Monday, 17 May 2010

Mad week!

What a mad week! Where should I start....

Okay, Tuesday was Hillingdon day again. I turned up quite early , because I had a meeting with the operator guy and we sorted out my last week result. I finished 12th. He couldn't see my number on the finish photo, because the guy next to me fully covered my side.
Because some really big crash happened 2 weeks ago, the organizers turned the way on the race course for the opposite way to try make to safer the race... I am not sure it was a good idea. I didn't feel right the course on the opposite direction from the first second. Corners just weren't feel right, our speed was really slow, too much people in one bunch, you could feel something wrong. And crash happened again, after 30 minutes in the last corner somebody fallen off in the middle of the bunch and the domino effect started... and all front of me. I tried to stop, but I couldn't. Everything just was too fast and the weather was unbelievable cold and my fingers didn't work. I jumped over the first guy, but I couldn't jump the second one... I rode over his ankles... sorry my guy, I hope you are better now. After the accident, the first pack rode away and I worked hard to get on the front again in the next 10 minutes. Didn't left enough for the end again, but I finished 17th, and I am happy with it! :) Longest I didn't hurt myself I was happy with everything...
Happy... until Saturday morning. I just did my one hour easy recovery ride in the morning, when some silly cow knocked off me with her car on North End road. She didn't realized what is happened and she stopped 400m later, other end of the road... Thanks God, I am ok, I have just couple of small bruises and I hit my left quadriceps. Unfortunately my bike got more damage, and my clothing is absolutely destroyed. Luckily she has insurance and the whole claim is going true on it. I don't know when I will see any money out of it, but my bike needs a new front wheel and other bits and pieces.
After this accident I decided, that I don't wanna do the Hillingdon Grand Prix on Sunday. I felt myself a bit deconcentrated and when I put major pressure on my leg, it hurts. Anyway, I was full of adrenaline and I had to make something silly. And what? Hehe.... you will see soon! :)

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