Sunday, 24 January 2010

Last 6 weeks..

I didn't post anything on here in the last 6 weeks. I didn't have too much free time, training camp, family members visit, Xmas, New Years Eve and lots of lots of training.

I had a training camp on Lanzarote between 13-24 December. It was a lovely time , I collected a lots of milage and lots of wonderful experience. Everything was nice and perfect, except my food poisoning what I collected on the 6th days. Basically it was my fault, I broken two really important rules. First of all, basic rule, if you go in the different country, never eat unpasteurised milk and yoghurt. I did and that was the first mistake. Second rule: if you feel, that something is wrong with you during your training, STOP! I didn't. After I felt my stomach bad and I couldn't drink I carried on my ride and I just stopped when I was in really bad condition. Because I was stupid, I had food poisoning with sunburn and major dehydration. It costed me 1 day training and 1 rest day in the bed! After this accident I treated myself 2dl chupito ( spanish spirit around 50%) and 16+8 hours sleep. The medicine and sleep worked and I finished my last training day with my highest SST and IF training in my last one year.
I rode around the island couple of times and I visited every small corner. Lanzarote is a lovely place for a ride I can recommend for anyone! Check the photos in my gallery!

Lanzarote 13/12/2009-24/12/2009

I flow back in London Xmas Eve day's afternoon. In the same time a picked up couple of family members on the airport, they had arrived in the same time. In the next 1 week I had rest week with lots of sight seeing and eating..... I gained more then two kilograms between 13. December and 4. January, thanks the really cheap and nice chocolates on Lanza and the lots of hungarian Xmas cakes! :P But back to the usual diet and I am back in shape ....nearly!

In the last 3 weeks I had a really hard two weeks with lots of turbo specific training (SST) which one was easier thanks to the bad ( and not usual) weather. Last week was rest week and I have a FTP test Tuesday morning... I am really looking forward, we will see what is the improvement in the last 1,5 months. I started the winter with 250 watts FTP (after recovery period). After 6 weeks my FTP went up 296 watts (it was before Lanza) and hopefully it is around 310-315 watts now....

I have 3 weeks more ( 2 hard training and 1 rest) and I am going to Mallorca for 2 weeks. It will be fantastic, I had good time over there last year. I am coming back in London 28th February and leaving again for a long weekend between 6. and 8. March to Budapest. I have a meeting with my coach and I will do some proper labor test.

My race calendar is nearly done for this year. 3 race already 100%. MucOFF 8 hours, 24 hour European Championship and Salzkammergut trophy!
That is all from last 6 weeks in nutcase!

I am off to the bed now, because I have to be really fresh soon!

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