Friday, 30 April 2010

Gorrick 100- no go....

Oh well, weekend, glycogen storage are on full, bike is ready for a rock and roll... and no go!

Unfortunately Dave just realized yesterday afternoon, he hasn't MOT and tax on the car and no way he can sort out before the weekend. I was hopeful, that we can find some solution before Sunday, but I had to realize it is a dead case! The notice was too short and Bank Holiday is coming up, everybody have a ready plan for a long weekend. I am a bit sad, but it isn't end of the word and I have to be honest, if we check the weekend forecast and injured wrist, may be better if I stay on the road and keep training. I try to do some mad long training on this long weekend.

I did 1,5 hours GA1 in Richmond park this morning. I have to say the weather was lovely and I can't believe the shitty weather will be back soon.

Back of the beginning of this week, I rode Hillingdon crit again Tuesday night. It was mad. Some crash happened in the junior category and our start was delayed. I finished on the 32th place, but without polish myself, I think I did the most work on the front in the first 30 minutes, but I didn't left enough to the finish. I have to say again, on this crit series I don't ride for a good result, I ride it for training. Hopefully it makes me a bit faster. It isn't a point for me, hang on the back 36 minutes and do the final sprint. It isn't match my training expectations. Anyway I really enjoy this Tuesday nights fun.

I got some goodies from Hungary last Sunday. Thanks to Fity for a bag of lovely stuff and to Zsabi for a great logistic! And what was in the bag?

Here we go:

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Crank Brothers 2011

Our Crank Brothers rep just rocked up in the shop 10 minutes ago! He had a couple of sample from the 2011 Crank Brothers goodies. CB has a proper finishing kit in the production line next year. You can see the Cobalt 3 alloy stem (132gr), Cobalt 3 alloy seatpost (31.6-400mm 227gr) and the Cobalt carbon handlebar (660mm, low rise; 166gr) on the pics. I have to say these are just samples but all look lovely! The seatpost will be available in carbon version is well. My favorite is the stem, what uses really simular mechanism then Thompson to lock the handlebar and fork steerer for a place!
Mike also brought with him one pedals from the Candy line, what looks awsome! It is full alloy body for next year, gets better bearings... And the weight... Feather light!-
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Friday, 23 April 2010

Time crunched

Hello all!

Oh well, I didn't post anything in the last 6 weeks. I don't wanna find any excuse, I was too busy and that's it. Training, training and more training. If you wanna push the maximum out of you (even you are not a pro, you have a job, friends and you have to look after yourself), you have to use for training and recovery all free second in the day. In the future I try to refresh the blog weekly once, on my "rest" day!

Just a short overall from the last 6 weeks, I give more info soon:
After the middle of March Headshok seminar I just concentrated for the training. Early morning bike workouts end evening gym sessions. In the same time I joined to British Cycling (I have a license now.... yippi) and I did my entry for a 24 hour German(?) World Championship(?). It is interesting, how many WC and EC race in the endurance world every year.....
Me and Adel had a long weekend in Antwerp and Brussels on the easter bank holiday weekend. It was a good 3 days of the bike, little relax, and proper carbo load, 1 week before my first race. I don't really wanna eat any waffles in the next 2 years... no comment.
One week later I had my first race. Muc OFF8 - 8 hour enduro. I came 3rd. in the solo category and 7th in the overall. The winner was Ian Leitch. It was a hard race, deep mud, bloody wind and cold, but it was fun. Special thanks to Dave and Adel for a brilliant support.
Beginning of this week I raced my first crit. Hillingdon! Cat4, lost start.... lots of fun!

My next event is the Gorrick 100. It is 1,5 weeks time.

Okay pipers, I have to disappearing now... I be back soon with more info!