Sunday, 29 May 2011

End of the (first) week

Weekend time! Thanks God!

Wow, where should I start? Ok, start with my diet.
Today is the end of my first week on LFHR diet. I have to say I still feel great. The banana eating became my daily routine now and no problem to consume the right amount of food. I try to eat all variety of fruits, but I ate mainly melons and bananas during this week. I got some warning about potassium over dosage by bananas. It called hyperkalemia . But I am afraid I couldn't eat nearly 100 bananas a day.... I am not in the danger. During the week, my personal best was 27 yesterday.
Only a bit hassle the evening salad, which one weight usually 1,5-2kg. But I try to switch to more spinach from ice-berg lettuce and I can blend it and just drink it.
My weight doesn't see to change a hugely, my weekly average stayed the same. My energy level is still high and I hammered down training quite well this week. I just had to sort out my sleep in the next couple of weeks. I don't (can't) sleep enough. My biological clock wakes me up around 5:00-5:30 every morning. If I go late in the bed, I still wake up early. It isn't a problem yet with this boosted energy level, but shouldn't be good on long term.
I got the question about craving... None! I don't crave after any cooked or processed food or meat. I just crave after more ripped bananas and mangoes.
I still buy most of my fruits on North End Road market and I receive some discount as well now! I buy the rest in local Tesco.
I am very interested now with my strength and endurance in the next few week. To see the possible change I signed up a 10k running race for next weekend and I will do an other one a bit later. I know, I shouldn't expect any major change in this short period, but the energy level change is amazing. Well, I keep on the fruit diet and we will see!
Local market purchase....

Week was quite busy in the workshop (just a usual...) I had couple of nice service job, but the highest point of the week was to build Olli's wheels. A pair of green Chris King R45 hub with DT Swiss Aero Lite spokes and Mavic Cermaic Open Pros. I didn't take any picture but I will do on Tuesday. They are going to be fitted in Olli's SuperX. I spent a fair bit of time on this wheels on Saturday afternoon, but worth the effort! Olli is a happy chapy now!

My CAAD5 project is still going on, more parts has been arrived during the week, but the situation on my rear mech isn't good. It is on back order and it dues middle of Jun. Bahhhh...
My shifters turned up Saturday and I straight fitted the pink hudz on! Looks lovely!
After a long wait I received my Zero Gravity brakes as well! But how? I got a letter from Parcelforce to pay custom charges. I called up PF and paid by card over the phone and waited the brakes. Nothing happened, and I found it out, the item still wait for custom charge payment?! Basically PF taken my payment, but didn't upgrade the system. After 1 hour on the phone and fight with people with funny accent I decided to pay again and cancel my old transaction with the bank...Wasn't easy mission, but sorted now. And one day later I could hold my brakes in my hands.

So far I have, fork, tyres, drive train, shifters and brakes, but I still need a handlebar, stem , seat post and a rear mech. I can't wait until I can finally do the surgery on CAAD5.

I am off for a short run now and my 30cm salad bowl is waiting for me!
So keep looking and I will update Banana land's story!

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Second and third day... so far so good!

I just finished my third fruitarian dinner, it means, I am over the third day! I feel myself great and I haven't got any craving after cooked food or meat. I try to eat all sort of fruits, but I started to be addicted with bananas. Today I had 17!

Yesterday was very good, I noticed the first positive change. My energy level is constant during the day and I am not heavy headed and sleepy during the afternoon. I was awake very early and no signs of tiredness during the day!
I started the day with a short running and I went for a ride after work.
I tried out one of our new demo bike, a top of the range Orbea Orca with Sram Red. Well.... it wasn't my nicest ride unfortunately. I absolutely dislike this bike and I can't see the point why it costs £6.600!? First of all I felt I sat on a chopper. Secondly the whole bike was flexing under my 63kg.... The front end isn't stable, handlebar feels like a spaghetti, BB area is a rubber band and a rear end like a bad rear suspension. Cornering is terrible and control all over the place. Sorry, but only thing what I liked on this bike it was the colour..... Pffff.....
Anyway, it is over now....
The positive side of this ride was my legs! Thanks Martin both worked perfect and felt effortless! Mr SuppleWorx did a job again! I noticed other interesting thing, my blood sugar didn't dropped down during the ride. In the last few month (since I don't eat grains) I had to be careful and eat 2-3 gels /hour. But last night I did the whole 1 hour 40 minutes with a half pack of energy chew! I am quite interested, it will stay in the same way or not....

Yesterday food:
-3 apples
-1 banana
-2 cantaloupe melons
- 50g date

-5 bananas

-4 bananas
-4 oranges
-100g dates

Afternoon snack:
-6 bananas
-2 oranges

-1 bananas
-1 lettuce (600gr- blended with bananas)
-2 apples
-50 g almonds
-50g dates
-beetroot and carrot

1:40 minutes cycling (50km)
30 minutes run (7km )

Today I was awake 4:30!? What? I couldn't sleep and I was very fresh! Wooow! During the day I had a same feeling then yesterday. High and constant energy level. I started the day in the gym with some mad hill workout on treadmill and it was great! I felt great and I preformed great. I felt myself a bit light headed, but blood sugar stayed okay. After work I went for for a quick spin (45 minutes) and I was still very energetic! Third day is done... I am looking forward tomorrow! I will go in the gym early and after I do some serious shopping on the market!
Tonight menu...

Today food:
-3 bananas
-50g date
-800g pineapple
-100g spinach

- 5 bananas
-2 oranges

-7 bananas
-100g date

Afternoon snack:
-2 bananas
-5 oranges

-30g almonds
-30g pumpkin seed
-2 apples
-200g cherry tomatoes
-1 iceberg lettuce (700g)
-100g spinach
-4 satsuma
-150g mango

-1 hour treadmill workout (14km)
-45 minutes easy pace cycling

Monday, 23 May 2011

First day in fruit land...

I started my 80/10/10 diet today. I am over the first day and it was quite good! I didn't have any craving after any "forbidden" food.

The day went great,first I went in the gym and after I did some shopping on the market. Market was quite rubbish today, I hope tomorrow will be better. After I went to see Martin again at 11 o'clock. He spent 2 hours with my terrible legs! :) After I moved down to the kitchen from the massage room and we did some serious cooking with Sue. We were quite excited to try out Sue's new baby. She bought a new VitaMix in Whole Foods yesterday! Oh my lord, I need one soon... This blender's strength is incredible.
We made some raw cream of spinach soup for today and some coconut sweet potato curried soup for tomorrow. The second dish was apple cabbage stir fry with lemon zesty chicken breast all in paleo style. Everybody enjoyed the lunch, during Sue and Martin tried to eat the huge meal I had a VitaMax blended banana-spinach smoothie with dates and a whole papaya.

Today I had:
- 2 large bananas
- 2 small Cantaloupe melons
- 50g dates
- 3 oranges

- 100g spinach
-3 large bananas
- 100 g dates
- 1 large papaya

afternoon snack:
- 4 large bananas
-3 large oranges

- 2 large bananas
- 2 white grapefruits
- circa 1,8 kg green (Romanian and ice berg)
- 30 g almonds
- 400g watermelon
- 1 beetroot
- 100g radish
- 3 stalk celery (it is important for a salt intake)

My dinner, the bowl's diameter is 30 cm... and the whole lots weighted 2.1 kg! It toke 40 minutes to eat it! :D

- 1 hour upper body workout in the gym
- 2X 20 minutes commuting cycling

My weight was 62.9kg at the morning. I measured my body fat as well, but have to calculate out the right number....

I am little bit tired now, I wanna off to the bed! Why am I doing this? What is 80/10/10 diet and fruitarian diet? I am going to explain you tomorrow!

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Cipollini test ride and diet change!

Just a quick post about last week.
I haven't been here a while. I had quite active weeks.

Last Monday I went to see Martin again ( check out SuppleworX kingdom ), who did a big work on my back and after I gave some raw food "cooking" session for Martin's lovely girlfriend , Sue. We made marrow spaghetti with tomato sauce and walnut "meat" balls for main course and some banana - avocado cream for dessert. Martin was a bit sceptic in the first second, but end of the day he loved it!
(This is the butternut squash spaghetti version, it is an older photo)

Rest of the week went super fast, workshop was absolutely ramped, I didn't have a time to fart... (sorry).

My bits started to turn up for my CAAD5 reborn. I still wait for parts (rear mech on back order, brakes still sit in custom...) but I received my new crank, new chain rings and my new pink (pimp the fuck out my bike) Chris King bottom bracket. I have a Sram Red crank with Rotor (52/36) chain rings. I am looking forward to give a plastic surgery for my baby!

I did a fair bit of training as well. I finished the week with nearly 50km run (includes 1 serious speed workout) and 210km rides. My barefoot concept run (I use Nike Free-s at the moment) is progressing as well, I can do up to 7km in the Free-s without any problem. I think the time is here for sign up some running race soon! I wanna do some 10k race to set up my PB on this distance.
Bike training was the usual Richmond park series during the week and a 100km Box hill round yesterday. But, I managed to spice up my Friday night ride! I had some awesome opportunity! On of our rep landed for a shop something special! One Mario Cipollini RB1000 with full DI2! Thanks for good awesome excellent boss and friend Dave he let me go out on the beauty for a night! My time was limited and I wasn't in the best shape on Friday, but I did my best and I hammered in the bike nearly 70km. I think I found one of my dream bike! It is unbelievable, how this bike response and act! The bike was size M, the reach was ok, but the seat mast was a bit low for me (around 1,5cm lower, than should be).
Couple thought about the bike:

- everyone should have one
- I need one.... (this complete bike's price is 11,5K, it means I have to sell my kidney...)
- totally "overbuilt"... or it built right and gets all the material what should get! No silly weight saving, no flapping around
- the bike front end is hell responsive, bloody stiff, corners like you ride on rails
- bottom bracket area is very stiff... (okok, definitely under my 63kg...)
- after the first 500m, you really know why it costs 11,5k!

My opinion:
After I rode couple of good bikes, I own a Super6 and I thought it is one of the best bike on the planet earth (until last Friday..) my world view has changed! Where is the difference? The difference is, Super6 designed by somebody, who spent years and years on the university and next to the drawing table and try to design something with a pure knowledge with the numbers in the background.... and RB1000 designed by the people , who spent years and years in the peleton, riding all sorts of different bike and he knows what is important for a rider! Well done Mario! You did a job fuckin well!
If you need any information about the bike, please contact me or our shop! We sold one complete bike and one frame set already (same spec, what I rode, just the guy got cheaper wheels in at the moment, until he will receive his new Enve wheels).

OK, now the interesting bits comes! My diet! I decided to be a fruitarian at least for one month! This diet is based on the 80/10/10 diet or other name low fat high raw diet (LFHR). This means, I am going to eat a ton of fruits every day, nothing else! I started my "journey" this morning! Keep looking and I keep you tuned day to day, how is my diet going on.
I will explain more about this diet in the following post!

Monday, 9 May 2011

The perfect weekend in pictures...

After I landed ten to midnight last Tuesday on Gatwick airport, I didn't have enough sleep during last week and I managed to do a bit too much training, I decided to have a perfect weekend. The perfect weekend, when I don't set my alarm to 5:50, I try to stay away from hard training and enjoy some good food, cheating a bit on my diet and give some rest for my body.

Well, I managed to do quite well:

My perfect Sunday started a little house work, washing and pack away stuff after holiday. After I went to visit Real Food Festival . The festival was hold next door Earl's Court Exhibition Centre and I won the ticket on Whole Food's competition last week.

I hanged around couple of hours and I find a lots of interesting stuff, like:

Laverstoke farm's real buffalo babies

Little sheep

And big sheep on the

Some truffle (didn't have any taster on this stand.... why???)

And I spent a fortune...

I bought a bar of El Rey chocolate from Venezuela, Choc Chick starter kit (I can do my own raw chocolate now!), some buffalo mozzarella and buffalo biltong and 2 pots very nice full vegan cheesecake.

I spent the afternoon to recover from the show and headed out for an hour and a half easy ride.

I started the Monday morning in the gym. I had appointment with SuppleWorX Martin at 11 o'clock. After two hours agony my legs felt much much better. Thanks God, Martin has magic hands! I got some present from Martin and his lovely girlfriend Sue.

Interesting huge book and a little nibble....

Lunchtime, beetroot pineapple turkey salad, followed by some awesome vegan cheese cake.

After lunch, me and Adel went out for a walk in Holland park.

We got battled by squirrels....

And we finished our afternoon in Whole Foods Market,
Ostrich eggs... hmm... One big egg is equal with 24 hen's eggs. I have to have one some point..
Yamm... check it out the blue tomato!
Fruit heaven...

Where I stocked up my treat box a bit.... Raw vegan chocolate spread, raw grain free crackers, chcoclate honey halva and two small bar of chocolates.

During our shopping I managed to buy a pair of Zero Gravity brakes from the US on some bargain price!

And eat some real buffalo milk ice cream as well....

It was a perfect weekend. Now I am looking forward the following week with full of energy....

Thursday, 5 May 2011

Back from holiday

I am just back from holiday. I landed last morning at 00:01 on Gatwick airport. I had 6 amazing days on Malta, with lots of fun, some serious sun burn and not much rest. This holiday was a bit active... I try to catch up with everything at the moment.
Ouch, that is hurt.....

Now I am back in my every day life. Couple of interesting stuff is coming up soon. I will have some major refurbishment-pimp up on my CAAD5. I am waiting for the new bits at the moment. Only just my new fork has turned up couple of days ago. Easton EC 90 SLX....

Today was a (non)offical Cannondale Super6 EVO launch! We found some information on the web this morning, but we shouldn't wait longer, because our Cannondale rep popped in the door this afternoon. He showed the new EVO range for us. Hmm... The new EVO's look tasty. The frame claimed weight is 695 grams in 56 cm with the Ultimate paint job. EVO comes in 4 different spec, Ultimate, Team, DI2 and Red. Price will starts around £4k and going over £10k.
The frame looks a carbon CAAD10. We didn't see too much details on the PDF sheet, but I am sure more information and photos are coming out soon!

This week looks ramped. I have too much to do and workshop is busy as well. I try to put altogether a post about Malta soon as possible, but I am off to the bed now, I have a running speed work out at the morning and some good Surrey ride is waiting for me after work tomorrow!