Friday, 30 April 2010

Gorrick 100- no go....

Oh well, weekend, glycogen storage are on full, bike is ready for a rock and roll... and no go!

Unfortunately Dave just realized yesterday afternoon, he hasn't MOT and tax on the car and no way he can sort out before the weekend. I was hopeful, that we can find some solution before Sunday, but I had to realize it is a dead case! The notice was too short and Bank Holiday is coming up, everybody have a ready plan for a long weekend. I am a bit sad, but it isn't end of the word and I have to be honest, if we check the weekend forecast and injured wrist, may be better if I stay on the road and keep training. I try to do some mad long training on this long weekend.

I did 1,5 hours GA1 in Richmond park this morning. I have to say the weather was lovely and I can't believe the shitty weather will be back soon.

Back of the beginning of this week, I rode Hillingdon crit again Tuesday night. It was mad. Some crash happened in the junior category and our start was delayed. I finished on the 32th place, but without polish myself, I think I did the most work on the front in the first 30 minutes, but I didn't left enough to the finish. I have to say again, on this crit series I don't ride for a good result, I ride it for training. Hopefully it makes me a bit faster. It isn't a point for me, hang on the back 36 minutes and do the final sprint. It isn't match my training expectations. Anyway I really enjoy this Tuesday nights fun.

I got some goodies from Hungary last Sunday. Thanks to Fity for a bag of lovely stuff and to Zsabi for a great logistic! And what was in the bag?

Here we go:

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