Thursday, 25 June 2009

Last couple of days....

I had couple of really busy day. I  flown back to Hungary just for a short visit last Sunday morning. I visited one friend of mine and I had a meeting with my coach and a ECG test on Monday. We really enjoyed the Sunday with Gabi. She came to pick up me on the airport and after we went straight on of ours favorite restaurant (Szeraj) when we had a massive dinner. We spent the afternoon in one of the local cafeteria, we had a proper chill out Sunday. I had a appointment 11 o'clock on Monday with my coach in the CSC training center. We had a quick chat and we started my ECG test. Everything went well in the first 20 minutes, but after something happened ....  I got a massive cramp in my bum.. no comment! I never had this type of cramp. We had to stop the test... I had some rest and we tried again one more time, but I given up because the cramp continuously came back. After we just had a laugh on the whole thing. Bum-cramp! Hahaha.... Basically we don't know yet, how much is the advance in the last 3 months, but dosn't matter! We will see on the race.

My Scalpel is done! Finally!!! It is 9.3kg now, but I will shave down more 150-200gr. Unfortunately the continental supersonic tires don't work with Stan's fluid, I will try the Schwalbe Rocket Ron next week. Anyway I used MountainKing 2.4 and SpeedKing 2.3 before. And they were a great tyre. The actual setup is MountainKing 2.2 and SpeedKing 2.1 and I have to say , I am not happy with it! I don't feel it stabile. I didn't have too much ride on the bike, but I have to say it is incredible stiff when locked out and works really smooth on off road. I will test it this Sunday. I will do the English Marathon Championship. I am off Saturday night to Burley with train. With train fuXXXX!!! I bought my train ticket online and I couldn't do the bike tickets. It is a mad process, after you received your tickets, you have to go the nearest train station and book your bike... okay.... but usually everything is fully booked because you can carry maximum 5 bikes/ train. Basically I have to pack my bike in the bike bag and ask God for a good luck. Because the nearest train station from the event village is 13 miles away, I have to ride 13 miles with the bike bag on my back... lovely! 

I have to disappearing now, because I should finish the packing and I have to do some exercise....

See you soon with the Scalpel review!

View from Gabi's balcony - Tatra Street - New Lipot city - Budapest

Crap quality picture.... my new race horse

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