Friday, 22 May 2009

Tufo order

Thanks God and Sonic Cycles, my Tufo order has arrived today. Finally I have proper tubs again. I got 3 S3 Lite and I also ordered 4 tub tapes and 4 bottles sealant fluid. 

Tufo S3 Lite is on of the lightest road tub on the market. 700X21 weight is <210gr.
Also really good stuff the Tufo tub tape. First of all , you don't mess around your expensive carbon rim, secondly you can carry one with you next to your spear tub and if you get some unfixable puncture, you can change easily the tub and safely carry on  your ride.
Tufo is a small company in Czech Republic. If you don't know  this company , give a look for it!

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