Monday, 23 May 2011

First day in fruit land...

I started my 80/10/10 diet today. I am over the first day and it was quite good! I didn't have any craving after any "forbidden" food.

The day went great,first I went in the gym and after I did some shopping on the market. Market was quite rubbish today, I hope tomorrow will be better. After I went to see Martin again at 11 o'clock. He spent 2 hours with my terrible legs! :) After I moved down to the kitchen from the massage room and we did some serious cooking with Sue. We were quite excited to try out Sue's new baby. She bought a new VitaMix in Whole Foods yesterday! Oh my lord, I need one soon... This blender's strength is incredible.
We made some raw cream of spinach soup for today and some coconut sweet potato curried soup for tomorrow. The second dish was apple cabbage stir fry with lemon zesty chicken breast all in paleo style. Everybody enjoyed the lunch, during Sue and Martin tried to eat the huge meal I had a VitaMax blended banana-spinach smoothie with dates and a whole papaya.

Today I had:
- 2 large bananas
- 2 small Cantaloupe melons
- 50g dates
- 3 oranges

- 100g spinach
-3 large bananas
- 100 g dates
- 1 large papaya

afternoon snack:
- 4 large bananas
-3 large oranges

- 2 large bananas
- 2 white grapefruits
- circa 1,8 kg green (Romanian and ice berg)
- 30 g almonds
- 400g watermelon
- 1 beetroot
- 100g radish
- 3 stalk celery (it is important for a salt intake)

My dinner, the bowl's diameter is 30 cm... and the whole lots weighted 2.1 kg! It toke 40 minutes to eat it! :D

- 1 hour upper body workout in the gym
- 2X 20 minutes commuting cycling

My weight was 62.9kg at the morning. I measured my body fat as well, but have to calculate out the right number....

I am little bit tired now, I wanna off to the bed! Why am I doing this? What is 80/10/10 diet and fruitarian diet? I am going to explain you tomorrow!

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