Friday, 12 June 2009

Two busy days...

Last two days 
were unbelievable busy, but lots of good things happened!
First of all and my Lefty fork came back , after it had 32 days travel around Europe. It is a long story, but thanks for the Post Office finally I got back my fork! I sent again to Belgium 88+ and I hope it will arrive on the right address now! Kristoph from 88+ promised me, I will get back before next weekend, which on is a good thing, because British Marathon Championship 2,5 weeks away and I didn't ride my new bike yet.... 

We build Dave's new bike over the last couple of days and I finished it yesterday! It is a sweet bike! Cannondale Super 6 Liquigas ...hmmmm tasty. I will review it soon! 

Liqui and Pinky

Thanks God, I managed to order the right size spokes for my wheels, and I could build my new Power Tap rear hub in my FFWD wheels. I pimped up little bit the wheels, got white spokes and couple of red and black nipples. I will write down the whole process soon!

My last two missing bits turned up for the Scalpel. I got my white Shimano Yumeya gear cable set and the white Crank Brother Candy 2Ti pedals! Both are really nice. 
I think thats it... I have to jump in the bed now, because I am basically dead.... 

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