Sunday, 29 May 2011

End of the (first) week

Weekend time! Thanks God!

Wow, where should I start? Ok, start with my diet.
Today is the end of my first week on LFHR diet. I have to say I still feel great. The banana eating became my daily routine now and no problem to consume the right amount of food. I try to eat all variety of fruits, but I ate mainly melons and bananas during this week. I got some warning about potassium over dosage by bananas. It called hyperkalemia . But I am afraid I couldn't eat nearly 100 bananas a day.... I am not in the danger. During the week, my personal best was 27 yesterday.
Only a bit hassle the evening salad, which one weight usually 1,5-2kg. But I try to switch to more spinach from ice-berg lettuce and I can blend it and just drink it.
My weight doesn't see to change a hugely, my weekly average stayed the same. My energy level is still high and I hammered down training quite well this week. I just had to sort out my sleep in the next couple of weeks. I don't (can't) sleep enough. My biological clock wakes me up around 5:00-5:30 every morning. If I go late in the bed, I still wake up early. It isn't a problem yet with this boosted energy level, but shouldn't be good on long term.
I got the question about craving... None! I don't crave after any cooked or processed food or meat. I just crave after more ripped bananas and mangoes.
I still buy most of my fruits on North End Road market and I receive some discount as well now! I buy the rest in local Tesco.
I am very interested now with my strength and endurance in the next few week. To see the possible change I signed up a 10k running race for next weekend and I will do an other one a bit later. I know, I shouldn't expect any major change in this short period, but the energy level change is amazing. Well, I keep on the fruit diet and we will see!
Local market purchase....

Week was quite busy in the workshop (just a usual...) I had couple of nice service job, but the highest point of the week was to build Olli's wheels. A pair of green Chris King R45 hub with DT Swiss Aero Lite spokes and Mavic Cermaic Open Pros. I didn't take any picture but I will do on Tuesday. They are going to be fitted in Olli's SuperX. I spent a fair bit of time on this wheels on Saturday afternoon, but worth the effort! Olli is a happy chapy now!

My CAAD5 project is still going on, more parts has been arrived during the week, but the situation on my rear mech isn't good. It is on back order and it dues middle of Jun. Bahhhh...
My shifters turned up Saturday and I straight fitted the pink hudz on! Looks lovely!
After a long wait I received my Zero Gravity brakes as well! But how? I got a letter from Parcelforce to pay custom charges. I called up PF and paid by card over the phone and waited the brakes. Nothing happened, and I found it out, the item still wait for custom charge payment?! Basically PF taken my payment, but didn't upgrade the system. After 1 hour on the phone and fight with people with funny accent I decided to pay again and cancel my old transaction with the bank...Wasn't easy mission, but sorted now. And one day later I could hold my brakes in my hands.

So far I have, fork, tyres, drive train, shifters and brakes, but I still need a handlebar, stem , seat post and a rear mech. I can't wait until I can finally do the surgery on CAAD5.

I am off for a short run now and my 30cm salad bowl is waiting for me!
So keep looking and I will update Banana land's story!

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