Sunday, 22 May 2011

Cipollini test ride and diet change!

Just a quick post about last week.
I haven't been here a while. I had quite active weeks.

Last Monday I went to see Martin again ( check out SuppleworX kingdom ), who did a big work on my back and after I gave some raw food "cooking" session for Martin's lovely girlfriend , Sue. We made marrow spaghetti with tomato sauce and walnut "meat" balls for main course and some banana - avocado cream for dessert. Martin was a bit sceptic in the first second, but end of the day he loved it!
(This is the butternut squash spaghetti version, it is an older photo)

Rest of the week went super fast, workshop was absolutely ramped, I didn't have a time to fart... (sorry).

My bits started to turn up for my CAAD5 reborn. I still wait for parts (rear mech on back order, brakes still sit in custom...) but I received my new crank, new chain rings and my new pink (pimp the fuck out my bike) Chris King bottom bracket. I have a Sram Red crank with Rotor (52/36) chain rings. I am looking forward to give a plastic surgery for my baby!

I did a fair bit of training as well. I finished the week with nearly 50km run (includes 1 serious speed workout) and 210km rides. My barefoot concept run (I use Nike Free-s at the moment) is progressing as well, I can do up to 7km in the Free-s without any problem. I think the time is here for sign up some running race soon! I wanna do some 10k race to set up my PB on this distance.
Bike training was the usual Richmond park series during the week and a 100km Box hill round yesterday. But, I managed to spice up my Friday night ride! I had some awesome opportunity! On of our rep landed for a shop something special! One Mario Cipollini RB1000 with full DI2! Thanks for good awesome excellent boss and friend Dave he let me go out on the beauty for a night! My time was limited and I wasn't in the best shape on Friday, but I did my best and I hammered in the bike nearly 70km. I think I found one of my dream bike! It is unbelievable, how this bike response and act! The bike was size M, the reach was ok, but the seat mast was a bit low for me (around 1,5cm lower, than should be).
Couple thought about the bike:

- everyone should have one
- I need one.... (this complete bike's price is 11,5K, it means I have to sell my kidney...)
- totally "overbuilt"... or it built right and gets all the material what should get! No silly weight saving, no flapping around
- the bike front end is hell responsive, bloody stiff, corners like you ride on rails
- bottom bracket area is very stiff... (okok, definitely under my 63kg...)
- after the first 500m, you really know why it costs 11,5k!

My opinion:
After I rode couple of good bikes, I own a Super6 and I thought it is one of the best bike on the planet earth (until last Friday..) my world view has changed! Where is the difference? The difference is, Super6 designed by somebody, who spent years and years on the university and next to the drawing table and try to design something with a pure knowledge with the numbers in the background.... and RB1000 designed by the people , who spent years and years in the peleton, riding all sorts of different bike and he knows what is important for a rider! Well done Mario! You did a job fuckin well!
If you need any information about the bike, please contact me or our shop! We sold one complete bike and one frame set already (same spec, what I rode, just the guy got cheaper wheels in at the moment, until he will receive his new Enve wheels).

OK, now the interesting bits comes! My diet! I decided to be a fruitarian at least for one month! This diet is based on the 80/10/10 diet or other name low fat high raw diet (LFHR). This means, I am going to eat a ton of fruits every day, nothing else! I started my "journey" this morning! Keep looking and I keep you tuned day to day, how is my diet going on.
I will explain more about this diet in the following post!

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