Thursday, 25 June 2009

Last couple of days....

I had couple of really busy day. I  flown back to Hungary just for a short visit last Sunday morning. I visited one friend of mine and I had a meeting with my coach and a ECG test on Monday. We really enjoyed the Sunday with Gabi. She came to pick up me on the airport and after we went straight on of ours favorite restaurant (Szeraj) when we had a massive dinner. We spent the afternoon in one of the local cafeteria, we had a proper chill out Sunday. I had a appointment 11 o'clock on Monday with my coach in the CSC training center. We had a quick chat and we started my ECG test. Everything went well in the first 20 minutes, but after something happened ....  I got a massive cramp in my bum.. no comment! I never had this type of cramp. We had to stop the test... I had some rest and we tried again one more time, but I given up because the cramp continuously came back. After we just had a laugh on the whole thing. Bum-cramp! Hahaha.... Basically we don't know yet, how much is the advance in the last 3 months, but dosn't matter! We will see on the race.

My Scalpel is done! Finally!!! It is 9.3kg now, but I will shave down more 150-200gr. Unfortunately the continental supersonic tires don't work with Stan's fluid, I will try the Schwalbe Rocket Ron next week. Anyway I used MountainKing 2.4 and SpeedKing 2.3 before. And they were a great tyre. The actual setup is MountainKing 2.2 and SpeedKing 2.1 and I have to say , I am not happy with it! I don't feel it stabile. I didn't have too much ride on the bike, but I have to say it is incredible stiff when locked out and works really smooth on off road. I will test it this Sunday. I will do the English Marathon Championship. I am off Saturday night to Burley with train. With train fuXXXX!!! I bought my train ticket online and I couldn't do the bike tickets. It is a mad process, after you received your tickets, you have to go the nearest train station and book your bike... okay.... but usually everything is fully booked because you can carry maximum 5 bikes/ train. Basically I have to pack my bike in the bike bag and ask God for a good luck. Because the nearest train station from the event village is 13 miles away, I have to ride 13 miles with the bike bag on my back... lovely! 

I have to disappearing now, because I should finish the packing and I have to do some exercise....

See you soon with the Scalpel review!

View from Gabi's balcony - Tatra Street - New Lipot city - Budapest

Crap quality picture.... my new race horse

Monday, 15 June 2009

Long Sunday with 13 Box hill

OK, yesterday was my last training day before my rest week. I had a hard training week and I felt myself nearly dead, but you know, no pain, no gain!
I set up my alarm clock 7:00 and went in the bed early on Saturday evening. I was awake around 6 o'clock already and I tell the truth, I didn't felt the boogee in my legs. This is the sign , I am fXXked! If I am too tired, I can't sleep. I wasn't sure, that I can get out the bed, but after 30 minutes I started to eat my breakfast and I was on the bike 9 o'clock. I had not plan, I just started to ride... my set figure was 180km. The first 20 minutes were a hell, but after everything started to be good! First I rode out to Box hill and I started to do climbs on the Zig-zag. I thought, that I will do around 3-4... I stopped after 13! I did the climb 13 times and I felt myself stronger and better minutes to minutes! On the 10th clim I met with Vlad, who had a group ride with some italian friends. We had a quick chat and he left me. 
After I finished the 13th Zigi, I turned my head straight to Richmond park. I did 3 laps in the park and way on home I just popped in the shop to say hello for the guys and feel up my bottle with water and myself with a can of Coke. Thanks for the 5 minutes break and  a Coke, I rode easy the last 20km to home. I really hate if I have to stop for just 1 minute on my training ride, but yesterday I had to do... :) End of the day I finished with 182km and 6 hours 27 minutes. It is a slow average but I am happy with it. I did nearly 2500m climb which one is great around the flat London. 
I have a quite and chill out rest week with small rides and I am off to Hungary for a new ECG test on  next Sunday-Monday. We will see what's changed and I am stronger or not than 3 months ago.

Friday, 12 June 2009

Two busy days...

Last two days 
were unbelievable busy, but lots of good things happened!
First of all and my Lefty fork came back , after it had 32 days travel around Europe. It is a long story, but thanks for the Post Office finally I got back my fork! I sent again to Belgium 88+ and I hope it will arrive on the right address now! Kristoph from 88+ promised me, I will get back before next weekend, which on is a good thing, because British Marathon Championship 2,5 weeks away and I didn't ride my new bike yet.... 

We build Dave's new bike over the last couple of days and I finished it yesterday! It is a sweet bike! Cannondale Super 6 Liquigas ...hmmmm tasty. I will review it soon! 

Liqui and Pinky

Thanks God, I managed to order the right size spokes for my wheels, and I could build my new Power Tap rear hub in my FFWD wheels. I pimped up little bit the wheels, got white spokes and couple of red and black nipples. I will write down the whole process soon!

My last two missing bits turned up for the Scalpel. I got my white Shimano Yumeya gear cable set and the white Crank Brother Candy 2Ti pedals! Both are really nice. 
I think thats it... I have to jump in the bed now, because I am basically dead.... 

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Reigate sportive

I did the Reigate sportive with on of our customer last Sunday. I have to say, it was a really good ride( it was a bit short.... but was a good fun)!
I woken up 5:30 and I had to realize that some thunderstorm was outside... ok, one more wet sportive. Nick picked up me 7 o'clock. The weather was still crap, but when we arrived to the event center,rain stopped and the sky started to clear out.
We left with the first start, around 8:30. I left the group after the first kilometer and basically I rode the whole event alone. I had a pretty hard training week and I didn't feel myself to fresh, but everything went well and I sorted the first hundred kilometer under 2 hours and 54 minutes. I really enjoyed the nice small roads and the short steep climbs. The road still was wet  and full of with mud. I felt sometimes really close the end with the 20C front tyre, but thanks God nothing bad happened. Around 105km somebody (I hope your hand will dry down...) turned one arrow on the wrong way and I got lost. This small mistake costed me 6 plus km. After I found the right way again, unfortunately I got a rear puncture. I repaired quickly it was 4 minutes job, but this short brake was enough for my leg and they went stiff... After the puncture I needed 10km until my legs felt ok again. I finished with 4 hours and 28 minutes. Nick came 10 minutes behind me, which one is bloody good time! After we had a coffee break and we packed back in the car and went home. 

Time: 4:28:10
Distance: 145,9km 
Ascent: 1780m 

This week is my last and hardest week in this macro cyclus. I am tired already, but I just try to push hard as possible! I hope my new and CORRECT size spokes will turn up tomorrow and I can build my new wheel on Friday morning. 
I got my new electrolite stuff today, I will back with the review soon!
I have to go in the bed now, because I need some serious recovery!

See you soon!  

Friday, 5 June 2009

What a mad week.....

Ehh... this week was bloody mad...and it is still not over! 
On Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday I had a hard training and I couldn't really sleep my usual 7-8 hours.... Basically I was absolutely dead today. And the tiredness isn't enough I have couple of other problems. First of all, my Lefty fork still didn't come back... I really hopeful that post office didn't lost it. (Dear postman, if you read my blog, please note, IF YOU LOOSE MY FORK, I PULL OUT YOUR HEART ON YOUR THROAT!!!) Anyway it isn't really the post office fault, but I will tell the whole story later....
Secondly, I got my new PowerTap SL hub two day ago. I ordered the spokes in the same time... but I did some mistake (stupid Szabi..). I measured everything for a calculation, except the rim's ERD, I just checked the decal on the rim... unfortunately somebody flicked the wrong one on! With this mistake I ordered the wrong size spokes... This morning I stand middle of my workshop... my rear wheel was in pieces... and I couldn't say anything, but I felt the pressure in my head.... it was a massive pressure, approx 300PSI! But all bad story has a happy end! Thanks for Dave, he quickly ordered me the new spokes (hopefully the correct size) and  thanks for Nick, I can do the Sunday sportive ride. He borrowed me a pair of Fullcrum Racing 1 wheels, which one actually looks really good in my bike (that's the only experience what I have with it, but I am soo excited ti ride it on the weekend)!
Dave started to build his new Super6. The bike looks so tasty, I really hope , that I can grab for a test ride if it will be done. You should check out his blog:
Ok guys, I have to go in the bad now, because my body is dead and  I need a good recovery. I just listen a little Younger Brother for a chill....  and fall in sleep....

Power Tap and a wrong size spokes..... NO COMMENT!

Pinky with the Racing 1 wheels.... looks pretty!

Younger Brother- Happy pills