Friday, 5 June 2009

What a mad week.....

Ehh... this week was bloody mad...and it is still not over! 
On Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday I had a hard training and I couldn't really sleep my usual 7-8 hours.... Basically I was absolutely dead today. And the tiredness isn't enough I have couple of other problems. First of all, my Lefty fork still didn't come back... I really hopeful that post office didn't lost it. (Dear postman, if you read my blog, please note, IF YOU LOOSE MY FORK, I PULL OUT YOUR HEART ON YOUR THROAT!!!) Anyway it isn't really the post office fault, but I will tell the whole story later....
Secondly, I got my new PowerTap SL hub two day ago. I ordered the spokes in the same time... but I did some mistake (stupid Szabi..). I measured everything for a calculation, except the rim's ERD, I just checked the decal on the rim... unfortunately somebody flicked the wrong one on! With this mistake I ordered the wrong size spokes... This morning I stand middle of my workshop... my rear wheel was in pieces... and I couldn't say anything, but I felt the pressure in my head.... it was a massive pressure, approx 300PSI! But all bad story has a happy end! Thanks for Dave, he quickly ordered me the new spokes (hopefully the correct size) and  thanks for Nick, I can do the Sunday sportive ride. He borrowed me a pair of Fullcrum Racing 1 wheels, which one actually looks really good in my bike (that's the only experience what I have with it, but I am soo excited ti ride it on the weekend)!
Dave started to build his new Super6. The bike looks so tasty, I really hope , that I can grab for a test ride if it will be done. You should check out his blog:
Ok guys, I have to go in the bad now, because my body is dead and  I need a good recovery. I just listen a little Younger Brother for a chill....  and fall in sleep....

Power Tap and a wrong size spokes..... NO COMMENT!

Pinky with the Racing 1 wheels.... looks pretty!

Younger Brother- Happy pills

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