Thursday, 13 May 2010

Duncton sportive + a bit more

I rode the Duncton sportive last Sunday. One of our customer, Nick, sorted out me a entry and gave me a lift the way down. He picked up me 6:30 front of my house. The kick off was 8:30. The route was 138km and it had nearly 1400m elevation. (end of the day, my garmin stopped on 141km and nearly 1800m). I tried to pick up a good pace and keep continuously. I felt myself really good, even I had a hard week and I managed 8km run day before evening. The course was really good, nice quite countryside roads with beautiful landscape and couple of step climbs. The long distance included 2 feed station. I stopped on both and I treated myself with some banana and lovely flap jacks ( good to eat some different then energy bars on some days). The course was well signed and feed stations were really good. I managed to finish the route 4 hours and 33 minutes. It means I rode the fastest time on the long route. I picked up my free coffee in the finish and bought 2 nice cakes, and I headed back to London direction 10 minutes later... yes, I rode back to London! :D The 4,5 hours wasn't enough for me. I got face wind all the way back, but I really enjoyed the british country side view. When I arrived at home, my garmin stopped 231 km, 7 hours 54 minutes and more then 2800m elevation. It was a storming day with a lots of milage. The weather was quite bad, really cloudy, windy and cold and I got some drizzle on the way back, but these things didn't brake my good mood. I am looking forward the next weekend! :)

The garmin file:

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