Monday, 21 September 2009

Veni Vidi Vici

Hey All!

I am back after long time. I came back in the UK last Tuesday night, but I didn't have a chance to write anything here. Anyway I try to make up everything. 
I spent 11 days in Hungary. I start on the end! :)

The reason why I went home was the 24 hour race in Budapest. It was my old dream. Couple of years ago, when our team won the race I had a think about to do the race in solo category.... on one day! :) My season wasn't great , and I got a bloody cyst and I had 2 weeks off from the bike 6 weeks before the race.... basically the starts didn't show me the best best one! But thanks for my coach, after 3 weeks really hard training I got back my strength. 
And the day has arrived! I spent the last 5 days in Budapest before the race. I made everything ready 2 days before the big day and I just had to concentrate for the rest. I popped up to the race center with couple of friends on Friday afternoon and we marked our tent's place and checked the new section on the course. We sadly noticed , the course was absolute shXXt, deep dust and lots of roots and rocks.
I went in the bed really early , but I couldn't sleep until 11 o'clock.... the race turned round and round in my head.....
Saturday morning... 6 o'clock.... alarm on! 
I woken up and I had a quick breakfast and I started to fill up Gabi's car with my stuff....Thanks God, PT Cruiser has a huge back end! We arrived to the race center 3 hours before the start. My support team arrived couple of minutes later and we prepared everything for a start....

The race started midday. I tried to push a couple of first lap, because too much cyclist were on the course and I didn't wanna catch any "traffic jam". I felt quite comfy my speed in the first two laps and I tried to keep the pace. My support watched my all wish in every lap... but I didn't have too much! :) I started to eat after the second hour, I ate gels in the first six hours. I really enjoyed the course and I felt myself bloody strong. I rode the bike on small chainring(27T) on the whole race.... (Thanks DiniMakk for a good tip! Tip was: " You should ride in the first 12 hours , like you roll across on the car park...). I had to realize the sun started to set and I stopped first time after 6,5 hours. I quickly ate some paste, little cake and drunk couple of glasses Coke. After the late lunch I toke my light and I started the night shift. This time I was 2 laps front of the second place. I started to give laps for the guys after 4 hours.
Around 7 o'clock Tibi has arrived and he helped out my support team. 
The night went really quickly, I enjoyed every second, temperature was really good, only the big dust limited the clear view. My legs just kept spin and I did the same time lap to lap. I had one more longer stop before midnight and I had some luxury dinner! :) In this time my advantage was 4 laps. 
We had some fire work around midnight but I wasn't too interested with it... I was more interested with give more laps for a guys. After 12 hours on the bike, something switched off in me and I just did my laps like a droid... and I really enjoyed this feel. 
After the night all solo rider had to stop for a medical checking, which one is a bull shit! How could you stop after 18 hours ride for nearly 25 minutes brake??? Anyway we had to do , we did it. The doc did some ECG on me and checked my blood sugar..... hahaha. It was a real joke!
After the med check I got the news, the second place was 9 laps behind me! This moment I realized if I havn't any major technical problem I  am going to win this race. I went back and I did couple of more laps, but I started to take more brake. It wasn't a point kill myself without reason, because I just had to keep my advance. 
After the stupid med check I started to feel the tiredness, which one wasn't surprising. I did couple of more laps and I stopped for a longer rest. After 21,5 hours I had more then 9 laps advance which one was unbeatable. I sat down and I had a massive breakfast. 1,5 hours before the finish my family and my friends arrived. We had a chat and I went back the course and I did other 3 laps. 
When  I rolled over on the finish line I just felt something great! I was really really happy! On of my dream came true! And I know this winning is just beginning for something good! Yes I did it! I did my first 24 hour solo race and I won it! VENI VIDI VICI! (by Gabi) Thats it! :)

We quickly loaded up the cars, I had a quick shower and I started my eating marathon, what I finished 8 days after the race! :D
After the prize giving ceremony I had a quick chat with couple of friends and we jumped in the car with Gabi and drove up the Budapest Wine festival... but it is a different story! :)
Anyway I went in the bed 19:30 and I woke up next morning 5 o'clock... and I just ate all day! :)

And here comes the most important bits
I have to say thanks for a lots of great people! I hope I don't forget anybody, if I will do, please remind me! 

First of all I have to say big thanks for CSC Team, my coach Istvan Szollossy, his wife Bea and Tibor Fulop for a lots of help!  

James and Dave... my two great big boss, thanks the patience and a lots of help what I got from the shop!

Gabesz! Thanks for everything (bed, bathroom, taxi ....) :D You are a great friend!

Probike team, Mr. Balazs, Dini, Jozsi! Cheers for every help! You are great guys! 

Thanks for my sponsors and supporters , Cannondale, Zeal Optics, Bicycle shop!

Draga Adelom!
Neked magyarul irok! :) 
Tudom nehez idoszakon mentunk at mindketten, de orulok, hogy ujra minden jo iranyba megy!
Koszonom a bizalmadat es a lelki tamogatasodat, azt, hogy biztal bennem es hogy egesz ejjel velem voltal! ;)