Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Bank holiday weekend

Box hill- 6 degrees and rain

I missed the Gorrick 100, but if I think back the Sunday weather and read the comment about the race, I am a bit happy with it. I am sure, my Saturday- Sunday long training was much much useful. When I realized that I couldn't do the Gorrick, quickly I replaned my weekend.

I didn't feel myself too good on Friday night, I messed up my carb intake again. My body was starving and I felt the time for some JUNK! I wasn't too shy and I went straight in the McDonalds, I know it isn't the best example, but I can cheat sometime( I think I didn't have McDonalds nearly 7-8 months). I had a massive BigMac with a medium fry and 1,5 Cadbury Chocolate Egg McFlurry and I washed down with half liter of Diet Coke. It was good felling... but I still wasn't satisfied. I rode home and checked the Sunday race food bag's contain. Uhhh lala... chocolate cookies and Wagon Wheels... they lasted 10 minutes. Basically I spanked in around 2000 kcal from junk. After I had a shower and I went in the bed. I had 8 hours deep and sweet sleep. I woken up like a new man on Saturday morning. I felt myself human again. I been on the bike around 5:50 and I headed out Box hill. I did 3 hours in the morning and I have to say I felt myself bloody strong. My NP was 263 watts for 3 hours and the IF is 0.837. Hmm... may be the lots of junk exploded my inside! :))) But this wasn't enough and after I finished the work at 6 o'clock on the evening, I went out 2 hours more in the park. I finished the day with 5 hours and 156km.
I woken up really early Sunday morning, but after I looked out the window, I went straight back in the bad. I waited for some magic, but it didn't happen... finally I rolled out midday with my all Gore-tex and winter stuff on me. Waterproof stuff worked very well... in the first 15 minutes. After I was soaking wet everywhere, but you know, we live in UK and NO RAIN, NO GAIN! :) I rode out Dorking and Box hill first. My average speed and wattage were terrible, I couldn't see anything, but I kept going. I had a new idea top of Box hill and I went to see the Windsor Castle. I been nearly 4,5 years in London and I didn't see the Castle yet, never better time... I had a quick look on the building 1,5 hours later , quick photo, rain stopped( thanks God) and I rode back Richmond and for finishing I did 3 laps in the park. 6 hours and 10 minutes, 172km. It isn't too bad in the hurricane wind and rain.
I was really hopeful , that I could ride some long one again on Monday, but my coach told, time for a rest! Ok....

Windsor castle- yippi

Castle park, cycling is prohibited.... hmmm.. I have to say, it is a fast road! :)))

I spent the whole Monday in the flat with my laptop and couple of nutritionist books and try to work out what a hell is wrong with my diet.... I have to try out some different diet, in calorie wise I eat enough , but weekly once or twice I run out energy... if I start to eat more, I get up weight in the next second. I try to do more carb with a less as possible sugar and junk in the next couple of weeks. In the same time I think I have to cut back on my protein intake... I calculated out and I just realized I eat nearly same amount of protein then couple of body builder.... less shake, less protein bar... dooohhh....

This morning I did 40 minutes run and I spent 1,5 hours in the gym. After I had a little sleep and soon I start to get ready myself for the Hillingdon night party! :)
I am off now, I have to clean my bike... still full of dirt from the Sunday ride!

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