Friday, 31 July 2009

Little rest...

I am back after a while. I had 5 days of from the bike. I had a 12 hours night race in my calender after 1 week the Etap, but I didn't do it. Why? When I came back from France, I wasn't too well. My legs still ached where I had a cramp and I got a proper sunburn... but over all of this was really painful sit on the saddle. I thought it is just a skin damage... but I had to realized on Friday morning (1 day before the race) it is not going to be better... and actually it isn't just skin problem. I had to find out, I have cyst. First I had a big panic, but after a little research and chat couple of friends, who had a same problem, I realized it isn't the end of the world. I just had to change couple of things. Because my cyst was inflamed, it wasn't a point racing on the weekend. I canceled everything in the last second and changed the complete plan for the weekend! 5 hours later me and Adel (exgirlfriend and best support team on the world) had a Eurostar trainticket and hotel reservation to Brussel for a long weekend. After 7 months hard training and a lots of problem around the Etap I felt that I need some rest! We had a lovely time in Brussels, it is a great place, but if you are on diet, you shouldn't go there... I picked up 1,5kg under 3 days.. may be I ate too much belgian chocolate, waffle and drunk too much belgian bier! :)
I sat back on the bike Wednesday evening. I felt my lower end is ok, I changed my saddle for a more padded one. Thursday I just rode in work and back home, but today I did a bit "longer" distance with Liquigas SuperSix(Star) Dave after work. We just had one lap in Richmond park, but was lovely feeling to ride again after 5 days. I take easy this week, I will ride 2 hours tomorrow morning and may be 3-4 hours on Sunday. I am starting again the proper training on next week. I feel myself fueled up now and I have to concentrate the hungarian 24 hour race.

Belgian diet:

Kwak and strawberry beer

Chocolate...chocolate and more chocolate (FAT FAT FAT) :P

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