Sunday, 5 July 2009

English Marathon Championship 2009

Ohh well, I had a ramped week, and I just have time to do my report about EMC 2009... after a week.
I have to tell the true , I wasn't sure 5 days before the race that I can do it. I had some trouble with my Lefty fork, we sent back to 88+ Belgium for a tune, and the fork went to be lost by Belgian post office, but finally I got back after 32 days! I finished quickly my bike and did my first ride with it 2 days before the race... 40km in Richmond park. I did the race just for training and friends with the bike. 
I did the logistic under 5 minutes on Saturday morning. Two phone calls and everything were sorted, thanks for my friends Tibi,  Eva and  my exgirlfriend Adel, who did my support! 
This race was Marathon Championship... but I can call more hardcore 100km XC race. I never heard this before, but it was a XC course and we had to do 8 laps on... which one is fit for me! Everybody asked that what do I think... I told, if I will in the first 10 I will be more than happy! 100km is too short for me. 
Sunday morning:
Everything went well, we met on Tibi's place, quick pack in the car, pick up Adel and go! We were already in New Forrest National Park at 8 o'clock. I picked up my start number and prepared myself and the bike. I wanted to ride 1 lap on the course before the start.  The weather was really hot and the humidity was unbelievable high. 
I started my course checking laps, but I never finished... After 2km my new "friend" showed up... I got a massive cramp in my boom again... middle of nothing. I couldn't move.... and was really hard work to get back to the car. 
15 minutes before the start:
Ok, I told, I couldn't race today....but after 1 minute I started to walk for a start line.... 
10 minutes before the start:
Hehehe.... funny situation, somebody realized, that I am hungarian, 2 seconds later I got the "nice" comments from every directions. ( you know what I think guys! All of you can FUCK OFF, everybody who pocked me got bitten! Strong guys ever talk! ) I didn't give a shit, because I knew first I had to deal with my cramp and after the new bike....... I just wanted to ride!
Ohhh yes, but not for me. Everybody pulled off, I started really slowly. This was slower than the typical Szabi start. I didn't want the cramp back I was really careful.
First and second laps:
I came back somewhere the last position after the first lap, and I realized that I rode one of my best bike in my life end of the second lap. The bike was amazing! Everybody felt in my support team, that something wasn't right with me... yes, the cramp!
Third and fourth laps:
I started to be better end of the third lap and I started to race in the fourth lap. I started to take over other riders and nobody pasted me, which one was a good sign!
Fifth lap and sixth laps:
I felt myself really well, I felt the power, but I couldn't push hard enough, because the cramp.... but I rode quite good laps! I started to enjoy every meter on the course, and I really felt the bike! I got my new bottles and gels very laps, thanks for Adel and Eva! The temperature was high, lots of rider started to give up the race. If you didn't look after your drink and food, you died! 
Seventh lap:
Tibi shouted to me, I am on the fifth place! Ohh gosss, thats good, I didn't think! I was really happy!
Last lap:
I past one more guy from the same category, I didn't know he was the 4th or I just given a lap for somebody, but after twenty minutes, when I pass the finish line, I got the information, I finished 4th! I was unbelievable happy! 
End of the day, I got quite lot from the first and second guys, but I know if the race is 3 or 4 laps longer and I hadn't the cramp problem in the morning,  I could finish easily on the second or third place! But in the sport NO BUT! I got the 4th place and end of the story, nobody interested with the excuses. And I shouldn't do any! I am happy and thats the important thing!!! 
It was really good feel, that the first five got a prize and the event guys appreciated our hard work! It was a tuff course, tuff race in the inhuman hot! 
I wanna say really big thanks for my support team Tibi, Eva and Adel! If you guys didn't help me in the last minutes I never did and finished this race!  Also BIG THANKS for my shop and sponsor - Bicycle! 

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