Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Morning shot from top of the Richmond Hill

It is just a phone's camera picture...

Sunday, 18 January 2009

Croydon-Richmond-Box Hill and back in Croydon...

 This morning started little late for me. I left the house around midday. The plan was done in my head yesterday evening. Croydon- Richmond- Box hill. 
The weather was wonderful (wind was little bit strong), but unfortunately the traffic wasn't! The first 30km was slow... solid traffic and traffic lights with red sign every times, but after I left the city, the country side was lovely and quiet.  When I arrived Box hill , I enjoyed a panoramic view for a couple of minutes and I turned and pushed back in Croydon. 
I had a great day today with a relaxing and enjoyable ride! 

Riding time: 4:10
Distance: 110km
Avg. speed: 27km/h
Avg. temp.: 5 C
Ascent: 600m

Thursday, 8 January 2009

Skyline trail - Photos

Dry numbers:

Riding time: 3,5 hours (+ 1,5 hours commuting for me)
Distance: 48 km (+ 44km commuting)
Avg. speed: 14.8 km/h
Avg. temperature: -4 C 
Ascent: 1065m 

Photos (sorry for the poor quality, but I used my phone's camera):

Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Skyline trail

(Note: This write isnt really trail description, this is out and away write-off: "how did I find myself again!")

I got a sms last Sunday. James sent it, the matter was a next: "Do you want to go to Wales on Tuesday?"
Woooowwwww I thought! Why not! And I sent the answer.
Tuesday morning:
We was little late Tuesday morning and a traffic was solid....the target was Skyline trail, Afan, South Wales! We had arrived in the trail center around midday, little bit later what we thought but still in time. Quick pack out, close changing and we was on the trail 15 minutes later and the 3,5 hours fan had started! My bike choice was the Unit , James came with the King Kahuna. Sometime I felt my 34-16 ratio is too low (but everything is hard after 3 weeks flu and no cycling) and my front fork didnt work in the cold weather (it had 1 cm travel... ), but I really enjoyed every second (ok, I tell the honest, sometime I had a pervert fantasy with a Kona "A" bike...This trail isnt a problem with hardtail, but I think more enjoyable with a fullsuser )! Skyline is incredible! It includes really technical and lond shotter climbs, tricky singletracks, drop offs and all roads are full of with rocks and roots. Couple section were frozen and covered with ice, but the sign was green 95%.

End of the day I felt that I am filled up with mental energy and motivation again! I can focus for a traning after long time and over lots of problem and trouble! I had a big smile on my face and I whispered for myself : " Welcome back Szabi...the real Szabi"! I am back on the track!