Monday, 15 June 2009

Long Sunday with 13 Box hill

OK, yesterday was my last training day before my rest week. I had a hard training week and I felt myself nearly dead, but you know, no pain, no gain!
I set up my alarm clock 7:00 and went in the bed early on Saturday evening. I was awake around 6 o'clock already and I tell the truth, I didn't felt the boogee in my legs. This is the sign , I am fXXked! If I am too tired, I can't sleep. I wasn't sure, that I can get out the bed, but after 30 minutes I started to eat my breakfast and I was on the bike 9 o'clock. I had not plan, I just started to ride... my set figure was 180km. The first 20 minutes were a hell, but after everything started to be good! First I rode out to Box hill and I started to do climbs on the Zig-zag. I thought, that I will do around 3-4... I stopped after 13! I did the climb 13 times and I felt myself stronger and better minutes to minutes! On the 10th clim I met with Vlad, who had a group ride with some italian friends. We had a quick chat and he left me. 
After I finished the 13th Zigi, I turned my head straight to Richmond park. I did 3 laps in the park and way on home I just popped in the shop to say hello for the guys and feel up my bottle with water and myself with a can of Coke. Thanks for the 5 minutes break and  a Coke, I rode easy the last 20km to home. I really hate if I have to stop for just 1 minute on my training ride, but yesterday I had to do... :) End of the day I finished with 182km and 6 hours 27 minutes. It is a slow average but I am happy with it. I did nearly 2500m climb which one is great around the flat London. 
I have a quite and chill out rest week with small rides and I am off to Hungary for a new ECG test on  next Sunday-Monday. We will see what's changed and I am stronger or not than 3 months ago.

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