Sunday, 18 January 2009

Croydon-Richmond-Box Hill and back in Croydon...

 This morning started little late for me. I left the house around midday. The plan was done in my head yesterday evening. Croydon- Richmond- Box hill. 
The weather was wonderful (wind was little bit strong), but unfortunately the traffic wasn't! The first 30km was slow... solid traffic and traffic lights with red sign every times, but after I left the city, the country side was lovely and quiet.  When I arrived Box hill , I enjoyed a panoramic view for a couple of minutes and I turned and pushed back in Croydon. 
I had a great day today with a relaxing and enjoyable ride! 

Riding time: 4:10
Distance: 110km
Avg. speed: 27km/h
Avg. temp.: 5 C
Ascent: 600m

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