Monday, 6 July 2009

Short Sunday

After my Saturday interval session I didn't feel the freshness in my legs yesterday morning. It was hard to get out the bed and got prepared. I was on the bike 9 o'clock which one is one hour later start than the usual. I pointed my stem to Box hill directions, because no better mental training on the planet, when you are tired and you do the same climb 10 times! I got to Box hill very quick, around 50 minutes, traffic was quite and weather was bit windy but nice. I did 5 climbs already when one friend of mine (Vlad) came opposite with me. We had a quick chat, he did some Sunday group ride with London Dynamo club and he had a think may be he want to do one climb with me...... and one more... and one more.... :))) End of the day we did 5 all together. After he rode back with me in Richmond, because I had to pick up some stuff in the shop. On the way back he offered me a original italian pasta lunch and a recovery drink... Oh, yes, I just started to be hungry! (Ok, I am all the times hungry..). Quick visit in the shop, 5 minutes chat with James about our new Storck Fenomalist demo bike and we rode Vlad's place to Parsons Green. He cooked some really nice lunch under 15 minutes and by the time him girlfriend joined for us. She came back from cycling is well, she did couple of laps in Richmond park. After the lunch I had a real italian espresso and after a short chat I rode home. 
The plan was 5 hours,I did just 4,5, but I think the 5 climbs with Vlad was a bit stronger what I should do....  :) It was a great but short Sunday with a wonderful lunch! Cheers Vlad! :)

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