Saturday, 8 May 2010

Weekly report

I am over my 3rd Hillingdon crit now. I tried to ride a bit more clever this Tuesday. The weather was really cold and windy, it was hard to warm up and I started to feel the morning run in my legs, but the motivation was on the roof. We started really slowly but around half time we started to pick up the pace. Two guys broken away in the first lap and we couldn't catch then. I think it was my best finish but unfortunately I am not on the result list. I contacted already the organizers and I got the promise, but nothing happened yet. I reckon I was in the top 15th and Stavros ( our sales member in the shop, who cheered up me on the race) reckons I was in the top 10... :( I am a bit sad, but anyway crit isn't my party and it is just training for me. After the cat 4th race finished we stand close to the finish line and watched the other category's finish. Unfortunately some proper crash happened. Lots of rider went on the ground and one guy needed a proper medical help. Lots of broken bike is well... lol.... I am not sure , that I wanna go up in category... :)

Week was quite good, I felt myself strong and training went really well, just a weather doesn't wanna change... rain, wind and cold.... I did 2 hours in the rain this morning and I had a 40 minutes run after work. I am in the bed now, because I am up to some sportive ride tomorrow. I will ride the Duncton sportive , which one is 140km and after the event I am riding back in London what adds 80km more to my distance. I have a 7,5-8 hours day in the saddle tomorrow and hopefully the milage is coming out around 220km.

Good night for everybody now! I am off now!

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