Friday, 23 April 2010

Time crunched

Hello all!

Oh well, I didn't post anything in the last 6 weeks. I don't wanna find any excuse, I was too busy and that's it. Training, training and more training. If you wanna push the maximum out of you (even you are not a pro, you have a job, friends and you have to look after yourself), you have to use for training and recovery all free second in the day. In the future I try to refresh the blog weekly once, on my "rest" day!

Just a short overall from the last 6 weeks, I give more info soon:
After the middle of March Headshok seminar I just concentrated for the training. Early morning bike workouts end evening gym sessions. In the same time I joined to British Cycling (I have a license now.... yippi) and I did my entry for a 24 hour German(?) World Championship(?). It is interesting, how many WC and EC race in the endurance world every year.....
Me and Adel had a long weekend in Antwerp and Brussels on the easter bank holiday weekend. It was a good 3 days of the bike, little relax, and proper carbo load, 1 week before my first race. I don't really wanna eat any waffles in the next 2 years... no comment.
One week later I had my first race. Muc OFF8 - 8 hour enduro. I came 3rd. in the solo category and 7th in the overall. The winner was Ian Leitch. It was a hard race, deep mud, bloody wind and cold, but it was fun. Special thanks to Dave and Adel for a brilliant support.
Beginning of this week I raced my first crit. Hillingdon! Cat4, lost start.... lots of fun!

My next event is the Gorrick 100. It is 1,5 weeks time.

Okay pipers, I have to disappearing now... I be back soon with more info!

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