collected a lots of milage and lots of wonderful experience. Everything was nice and perfect, except my food poisoning what I collected on the 6th days. Basically it was my fault, I broken two really important rules. First of all, basic rule, if you go in the different country, never eat unpasteurised milk and yoghurt. I did and that was the first mistake. Second rule: if you feel, that something is wrong with you during your training, STOP! I didn't. After I felt my stomach bad and I couldn't drink I carried on my ride and I just stopped when I was in really bad condition. Because I was stupid, I had food poisoning with sunburn and major dehydration. It costed me 1 day training and 1 rest day in the bed! After this accident I treated myself 2dl chupito ( spanish spirit around 50%) and 16+8 hours sleep. The medicine and sleep worked and I finished my last training day with my highest SST and IF training in my last one year.
I rode around the island couple of times and I visited every small corner. Lanzarote is a lovely place for a ride I can recommend for anyone! Check the photos in my gallery!

Lanzarote 13/12/2009-24/12/2009

I flow back in London Xmas Eve day's afternoon. In the same time a picked up couple of family members on the airport, they had arrived in the same time. In the next 1 week I had rest week with lots of sight seeing and eating..... I gained more then two kilograms between 13. December and 4. January, thanks the really cheap and nice chocolates on Lanza and the lots of hungarian Xmas cakes! :P But back to the usual diet and I am back in shape ....nearly!

In the last 3 weeks I had a really hard two weeks with lots of turbo specific training (SST) which one was easier thanks to the bad ( and not usual) weather. Last week was rest week and I have a FTP test Tuesday morning... I am really looking forward, we will see what is the improvement in the last 1,5 months. I started the winter with 250 watts FTP (after recovery period). After 6 weeks my FTP went up 296 watts (it was before Lanza) and hopefully it is around 310-315 watts now....

I have 3 weeks more ( 2 hard training and 1 rest) and I am going to Mallorca for 2 weeks. It will be fantastic, I had good time over there last year. I am coming back in London 28th February and leaving again for a long weekend between 6. and 8. March to Budapest. I have a meeting with my coach and I will do some proper labor test.

My race calendar is nearly done for this year. 3 race already 100%. MucOFF 8 hours, 24 hour European Championship and Salzkammergut trophy!
That is all from last 6 weeks in nutcase!

I am off to the bed now, because I have to be really fresh soon!