Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Second and third day... so far so good!

I just finished my third fruitarian dinner, it means, I am over the third day! I feel myself great and I haven't got any craving after cooked food or meat. I try to eat all sort of fruits, but I started to be addicted with bananas. Today I had 17!

Yesterday was very good, I noticed the first positive change. My energy level is constant during the day and I am not heavy headed and sleepy during the afternoon. I was awake very early and no signs of tiredness during the day!
I started the day with a short running and I went for a ride after work.
I tried out one of our new demo bike, a top of the range Orbea Orca with Sram Red. Well.... it wasn't my nicest ride unfortunately. I absolutely dislike this bike and I can't see the point why it costs £6.600!? First of all I felt I sat on a chopper. Secondly the whole bike was flexing under my 63kg.... The front end isn't stable, handlebar feels like a spaghetti, BB area is a rubber band and a rear end like a bad rear suspension. Cornering is terrible and control all over the place. Sorry, but only thing what I liked on this bike it was the colour..... Pffff.....
Anyway, it is over now....
The positive side of this ride was my legs! Thanks Martin both worked perfect and felt effortless! Mr SuppleWorx did a job again! I noticed other interesting thing, my blood sugar didn't dropped down during the ride. In the last few month (since I don't eat grains) I had to be careful and eat 2-3 gels /hour. But last night I did the whole 1 hour 40 minutes with a half pack of energy chew! I am quite interested, it will stay in the same way or not....

Yesterday food:
-3 apples
-1 banana
-2 cantaloupe melons
- 50g date

-5 bananas

-4 bananas
-4 oranges
-100g dates

Afternoon snack:
-6 bananas
-2 oranges

-1 bananas
-1 lettuce (600gr- blended with bananas)
-2 apples
-50 g almonds
-50g dates
-beetroot and carrot

1:40 minutes cycling (50km)
30 minutes run (7km )

Today I was awake 4:30!? What? I couldn't sleep and I was very fresh! Wooow! During the day I had a same feeling then yesterday. High and constant energy level. I started the day in the gym with some mad hill workout on treadmill and it was great! I felt great and I preformed great. I felt myself a bit light headed, but blood sugar stayed okay. After work I went for for a quick spin (45 minutes) and I was still very energetic! Third day is done... I am looking forward tomorrow! I will go in the gym early and after I do some serious shopping on the market!
Tonight menu...

Today food:
-3 bananas
-50g date
-800g pineapple
-100g spinach

- 5 bananas
-2 oranges

-7 bananas
-100g date

Afternoon snack:
-2 bananas
-5 oranges

-30g almonds
-30g pumpkin seed
-2 apples
-200g cherry tomatoes
-1 iceberg lettuce (700g)
-100g spinach
-4 satsuma
-150g mango

-1 hour treadmill workout (14km)
-45 minutes easy pace cycling

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