Thursday, 5 May 2011

Back from holiday

I am just back from holiday. I landed last morning at 00:01 on Gatwick airport. I had 6 amazing days on Malta, with lots of fun, some serious sun burn and not much rest. This holiday was a bit active... I try to catch up with everything at the moment.
Ouch, that is hurt.....

Now I am back in my every day life. Couple of interesting stuff is coming up soon. I will have some major refurbishment-pimp up on my CAAD5. I am waiting for the new bits at the moment. Only just my new fork has turned up couple of days ago. Easton EC 90 SLX....

Today was a (non)offical Cannondale Super6 EVO launch! We found some information on the web this morning, but we shouldn't wait longer, because our Cannondale rep popped in the door this afternoon. He showed the new EVO range for us. Hmm... The new EVO's look tasty. The frame claimed weight is 695 grams in 56 cm with the Ultimate paint job. EVO comes in 4 different spec, Ultimate, Team, DI2 and Red. Price will starts around £4k and going over £10k.
The frame looks a carbon CAAD10. We didn't see too much details on the PDF sheet, but I am sure more information and photos are coming out soon!

This week looks ramped. I have too much to do and workshop is busy as well. I try to put altogether a post about Malta soon as possible, but I am off to the bed now, I have a running speed work out at the morning and some good Surrey ride is waiting for me after work tomorrow!

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