Monday, 9 May 2011

The perfect weekend in pictures...

After I landed ten to midnight last Tuesday on Gatwick airport, I didn't have enough sleep during last week and I managed to do a bit too much training, I decided to have a perfect weekend. The perfect weekend, when I don't set my alarm to 5:50, I try to stay away from hard training and enjoy some good food, cheating a bit on my diet and give some rest for my body.

Well, I managed to do quite well:

My perfect Sunday started a little house work, washing and pack away stuff after holiday. After I went to visit Real Food Festival . The festival was hold next door Earl's Court Exhibition Centre and I won the ticket on Whole Food's competition last week.

I hanged around couple of hours and I find a lots of interesting stuff, like:

Laverstoke farm's real buffalo babies

Little sheep

And big sheep on the

Some truffle (didn't have any taster on this stand.... why???)

And I spent a fortune...

I bought a bar of El Rey chocolate from Venezuela, Choc Chick starter kit (I can do my own raw chocolate now!), some buffalo mozzarella and buffalo biltong and 2 pots very nice full vegan cheesecake.

I spent the afternoon to recover from the show and headed out for an hour and a half easy ride.

I started the Monday morning in the gym. I had appointment with SuppleWorX Martin at 11 o'clock. After two hours agony my legs felt much much better. Thanks God, Martin has magic hands! I got some present from Martin and his lovely girlfriend Sue.

Interesting huge book and a little nibble....

Lunchtime, beetroot pineapple turkey salad, followed by some awesome vegan cheese cake.

After lunch, me and Adel went out for a walk in Holland park.

We got battled by squirrels....

And we finished our afternoon in Whole Foods Market,
Ostrich eggs... hmm... One big egg is equal with 24 hen's eggs. I have to have one some point..
Yamm... check it out the blue tomato!
Fruit heaven...

Where I stocked up my treat box a bit.... Raw vegan chocolate spread, raw grain free crackers, chcoclate honey halva and two small bar of chocolates.

During our shopping I managed to buy a pair of Zero Gravity brakes from the US on some bargain price!

And eat some real buffalo milk ice cream as well....

It was a perfect weekend. Now I am looking forward the following week with full of energy....

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That book is excellent. Years ago, it got me well when I was sick. I didn't have that revised edition. I had the old one. It wasn't as big/thick.