Sunday, 31 May 2009

Sunny Sunday

What a wonderful day!
 I left the house 8 o'clock. I wasn't in the "go far away" mood, but I had a complete plan. First I rode out to Box hill and did the Zig-Zag climb 6 times. After when I finished the climbing I went straight in Richmond park and rode 6 laps. I did 178km and my time was around 6 hours. 
The weather was a bit windy but the sunshine was amazing! I got my new "sun-lines" today! :D
 I hope in the next couple of months all weekend will be the same! 
I got home around 2 o'clock and I had a lovely lunch in the back garden.... welcome summer! 

Bar-brake on top of the Box hill

Feel the speed...


Monday, 25 May 2009

"Holy shit" shoes- The Bont story

Two guys came in our shop last Saturday. They looked some really good road shoes. I thought that I show mine one. When I given it for the guys, one of them just told : "Holy shit... WFT?" 
I realized in the next moment, that I have this shoes more then 6 months ago and I didn't post on the blog! 
N.G. (the guy, who is the Bont distributor in the UK) walked in the shop with a pair of Bont shoes nearly 9 months ago. I felt in love with this shoes in the first second... and this love just been stronger when I realized I can order in pink color! I had to wait n
early 3 months, because Pink wasn't in stock and mine one came straight from Australia. 
Bont is a small family based company in Sydney since 1975. (you can read the whole story here )
Order is really easy with size vise. You can find a really smart sizing chart on Bont's page. If you know your size, after you have to choose your color (8 colors available), your pedal type (you can order Speedplay or usual type) and your closing mechanism(shoe leeds, straps or combinated). All type are fully heat moldable, basically when you get it, you can personalised for yourself.  It is not cheap, costs around £240, but if you have deeper pocket, you can choose full custom model (laser scan tech) which one cost around £600. 
I use mine one nearly 4 months ago and I am really happy with it. After I did the heat molding, the first 700km was a hell.... shoes brake my feet everywhere, but after this period they works fine! I use with Speedplay pedals but I ordered the standard cleats fitting type. I could fit the cleats with the Speedplay adapter without any problem.
I used Sidi, Specialized and PI shoes before, but you can't compare these ones with the Bont. Unbelievable stiff and light! I will order one more pair i
n white color and I can't wait when Bont will start to make the off road version! I know, it is not the cheapest option, but if you look something unique design and very high quality products, choose the Bont! 

Sunday, 24 May 2009

Snapped spoke...

I went for a short 3 hours ride this morning. The route was Croydon-Box hill-Richmond-Croydon. When I started to climb up Box hill on the Zig-Zag road, I just heard some strange "ping" noise and the next second I felt something wrong. After I stopped and realized I got a broken spoke. Ohh well... wheel wasn't too bad, I fixed the broken one to the next spoke and finished my ride without any problem. The cornering was a bit tricky and over 55km/h, when I looked down, I felt I will get epilepsy...
My wheels built with Sapim CX Ray spokes. Personaly I never was a big Sapim fun... and after this I definitely change my spokes for DT Swiss aero light! 
I am off now, one really good friend of mine comes to visit me from Hungary. Have a nice Sunday everybody!

Friday, 22 May 2009

Tufo order

Thanks God and Sonic Cycles, my Tufo order has arrived today. Finally I have proper tubs again. I got 3 S3 Lite and I also ordered 4 tub tapes and 4 bottles sealant fluid. 

Tufo S3 Lite is on of the lightest road tub on the market. 700X21 weight is <210gr.
Also really good stuff the Tufo tub tape. First of all , you don't mess around your expensive carbon rim, secondly you can carry one with you next to your spear tub and if you get some unfixable puncture, you can change easily the tub and safely carry on  your ride.
Tufo is a small company in Czech Republic. If you don't know  this company , give a look for it!

Thursday, 21 May 2009

Scalpel- Episode 3.

Finishing kit:

I think one of the most personal units on everybody's bike, the finishing kit! We are all different, everybody has a favorite saddle, grip or handlebar.
The original setup was:
-FSA K Force handlebar
-FSA K Force seatpost
-Fizik Tundra saddle 
-Cannondale SI stem 
-Sram grips
I didn't keep any from the old bits.

New setup:
I put straight on my old Ergon  Team one. One of the best endurance grip on the market, without any question! If you never tried before, you should! 
I changed the original seat, because the Ritchey seatpost dosn't work with the wide carbon rails. I chosed the new Fizik Antare model, wich one is road specific saddle, but looks good for MTB use. 
it is on the Scalpel is a different story. You havn't too much choice on the market, but I found the most bling-bling one. I ordered one from LeoRacing, it is made by FRM exclusive for LeoRacing. It is carbon-alloy model. 149gr in 115mm long with Ti bolts.  
The handlebar and seatpost are the new Ritchey Superlogic range. The low rise handlebar is 64cm wide and 150gr. The seatpost is 350/27.2 and 157gr, thanks for the 1 bolt head design. I use Ritchey parts ages ago, and I never had any problem with this bits. 

The bike will be done soon. I just wait the fork back from 88+ Belgium, I have to sort out my tires, it isn't too easy fit the Conti Supersonic tyres with Stan's. And I have to order my new pedals. I don't know this moment which on is going on the bike, but I have couple of idea......

KOTD update

Just a quick update. If every informations are correct, it looks that I rode the best time on the last weekend! I well happy! :)

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

King of the downs- 184km time trial....

I found this sportive ride on the web couple of weeks ago. The organizer was Evans Cycles and the course looked really interesting. "Why not?"- I thought and  did my entry quickly online and waited the day. 


I woken up early, 4:30. I felt a bit tired but it was normal, because this day was my last training day before my rest week, after 3 weeks hard training and nearly 1700km. I thought this sportive can be some nice training ride.  I planed to catch the 6:07 train from Croydon. I had  breakfast and a quick forecast check. I chosed summer top and short with arm and knee warmer(I had to realized later, this was a mistake!). 
Short ride to the train station. Little incident was on the train, too much cyclist on the board, but Southern handled the problem well and we got an other train. 
The event center was well organized, I got my start number in my hands after 3 minutes. 
I started the ride around ten past seven. 
The course was really good, but the weather wasn't. It started to rain after 35km, and some English monsoon arrived and followed me with some 35-40km/h wind on the next 120km. I wasn't able to open my energie bars or shift on my bike, because my hands were ice cold (I rode the whole event with 2 energie bars and a bottle of SIS drink). But I just rode and rode and enjoyed!  The course went over 10 "major" climbs. Every second was a pleasure, but I could share just with myself. I didn't meet anybody, who wanted to ride with me.... couple of guys tried to keep up with me before we went out the second loop, but it was a joke... (Sorry, I was tired, but why should I ride with 26km/h when I can ride with 30km/h...). Basically I did a long time trial. 
The rain stopped on the last 30km, but the wind didn't give up. 
I finished with 6 hours and 26 minutes. I am really happy with this time, I think it is acceptable after 3 weeks load and considering the bad weather conditions. 
The organization was excellent, really good course, amazing feeding stations and nice goody bag after the ride. I will be there again in  next year!

Saturday, 16 May 2009

Bad luck...

This morning started crap! I changed over my rear tub yesterday evening, because my old Tufo hadn't any rubber on after circa 6000km. My new choice was a Vittoria EVO CX because my favorite Tufo one is out of stock, but it was a bad decision! I got a puncture with it this morning.. after 20km usage, a piece of stone cut nearly half the tub, basically it is not fixable ! This was a expensive 20 km.....I checked couple of forums and reviews this afternoon and I found a lots of complains about the same thing. With my Tufos I got only 1 puncture on 6000km and I could fix with the Tufo sealant stuff... and it still works! I flicked back one of my old S3 lite. I hope it will work well, until the new stock arrive... 
I am off tomorrow for a sportive ride. I will ride the King of the Downs. I have to run in the bad now, because I should get up really early. Nite-nite everybody!

Friday, 15 May 2009

Scalpel- Episode 2.

The bike came with Juicy Ultimate brakes. You can find lighter systems on the market, but I think these are the one of the best performance/weight brakes on the market. I did some tune on and I cut down 63 grams from the system's weight without do any weakness in it.
-first of all, I changed the original G2 rotors for Hope floating one. It saved 32 grams. 
-I changed the original steel rotor bolts and caliper bolts for Ti bolts. 9 grams saving....
-And finally I cut out the adapters middle section, which bits aren't important. 12 grams saving.....

Original front and rear break without discs.

The new setup:

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Scalpel- Episode 1.

My Scalpel project has been started! If everything going ok, she will be done 2 weeks time. I try to explain here, what I change on the factory set up.... how I "customized" my new racing machine.
First step- drivetrain:
The original setup was XTR front mech, X.O. rear mech, Sram PC991 chain, Sram PG990 cassette and Cannondale SI crankset with 44-29 chainrings. 
The new system :
I changed over the front mech for a Campagnolo Record, the chain for a Sram PC 991 Hollow Pins and a cassette for a XTR M970 11-32. I kept the rear mech. I saved with this around 115 gramms and I more prefer the Shimano cassettes then Sram ones.
I did some tuning on the crank set. I changed the old chainrings and star for a two piece FRM unit. It is different ratio, 42-27 which one is better for endurance racing.  This part made by FRM, but you can order only from LeoRacing (LeoRacing is a italian cannondale shop, who makes and distributes lots of bling-bling cannondale specific aftermarket parts). Basically the top chainring is one piece with the starts and the small chainring fits with 4 integrated bolts with it. The weight different isn't huge (the FRM one is only 12 grams lighter) , but you can drop down your front gearing with this special bit. 

The new chainrings:

The new setup:

The old setup

Sunday, 10 May 2009

Dooh! Finish the long week with a long ride!

-173km, 5 hours 40 minutes (SLOW!)
-3 major traffic infringements (2 tunnel and 1 bridge crossing with not the right vehicle)
-1 front puncture with tubullar 
-1 broken pump 
- 50km ride with a nearly flat front tyre
-3 Mule bars (2 Hanza nuts and 1 Pinnacolada )
-2 bottles Go Electrolite 
- face wind...face wind... and more face wind (I don't know how does it work... but in the UK you can go any direction and you have face wind all the time...)

I was been awake 6:45 this morning. The plan was 170km, but I had not any idea about the destination. I had a quick look on google map after breakfast and I found my target after 3 minutes. Isle of Sheppey, Sheerness.  Quick Garmin setup and I was on the bike around 9 o'clock. The first 1,5 hours was a hell. The wind was strong, I was tired ..... but after 50km everything was ok.  I arrived in Sheernes after 2 hours 40 minutes. I toke couple of pictures quickly and I turned back. On the back way I rode up Sheppey crossing. The cycling is prohibited on it, but I toke the risk. (anyway, both way I crossed one river on the tunnel, where cycling is not allowed, I was a bad guy today...).
The real surprise came 50km from home. I got a front puncture. It wasn't a prob, quick tub change with Tufo tubtape, 10 minutes job. I started to pump up my tyre.... 50 push with the pump, and crack... My brand new uber-super mini pump went broken.... SHIT! OK, I thought: "I have not other choice, I have to ride home with nearly flat tyre. "
The last 50km was a bit tricky  and harder work as usual, but I got home in one piece. I just checked the pressure in the tyre.... it was 3,5 bars... :D 

1: half way, Thames in the background
2-3-4.: view from Sheerness beach
5-6: view from top of the Sheepey crossing
7: Sheppey crossing (it isn't my own picture)

Saturday, 9 May 2009

View from top of the Box hill

I taken this pictures at 6:45 this morning. The view was unforgettable.

I didn' write anything in the last 4 weeks. I told about Transalp in my last post. Unfortunately everything went upside down in the last 2 weeks. No Transalp.... Felt team messed up everything, no money, no entry, no Transalp....

I will back soon with couple of news.... Scalpel..... 12 and 24 hours races....
But I need a rest now. I had a hard week and I have minimum 170km ride tomorrow.